Led Zeppelin / Three Days After / 3CD WX OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / Three Days After / 3CD WX OBI Strip / Wendy Label
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The Forum Inglewood Los Angeles California USA June 3, 1973. Digitally Remastered

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From the 1973 North American tour of Led Zeppelin, various famous title titles are born. Los Angeles performance where Happy Birthday was sung on Bonzo’s birthday, with Madison Square Garden performance on July 28 and July 29 recorded on the sound board, Kaiser famous even for high sound quality with high-quality sound Stadium performance, Salt Lake City concert including sound board singing “Tempa of my heart”, Tampa performance which made a record by the number of mobilization, Salva Lake City show etc. And as “BONZON’S BIRTHDAY PARTY”, as a masterpiece that titles and recording performances have been linked, June 3, 1973 “THREE DAYS AFTER” can not be missing.

On June 3, 1973 where this work is recorded, the concert at the LA forum has been known for a long time from the title “THREE DAYS AFTER”. It is three days later. Of course this is a tight ring after receiving the “BONZON’S BIRTHDAY PARTY” LA Forum performance on May 31, which means that both sound quality and content are concerts at the same venue as the name board Bonn. It can be said that the relationship between Bonn Birth and this performance is in a pair. Bonzo said. “Today is 25 years old and 3 days”

However, unlike other well-known performances, the situation of collectors surrounding LA performances on June 3 is not a blessing. First of all, the title number is extremely small. Where Bonn ‘s birth can not be counted, there are different discs of the same name, while June 3 has titles only as far as the CD era counts. The performance is a wonderful fire-breath performing performance, and the sound quality is top class compared with other 1973 years. As for performance and sound quality, there is no place to catch up with Bonn’s birthday. Rather it is not an exaggeration to say that this one is better as a live than Bonn’s birth.

So why are there few LA performances titled on June 3rd? This is a mania you know, but the state of the tape is not good. Cuts were scattered, and the four songs “No Quarter”, “The Song Remainds The Same”, “The Rain Song” and “Dazzled” got a unique “undulation” when the remaining battery power of the recording equipment became unbearable There is. Moreover, although it is recorded with a stereo microphone, it is also a busy sound source that the contact of one channel’s microphone is bad, the sound is dead or revival. In this way, although it is high sound quality, there is a difficulty in the condition of the original tape, so it may have been away from the needs of today’s fans who want a more perfect sound source. But that is why I think that how to cook this sound source is a showroom of each label’s arm.

Although it is sound quality first, as mentioned many times as before, it is recorded with super high sound quality boasting top class among the audiences recording of 1973. It is almost perfect as an audience recording. And as the first barrier, it is about contact failure of one channel of the stereo microphone. To be honest, that the sound on the right side does not come out or not, this is not something that can bear for appreciation. In conclusion, this work solves the disadvantage that one channel disappears by dropping it to monaural using the sound of the left side microphone having no problem at all. Originally because it is an audience recording, there is not much difference between stereo and monaural, and as a result of giving priority to ease of listening, in this work it is monaural unified recording.

Next are four songs whose tape rotation is not constant due to the remaining battery level, “No Quarter” “The Song Remainds The Same” “The Rain Song” “Dazzled”. If you listen, you can tell if you listen to them, these four songs were recorded with less remaining battery capacity of the recording equipment, especially in the middle of ‘No Quarter’, its adverse effects are noticeable. Therefore, it was something that was cut secretly in the Silver Rarities board etc, but in this work it is recorded as it is under the idea of ​​”a certain tape is recorded as it is”.

