Led Zeppelin / V ½ Performed Live In Seattle / 5CD+ Limited Poster

Led Zeppelin / V ½ Performed Live In Seattle / 5CD+ Limited Poster / Graf Zeppelin

Translated Text:
Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA 17th July 1973. Mono Audience


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★ Disc1-3 for the first time the CD is recorded stereo Aud tape to the main.
The point where the missing by making full use of the monaural Aud tape and vintage analog board (stereo Aud) reproduce the songs included!
★ Limited Poster accessories
★ limited numbering (up to 1 to 300) containing a sticker attached schedule
★ board Picture label specification.

Live at Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA. USA 17th July 1973

The item appeared also said the 73-year classic live Ketteiban!

1-3 th disk constitute a stereo audience recording in the main, this time the stereo audience recording has been adopted in the main is the first time in the CD, even in the past in the cause analog board is the for some reason it was almost nil in spite of the high quality. Places that do not have enough in the stereo audience recordings reproduce the songs complete recording by making full use also Mono · audience recording and analog LP board.
4-5 sheets eyes recorded the sound board in the main, the missing part was supplemented with Mono audience recording. Originally sound board amount since the end portion which is not in circulation will be two.

This item is a 5-Disc, but feature stereo audience recording part to 1-3 th is the maximum point in a substantially this item. Here stereo audience recordings laid the main use of the sound source that has been up in recent years net. I originally What is the sound source and those that had been Onban into the 70s in the analog LP board, digitized from the tape is the first, those that have been transferred by the “JEMS” in Furekomi of the digitization of the master tape. The sound quality is excellent without hyperbole, but analog LP board itself was originally sufficiently great clear sound, even the low frequency range by this time of digitization has also increased without a random sense of realism, it taste even better sound quality, very in quality that does not think before recording more than 40 years, you should be surprised guitar with a drive feeling and growth of performance that does not taste in the other sound source to the moment I heard the onset of R & R, nobody in the realism of the venue.
However, not all of the performance this time has appeared in stereo tape, dazzle and and that Moby Dick is not originally recorded, still the majority of the original tape of the full chest and heaven that had been recorded in the analog board is It seems to have disappeared, unfortunately. So dazzle and Moby is replaced by the familiar Mono audience recording from the CD era, heaven, chest full was made recording based on a vintage analog board (not the net) to the main.
In addition, I now distributed in the tape version was made with respect to ocean, it inferior in clear than the same sound source is quality to analog board a texture that has basket, and those of the analog board is quite long before and after the performance because you are recorded, it was the accepted from the analog board this time.
Heaven was accepted from the analog board, chest full, Ocean part was removed by carefully over the time and effort the scratch noise pinpoint.
Heartbreaker is stereo audience recording itself became the first appearance this time, it fell slightly compared to the quality to other stereo parts. White noise is avoided effect processing, such as lifting the easily high frequency for originally attached to the ear, was housed in a sound that does not cause as much as possible sarcasm.
In addition, it is a supplement to the main stereo sound source, there is a place where in the beginning of the celebration stereo piece ch is hidden is a part and the microphone turned off, one-ch in the early stages, even No Quarter is there are such places to be off, the around here we have been subjected to appropriate such as replacement compensate for the one-ch stereo source in monaural sound source and mono audience recording (see so we have described in the editing point is represented by the following track field of general).

Dazzle and Moby, and Mono audience recordings were used between songs such as live before the start of the introduction is a combination of underground trade sound source and the net sound source is not a net. Net sound source using a stereo sound source Aud same JEMS master, used in Moby Dick chubby. Sounds great twist on most of its outstanding at the end of the Moby Dick is seen, but because there was no sound in the JEMS yore, was adopted here. The other is using the underground sound source is not in the net, the first location and heart Bray intro part of Disc 1 – you will find that it is not a net source If you heard the car before the audience noise part.
The Mono audience recording also has become a very few very sounding sound source of noise compared to the same sound source of its outstanding. So this time the sound omission is as much as possible well, and yet the high-frequency is subjected to sound processing so that it does not Desugi to sarcasm, I was mastering aware of the easy and high texture of Cobra Standard Edition evaluation heard in its outstanding. Of course, because the monaural has become the localization was heavily stable in the center, less hiss than all its outstanding panel, and you can experience the natural sound.

Sound board part of the 4-5 sheets eyes on CD using a net source. Rain a song during cutting Song was a pseudo-finished version connected by Mono audience recording. Mono audience and recording and sound board of this live is pretty texture is similar in places that do not particularly fit the drum, because the tie at this time of Rain Song also of keyboard principal point, I hope that can watch almost without discomfort. Sound board portion was fastened to the overall modest Otonashi Me of mastering. Except that the bread in the part of the performance is from beginning to end mono-ish texture, making it a stable localization always centers in this sound source.
In front of the 1-3 th of stereo sound source, but this is a sound board part, which is also feeling was that the hazy longer even its existence, there have been carefully subjected to mastering without cutting corners Rashiku this label.

