Linda Ronstadt / Los Angeles 10.1.1977 Mike Millard Master Tapes / 1CD

Linda Ronstadt / Los Angeles 10.1.1977 Mike Millard Master Tapes / 1CD / Zion
Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 1st October 1977 
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Mike Millard’s record of Linda Ronstadt’s heyday, “LOS ANGELES 1977 MIKE MILLARD 1ST GEN” at Universal Amphitheater on October 3, 1977, is still a bestseller, but Millard is still open every week・ The archive unearthed the sound source at the same venue two days ago. To tell the story of Linda’s popularity at that time, the Universal Amphitheater had 12 consecutive nights of performances from September to October, recording stages other than October 3 when Millard became Chiakigaku. No wonder, though.
It is a sound source that captured the newly excavated stage on October 1st, but the first 7 songs up to “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” were not recorded because Millard was not in time for the show’s start. That point will be a flaw in the ball. Thanks to that, the recording started from the beginning of “When Will I Be Loved”, but unlike the 3rd, the performance was recorded suddenly. That’s why when you press the play button, what surprises you is the closeness of the sound image that you can’t help but be surprised at, “Wow, close.” You will be overwhelmed by the powerful sound image that surpasses even the recording of 3 days, which had such a superb sound quality. After all, this time as well, the mirrored quality with “miracle is the default” is fully enjoyed.
Although it is unavoidable that the surrounding audience is fevering because it is the stage at the peak, it is also a big point that this can be recorded in a calmer environment than 3 days. The sound image is close and the surroundings are not so noisy, which is an amazing quality that can not be called a mirror of the ideal audience recording. At the time of this press CD release, the high pitch was carefully adjusted to make it even easier to hear.

Linda was in great shape even on the stage of the day captured by such a finest recording. She has a good reputation for her voice volume, so it’s hard to believe that she’s been singing for more than a week in a row, bursting with her relaxed singing voice and punchy shout. The set list is the same as on the 3rd, but on this day as well, the wonderful singing voice is fully reproduced by Millard’s perfect recording. Her audience is very enthusiastic in front of her, but there are no scenes that can be stressful when listening.
The performance of the backing band that supports her in great shape is perfect and impeccable. The sound pressure of high-level performances by Waddy Wachtel on guitar and Andrew Gold on drums is also tremendous, and the details of their performances are perfect due to the miraculous recording balance of moderate presence and powerful sound image. It is said that it has been captured. While the sound source on the 3rd was the first generation copy, this time there is a big difference as a master tape.

I think that there are many enthusiasts who have decided their minds just because it is a master tape for mirrored recording, but this time it is also a stable high quality recording. The sound was so good that I almost forgot that the first half of the show was not recorded. There is no doubt that you can easily travel back in time to the 1977 Universal Amphitheater if you make a roaring sound.
This time too, it is a masterpiece audience album with “Miracle is the default” fully open. “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1976”, which boasts a shocking freshness that threatens Millard in the previous “LOS ANGELES 1977 MIKE MILLARD 1ST GEN”, and this time “LOS ANGELES 10.1.1977: MIKE MILLARD MASTER TAPES”, Linda’s three peaks A large sound source is available!

(Remaster memo)
★ Corrected a pitch that is a little over 20% higher than a semitone.
★ The sound pressure was leveled and the whole was raised. (The sound quality did not drop high, so it remains the same

 マイク・ミラードによるリンダ・ロンシュタット絶頂期の記録であった1977年10月3日のユニバーサル・アンフィシアターの「LOS ANGELES 1977 MIKE MILLARD 1ST GEN」はベストセラー続行中ですが、毎週の公開が今なお続くミラード・アーカイブが今度は二日前の同会場での音源を発掘してくれました。当時のリンダの人気爆発ぶりを物語るようにユニバーサル・アンフィシアターでは9月から10月にかけて12夜連続公演が行われており、ミラードが千秋楽となった10月3日以外のステージを録音していたとしても何ら不思議はない。
 今回新たに発掘された10月1日のステージを捉えた音源ですが、ミラードがショーの開演に間に合わず「It Doesn’t Matter Anymore」までの前半7曲が未収録。その点は玉に瑕でしょう。おかげで録音は「When Will I Be Loved」の序盤からスタートしているのですが、3日と違っていきなり演奏が録音されている。だからこそ再生ボタンを押すと驚かされるのは「うわっ、近っ」と驚かずにはいられない音像の近さ。あれほど極上音質だった3日の録音をも凌ぐド迫力の音像に圧倒されます。やはり今回も「奇跡がデフォ」なミラード・クオリティが存分に。
 今回も「奇跡がデフォ」全開の傑作オーディエンス・アルバムです。先の「LOS ANGELES 1977 MIKE MILLARD 1ST GEN」にミラードをも脅かすような衝撃的な鮮度を誇る「DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1976、そして今回の「LOS ANGELES 10.1.1977: MIKE MILLARD MASTER TAPES」でリンダ絶頂期の三大音源が出揃いました!
1. When Will I Be Loved
2. Crazy
3. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
4. Desperado
5. Love Me Tender
6. Simple Man, Simple Dream
7. Love Is A Rose
8. Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
9. Band Introductions
10. Tumbling Dice
11. You’re No Good
12. Heart Like A Wheel
13. Heatwave
Linda Ronstadt – Vocals
Waddy Wachtel – Guitar, Vocals
Kenny Edwards – Bass, Vocals
Andrew Gold – Guitar, Vocals
Don Grolnick – Piano, Keyboards
Rick Marotta – Drums 
Dan Dugmore – Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar

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