Although it is characteristic of this sound source that there are many cuts, this work is edited so that cuts are not noticeable as much as possible, so that you can listen without stress. It is recorded from the rumbling of the audience before the performance, and tuning. The powerful opening performance starts from “Rock And Roll”. Regarding parts where fine sound skipping was found, all corrections were made and there are no such defects. There is a place where the sound is extremely off at the portion of 40 seconds since the beginning of the song. This work has been modified to listen to it naturally. Also, the volume drops sharply at the part from 47 seconds to 56 seconds, but this is also adjusted flat. Such adjustments are made throughout, and for whatever reasons suddenly everything where the indignation and the volume changes are fixed. “Festival’s Day” also started, and the level drops from 32 seconds, but it is being corrected to make it uncomfortable. In the part of 3 minutes and 24 seconds close to the ending, it is possible to listen smoothly by editing sound cuts which can not be helped even if it is taken as a cut. The same process is also applied at 1 minute 9 seconds of the next “Black Dog”. Unfortunately, since a tape change hits between the end of “Black Dog” and the beginning of the following “Over The Hills And Far Away”, there is a cut here. If it does not have this, it is a complete recording, but there is no way to get it. There was a scattering of sounds in the flow from 1 / 24th second, the ending · riff portion of that “Over The Hills And Far Away”, but this also makes it possible to listen smoothly by editing. Also in “Misty Mountain Hop”, the original tape was out of sound frequently, it was a level to listen to, but it has been carefully modified so that you can listen cleanly through one song. Especially if you compare listening to other titles from the break section of interlude, 1 minute 52 seconds, you can see how this work is superior. Likewise, “Since I’ve Been Loving You” had been out of frequent occurrence after 2 minutes 29 seconds, but this work has been fixed perfectly. “Dazzled” also has unstable parts due to the remaining battery level again, but this is also left as it is recorded.

In this way, the damage of the tape concentrates in the first half of the concert. However, there is no such thing after this, you can listen normally. However, only the former part became a bottleneck, and the title was few until now. Other than that there is no problem at all, I want you to listen with peace.

What is noteworthy in the content section is that it is playing “Thank You” at the end of the encore. It is a very rare number in 1973 and is famous for playing on MSG on 29th July, but even on LA on June 3rd, Johnsy’s long intro was given and played rigorously. The wonderfulness of this concert stated all the description of “Concert file”.

“The friendship between Zeppelin and the fans of Los Angeles, the moment when the feelings have risen to the peak, whether this will be crystallized, the plant prolongs the last line of” Thank You “. ”

As described, the ending part of “Thank You” has been stretched longer than the performances in other performances, and it is as impressive performance with lots of lingering as if you missed finishing the concert It is singing.

The latest work by Wendy Label is a Los Angeles performance on June 3, 1973, which had fewer titles compared to sound quality and performance content. Many words of scolding in the middle were sent that this nomination, and not wanting to publish high-quality sound source to the world is wasteful, we want you to put out by Wendy label by all means. Wendy label never translates not to respond to these voices! It carefully restores the material of the original tape with many defects, boasts the perfection degree suitable for the decision board which is recorded with the quality not so far. Since it can be listened to through smoothly, it may not be noticed if you listen to only this work, but if you compare and listen to the already launched board where sound skipping or cut frequently occurs, how time and effort is being repaired I think that you understand. Thanks to the release of this work, I hope that the sunshine will reappear again on the wonderful performance and sound quality of LA on June 3, 1973. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese-style attaching.

レッド・ツェッペリンの1973年北米ツアーからは、様々な名盤タイトルが生まれている。サウンドボードで収録された7月28日と7月29日のマジソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演を筆頭に、ボンゾの誕生日でハッピーバースデーが歌われたロサンゼルス公演、名演にして高音質でも有名なケザー・スタジアム公演、動員数で記録を作ったタンパ公演、「わが心のジョージア」を歌ったサウンドボード収録のソルトレークシティー公演など、枚挙に暇がない。そして『BONZON’S BIRTHDAY PARTY』のように、タイトルと収録公演が結びついた名盤として、1973年6月3日「THREE DAYS AFTER」を欠かすことは出来ないだろう。

本作が収録されている1973年6月3日はLAフォーラムにおけるコンサートは、古くから『THREE DAYS AFTER』というタイトルで知られている。三日後である。当然これは5月31日『BONZON’S BIRTHDAY PARTY』LAフォーラム公演を受けてのタイトリングであり、音質、内容ともに名盤ボン誕と同一会場でのコンサートであるという意味が込められている。いわばボン誕と本公演が一対になる関係にあると言えよう。ボンゾは述べている。「今日で25歳と3日なんだ」

しかしながら他の有名公演と異なり、6月3日LA公演を取り巻くコレクターの状況はけして恵まれたものではない。まず極端にタイトル数が少ない。ボン誕が数えきれないくらい同名異盤があるのに対し、6月3日はCD時代になってからも数えるほどしかタイトルがない。 演奏は素晴らしく火を噴くような熱演であるし、音質は他の1973年と比べてもトップクラスである。こと演奏と音質に関しては、ボン誕に引けをとるところは何ひとつない。むしろボン誕よりもこちらの方がライヴとしては優れていると言っても過言ではない。

