Led Zeppelin / Triumph Zug Nuremberg 1973 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Triumph Zug Nuremberg 1973 / 2CD / Graf Zeppelin

Live at Messe-Zentrum Halle A, Nuremberg, West Germany 14th March 1973

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★The final edition of the Nuremberg performance from the 1973 European Tour!
★ Not online
★ While using the same source, supplement the heavens with sub-sources with different branches and leaves!

When it comes to Nuremberg in ’73, most people would think of the ancient TDOLZ board “NUREMBERG 1973”.
Except for the reissue, the title and sound that became the last original work of the TDOLZ label was not good enough, and it was completely buried in the popular ’73 European tour. The performance has been forgotten. Actually, it was not such a terrible sound, but in the release rush of the ZEP item at that time, the new sound source was not very grateful, and it was an upgrade to other high-quality performances and famous classic performances. It may have been unavoidable that he turned.

Although it is such a pitiful performance, in recent years, the sound quality has been greatly upgraded and it is distributed among traders, and it has reached the level where it can be said that it is wasteful to listen to, rather than listening to it sufficiently. Compared to TDOLZ, which had become an unnatural pseudo-stereo sound due to repeated dubbing and phase shift, the freshness was remarkably better, and there was no phase shift, so it was a very clear and realistic mono sound of this board, If you compare it with a performance in the neighborhood, it is not as good as the Vienna performance on the 16th, but it can be said that the high quality sound is as good as the Berlin performance on the 19th.
Mainly on non-net sound source (2nd Gen) on this board, the middle part of Heaven that can be supplemented by the missing part is further supplemented by a sub-master directly digitized from the cassette tape of the same sound source (the generation is unknown) However, it is the title that achieved the highest record ever. Compensation for the missing part is only in the middle of heaven, CD time 1:56-6:11, but this section is a part that has not been recorded in any sound source currently distributed, and it is from the beginning of heaven performance If a cut comes in just before reaching 2 minutes, the guitar solo part will be warped at once. It is the same with sound sources that are not online, and this time it is said that the missing part of more than 4 minutes is filled with a submaster digitized from a cassette tape. In addition, there is a missing part in the supplementary part of about 4 minutes, there is also a missing part in the end part of the supplementary part, and there are two missing parts in Song Remain, so it will not be a complete recording, but probably It seems that this is the maximum recording of this performance that currently has only one sound source. In addition, this time, the heaven by the submaster used for the compensation of heaven is recorded again at the end of Disc1. Due to the recording time, it will be an irregular recording at the end of Disc 1 instead of Disc 2, but since it is a rare sound source that is extremely difficult to obtain, it is a special bonus recording, so if you watch it in the order of actual performance, the end of Disc 1 Will be skipped.

In terms of performance, it seems that Mellotron wasn’t in good shape, and there are places where the performance may change in heaven, but other than that, it seems to be in great shape only for well-established tours, and the moment Layla jumping out before Song Remain. And the place to listen to, such as Ramble On in Heaven, is very full.
The ’73 Nuremberg performance will be a staple item of the European tour and will be revived!
Limited numbering included, with a sticker attached.
The CD label is a permanent version of the Picture Disc, a favorite version!


’73年ニュルンベルクというと、いにしえのTDOLZ盤「NUREMBERG 1973」を思い浮かべる方が殆どでしょう。

本盤ではネットではない音源(2nd Gen)をメインに、欠落部で補填可能な天国中盤部をさらに同音源のカセットテープ(ジェネレーションは不明とのこと)からダイレクトにデジタル化されたサブマスターで補填し、過去最高盤を実現したタイトルになっております。欠落部の補填は天国の中盤、CDタイム1:56-6:11のみとなりますが、この区間に関しては現在流通する、あらゆる音源で必ず未収録となっているパートであり、みな天国演奏開始から2分に達する直前でカットが入ると、ギターソロパートに一気にワープしてしまいます。それはネットではない音源でも同様であり、今回はその4分強の欠落部をカセットテープからデジタル化されたサブマスターで補填している、ということになります。なお、この4分ほどの補填パートの中にも欠落があり、また補填パート終了部にも欠落があるほか、Song Remainでも2箇所の欠落があるため、完全収録とはなりませんが、恐らくこれで現状1音源しか存在しない本公演を最大限に収録したことになっているのだと思われます。なお、今回は天国の補填に使用されたサブマスターによる天国が改めてDisc1の最後にボーナス収録されています。収録時間の都合でDisc2ではなくDisc1の最後に変則的な収録となりますが、超入手困難な貴重極まりない音源ゆえ、特別にボーナス収録されていますので、実際の演奏順に鑑賞される場合はDisc1の最後は飛ばして頂くことになります。

演奏面では、どうやらメロトロンの調子が悪かったのか、天国などで演奏がヨレるような箇所こそありますが、それ以外は定評のあるツアーだけに絶好調と言えそうで、Song Remain前に飛び出す一瞬のレイラや、天国前のRamble Onなどを始め、聞き所は超満載。

Disc 1 (66:20)
01. Introduction
02. Rock And Roll
03. Over the Hills And Far Away
04. Black Dog
05. Misty Mountain Hop
06. Since I’ve Been Loving You
07. Dancing Days
08. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
09. The Song Remains The Same (cut x2) ★演奏開始前にレイラのリフ
10. The Rain Song

Extra Track
11. Ramble On / Stairway To Heaven (Long Version)★Disc2の同曲で補填に使用したサブマスター(ジェネ不明ながら貴重なカセットテープからダイレクトにデジタル化されています)のバージョン

Disc 2 (74:42)
01. MC
02. Dazed And Confused
03. Ramble On ★さわりだけですがトラックも分かれています。
04. Stairway To Heaven (cut) ★1:56-6:11区間サブマスター(Disc1にボーナス収録)で補填
05. Whole Lotta Love
06. Heartbreaker

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-314A/B

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