Front jacket takes the data directly from the vintage LP board, that it has re-raised new carefully, such as in the same manner as in the reproduction of this label of Bonn Reborn and Burn Like a Candle is preeminent. Jacquet inside somewhat if the fan, please have a look, so we have a specification that can be grinning.
It comes with a folded poster of two-sided printing in a more limited.
Label is also a picture disc specification with the motif of the airship.
Is a specification limited number (1-300) containing a sticker is attached to the front of the case.


Live at Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA. USA 17th July 1973



もっとも、今回全ての演奏がステレオテープで登場したわけではなく、幻惑やMoby Dickは元々録音してないことと、さらにアナログ盤には収録されていた天国と胸いっぱいの大部分のオリジナル・テープは残念ながら消失してしまったようです。そこで幻惑とMobyはCD時代からお馴染みのMono オーディエンス録音で代用し、天国、胸いっぱいはヴィンテージアナログ盤(ネットではありません)をメインにした収録としました。
また、メインのステレオ音源の補足ですが、祭典の序盤でステレオの片chがオフになる箇所とマイクが隠れる箇所があり、No Quarterでも序盤で片chがオフになる箇所などがありますが、その辺りはステレオソースの片chをモノラル化した音源とMonoオーディエンス録音で差し替え補填などを適宜施しております(全般の編集ポイントは下記曲目欄に記載しておりますので参照下さい)。

幻惑やMoby、やライブ開始前のイントロダクションなどの曲間で使用したMonoオーディエンス録音はネットではないアングラトレード音源とネット音源の併用です。ネット音源はステレオAud音源同様JEMSマスターを使用し、Moby Dick丸々で使用。既発の殆どでMoby Dickの最後で大きな音ヨレが見られますが、JEMSでは音ヨレがなかったため、ここに採用しました。他はネットではないアングラ音源を使用しており、Disc 1のイントロ部分の最初の箇所やハートブレイ-カー前のオーディエンス・ノイズ部分を聞けばネット音源ではないことが分かります。

4-5枚目のサウンドボード部分はネット音源を使用しCD化。曲中カットのあるRain SongはMonoオーディエンス録音で繋ぎ疑似完成版としました。Monoオーディエンス録音と本ライブのサウンドボードは特にドラムの入らない箇所でかなり質感が似ており、今回のRain Songもキーボード主体の箇所での繋ぎなので、殆ど違和感なく鑑賞できるのが幸いです。サウンドボード部分は全体的に控えめのおとなしめのマスタリングに留めました。一部の演奏でパンする以外は終始モノラルっぽい質感であり、本音源でも常にセンターで安定した定位となっております。

フロントジャケットはヴィンテージLP盤から直接データを取り、新たに丁寧に起こし直しましたので、本レーベルのボン誕やBurn Like a Candleなどと同様にその再現度は抜群です。ジャケ内側もファンなら多少はニヤリと出来る仕様になっておりますので是非ご覧下さい。

Stereo Audience Recording

Disc 1
1. Introduction ★Mono Audソースで補填
2. Rock And Roll ★イントロ若干Mono Audソースで補填
3. Celebration Day ★序盤のマイクが隠れる箇所はMono Audソースで差し替え
4. Black Dog
5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Misty Mountain Hop
7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
8. No Quarter ★序盤1分半をMono Audソースで補填

Disc 2
1. MC
2. The Song Remains the Same
3. The Rain Song
4. Dazed and Confused ★全編Mono Audソース
5. Stairway to Heaven ★メインはアナログ盤(ステレオAud)から収録し、アナログ未収の終盤部はMono Audで補填。

Disc 3
1. MC ★Mono Audソース
2. Moby Dick ★全編Mono Audソース
3. Heartbreaker ★イントロ若干Mono Audソースで補填
4. Whole Lotta Love ★メインはアナログ盤(ステレオAud)から収録し、アナログ未収の終盤部はMono Audで補填。

※アナログLP盤において、”胸いっぱい〜”演奏後、 ”シアトル!”MCの前の歓声部分約7秒は実は天国の演奏後の部分。


5. The Ocean ★全編アナログ盤(ステレオAud)から収録

Soundboard Recording

Disc 4
1. Introduction ★Mono Audソースで補填
2. Rock And Roll
3. Celebration Day
4. Black Dog
5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Misty Mountain Hop
7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
8. No Quarter

Disc 5
1. MC
2. The Song Remains the Same
3. The Rain Song ★序盤の曲中カットは質感重視でAud Monoソースで補填
4. Dazed and Confused
5. Stairway to Heaven ★演奏後の曲間歓声部をMono Audソースで補填。


Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-017A/B/C/D/E

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