では何故に6月3日LA公演のタイトルが少ないのだろうか。これはマニアの方はご存知だろうが、テープの状態が良くないのである。カットが散見され、また「No Quarter」「The Song Remainds The Same」「The Rain Song」「幻惑されて」の4曲は録音機材の電池残量がおぼつかなくなった時特有の「うねり」が生じているのである。また、ステレオ・マイクで収録されているのだが、片チャンネルのマイクの接触が悪く、音が死んでいたり復活したりと、なかなか忙しい音源でもある。このように、高音質でありながら、元テープの状態に難があるため、より完璧な音源を望む昨今のファンのニーズから離れていたのではないか。 しかし、だからこそ、この音源をどう料理するかが、それぞれのレーベルの腕の見せ所ではないかと思うのである。


次に電池残量の影響でテープ回転が一定でない4曲、「No Quarter」「The Song Remainds The Same」「The Rain Song」「幻惑されて」についてである。聴いていただければわかるが、これら4曲は録音機材の電池残量が少なくなりかけの状態で録音されたもので、特に「No Quarter」の途中からその悪影響が顕著になっている。それゆえにSilver Rarities盤などではごっそりカットされていたものであるが、本作では「あるテープをそのまま完全収録」という考えの下でそのまま収録してある。

カットが多いのもこの音源の特徴ではあるのだが、本作は、なるべくカットが目立たず、ストレスなく聴けるように編集が施されている。 開演前の聴衆のざわめき、そしてチューニングから収録されている。「Rock And Roll」から迫力全開の演奏が始まる。細かい音飛びが散見された部分に関しては、すべて修正がなされそのような不備は皆無である。曲が始まってから40秒の部分に音が極端にオフになる箇所がある。本作ではそれを自然に聴けるように修正されている。 また47秒から56秒までの部分で音量がガクッと下がるが、こちらもフラットに調整がなされている。このような調整は全体を通してなされており、いかなる理由か突然ぐわっと音量が変化する箇所はすべて直してある。「祭典の日」も始まって32秒からレベルが下がるが、違和感なきよう補正されている。 エンディングに近い3分24秒の部分における、カットととられても仕方のない音切れも編集によりスムーズに聴けるようになっている。 同様の処理は次の「Black Dog」の1分9秒の箇所でも施されている。残念ながら、テープ・チェンジが、「Black Dog」の終わりと、続く「Over The Hills And Far Away」の冒頭の間に当たってしまったため、ここでカットが生じている。これさえなければ完全収録なのだが致し方あるまい。 その「Over The Hills And Far Away」のエンディング・リフの部分、1分24秒からの流れで音切れが散見されたが、こちらも編集によりスムーズに聴くことが出来るようになっている。「Misty Mountain Hop」も、元テープは音切れが多発し、聴いていてつんのめるレベルであったが、丁寧に修正を施し、1曲を通してきれいに聴けるようになっている。 特に間奏のブレイク部分、1分52秒からを他タイトルと聴き比べていただければ、いかに本作が優れているかがわかってもらえるのではないだろうか。同様に「Since I’ve Been Loving You」の2分29秒以降も音切れ多発地帯であったのが、本作では完璧に修正が施されている。「幻惑されて」も再び電池残量に起因する不安定な箇所があるが、これもそのまま残して収録してある。


内容の部分で特筆すべきはアンコールの最後に「Thank You」を演奏している点であろう。1973年においては非常にレアなナンバーであり、7月29日MSGにおける演奏が有名だが、ここ6月3日LAにおいても、ジョンジーの長いイントロが付与され厳かに演奏されている。このコンサートの素晴らしさは「コンサート・ファイル」の記述が全てを物語っている。

『ツェッペリンとロサンゼルスのファンとの間の友情、これが結晶化されようかという、頂点にまで気持ちの高まった瞬間、プラントは「Thank You」の最後のラインを引き延ばす。』

この記述通り、「Thank You」のエンディング部分は、他の公演における演奏よりも長く引き伸ばしたものとなっており、まるでコンサートを終えるのを惜しむかのように、余韻たっぷりの感動的な演奏であり歌唱である。


01. Introduction
02. Rock And Roll
03. Celebration Day
04. Black Dog
05. Over The Hills And Far Away
06. Misty Mountain Hop
07. Since I’ve Been Loving You
08. No Quarter
09. The Song Remains The Same
10. The Rain Song

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Moby Dick

01. Heartbreaker
02. Whole Lotta Love
03. The Ocean
04. Communication Breakdown
05. Organ Solo
06. Thank You

Wendy Label. WECD-299/300/301

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