Led Zeppelin / University Of Leicester 1971 / 3CD Wx OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / University Of Leicester 1971 / 3CD Wx OBI Strip / Wendy Records.
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University Of leicester, Leicestershire UK November 25, 1971. Digitally Remastered.



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■ 1971 high-quality tour miracle! !
■ Roujene master to surpass Sunde-hatsu-ban in sound quality! I want you to listen to the sample compared!

Wendy latest work Zeppelin will be released by label! ! November 25, 1971, to complete recording of the concert that took place in the UK University of Leicester! Objection to Japan performances of the same year was the strongest of the Zeppelin will not think, but in the subsequent winter UK tour, the strongest condition is unabated, showing off the stage full of destructive power, such as further shake off the needle of peak have. Fruitful UK tour round out 1971 tour. Contents do not have to say, but to become the best even in its sound quality, you will this Leicester performances.

University of Leicester, which became the venue while a prestigious school of leading the UK, in the elite-style atmosphere and is far away school spirit, is a relatively small university in scale basis of a few elite. Perhaps venue will was not so much a big thing. Therefore, or probably the high sound quality is no less a series of Japan performances lined up great audience recording was left. Anyway this sound quality is awesome and in 1971. Range full spread range, deep bass of powerful and treble with growth,. None does not have amazing and so says only. Those used in this work, while Generation unknown, apparently young compared with its outstanding panel, in comparison to hear the difference is obvious. Longer it is no exaggeration to say that a different thing. I think I would like you to listen to all means sample sound source. And, even the little cut, is a place of this amazing sound source. From before curtain buzz, until the sound recording’s after the show is after the venue I’ve been past the longest recorded.

Latest work Wendy label, high-quality complete recording the concert of the UK University of Leicester November 25, 1971. Use the wax master generator, the difference between its outstanding board is compared listening clear! By all means, the strongest of the Zeppelin, I think I would like you to relive the best sound quality. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.


Wendyレーベルよりツェッペリンの最新作がリリースになります!! 1971年11月25日、英国のレスター大学で行なわれたコンサートを完全収録!同年の日本公演が最強のツェッペリンだったことに異論はないと思いますが、続く冬のUKツアーでも、その最強具合は衰えることなく、ピークの針をさらに振り切るような破壊力あふれるステージを披露しています。実り多き1971年のツアーをしめくくるUKツアー。内容は言うまでもありませんが、その音質においてもベストとなるのが、このレスター公演になります。



01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Black Dog
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. Celebration Day
07. Going To California
08. Tangerine
09. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. What Is And What Should Never Be

01. Whole Lotta Love
02. Rock And Roll
03. Communication Breakdown
Wendy Records. WECD-224/225/226

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