Leslie West / Cellarful Of Mountain / 1CDR

Leslie West / Cellarful Of Mountain / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Record

Translated Text:
Live At Cellar Club, South Shield , England September 19th 1997. Soundboard



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After the dissolution from the guitarist of the Mountain, precious sound board live Leslie West was continued for solo activities first appearance!

Than 97 years September 19, the United Kingdom tour, recorded from the high-quality sound board master performances in the cellar club of South-shield.

“Never In My Life”, “imagined Western theme”, such as “Mississippi Queen”, is a must-listen live that showed off nearly a representative number of the Mountain!



01. Never In My Life
02. Theme From An Imaginary Western
03. Third Degree
04. Going’ Down
05. For Yasgur’s Farm
06. Crossroads
07. Nantucket Sleighride
08. Mississippi Queen
09. Interview

Live At Cellar Club, South Shield, England September 19th 1997
Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-317

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