Led Zeppelin / Texas International Pop Festival 1969 Stereo Matrix / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Texas International Pop Festival 1969 Stereo Matrix / 1CD / Non label

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Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, Texas, USA 31st August 1969

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Even among ZEP’s live sound sources, it has undaunted its standing position as a result of “Real stereo sound board recording”, “Compactness to enter into one CD”, and “Performance filled with dynamism like 1969” Texas Pop Festival. Items have been produced many times, and it was memorable new thing that I released a natural and best version from the master last year titled “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969”. However, it was a strong standard, and it quickly became Sold Out. The voice calling for a re-release still keeps going down.
Of course it was possible to re-release the board last year, but one year after that, maniacs released an epoch-making version of this sound source on the net. It corrected the stereo image which was clearly divided on the left and right and supplemented the deficient part with the stereo · audience recording of the same day. That said, this is not the first time a version of Texas Pop that put together this approach. Such an attempt was already introduced in “EMPRESS VALLEY label” THE ONLY WAY TO FLY “. But this time we benefited from the evolution of technology and started to improve the full-scale stereo image.

The stereo sound board recording of Texas Pop is not a recording by the cassette of PA out which is the mainstream of ZEP live sound source world (and staff and member owned), but the festival official uses a 2-track stereo tape recorder It is speculated that it was recorded. It is the translation that the result is such a stereo recording state with balanced right and left, and further that the recording of the performer other than that festival also supports that fact.
This balance means that Paige and Bonzo from the right, plant and Johnsy from the left, and cheers are heard. Clearness was easy to understand even for the mix which was divided in roughly, but it was not bad, but in fact it was a fact that I could not deny the discomfort. This is the version I started as a so-called “remix” of Texas Pop. I am based on the best version from the master this time, but the difference is obvious at a glance when asked by headphones. The left and right stereo images are being brought to the center considerably, and it is surprising since it has been reborn into a stereo image which is quite natural and fresh compared to the original recording.

Still, it is also a big point of this version that the presence feeling is increasing. This is the result of synchronizing the same day stereo and audience recording (TARANTURA ‘s “PLAYS PURE BOB” etc.) etc) on 2 track · sound board, which not only amplifies the natural stereo feeling but also When “Train Kept A Rollin ‘” began, the degree of excitement and so forth can be felt far more enthusiasm and excitement than the original recording. In addition to improving the defects and improving the stereo image, here was the further high degree of completeness in this “remix”.
Also, as for compensating for the defective part that occurred in two long songs, an unexpected effect is born by improving the stereo image. In other words, when “Dazed And Confused” reached 11 minutes, or when “How Many More Times” reached 19 minutes, even the sense of incompatibility caused by supplementing audience recording was greatly relaxed. Even with an audience recording with a stereo sound image close to the audience, the sense of separation of performance can not be hoped for, and it was a consistent dilemma in the past items that a considerable sense of discomfort occurred when it switched to the example stereo sound board .
In both editing points of the song, the left and right extreme separations disappeared for the previous reason, so that the performance can be heard more smoothly. Among them, editing “How Many ~” is very vivid. Even headphones seem to forget to switch sound sources and listen. In other words it can be said that the value of “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969” last year’s best and faithful collection of the original 2-track stereo sound board was not released at all. It is an epochal remix version of the classic 69-year stereo sound board, and additionally the recording from before the opening announcement, the presence has increased, the literally reborn Texas Pop, this is a fresh It is a surprise.

★ This is amazing.

数あるZEPのライブ音源の中においても「リアル・ステレオのサウンドボード録音」、「CD一枚に入るコンパクトさ」、そして「1969年らしい躍動感あふれる演奏」によって定番としての地位を揺るぎなくしているテキサス・ポップ・フェスティバル。それだけに何度もアイテムが生み出されてきており、昨年「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969」というタイトルでマスターからのナチュラルかつベストなバージョンをリリースしてみせたのは記憶に新しいところ。しかし定番強し、瞬く間にSold Outとなってしまいました。今なお再リリースを求める声が後を絶ちません。
もちろん昨年盤の再リリースは可能なのですが、あれから一年、マニアがこの音源の画期的なバージョンをネット上に公開してくれました。それは左右にくっきりと分かれたステレオ・イメージを修正し、さらに欠損部を同日のステレオ・オーディエンス録音で補ったというもの。とはいっても、テキサス・ポップをこうした手法でまとめたバージョンは今回が初めてではありません。既にEMPRESS VALLEYレーベルの「THE ONLY WAY TO FLY」においてそうした試みが導入されていました。しかし今回はテクノロジーの進化の恩恵を受け、さらに本格的なステレオ・イメージの改善に乗り出したのです。


それでいて臨場感が増しているのも今回のバージョンの大きなポイントでしょう。これは2トラック・サウンドボードに同日のステレオ・オーディエンス録音(TARANTURAの「PLAYS PURE BOB」などでおなじみ)をシンクロさせた結果であって、これもまた自然なステレオ感を増幅させるだけでなく、例えば「Train Kept A Rollin’」が始まった時の盛り上がり具合などは、元の録音と比べてはるかに熱狂や興奮がリアルに感じられます。欠損箇所の補填やステレオ・イメージの改良だけでなく、今回の「リミックス」におけるさらなる完成度の高さがここにありました。
また長尺の二曲で生じていた欠損箇所の補填に関しても、ステレオ・イメージの改善によって思わぬ効果が生まれています。つまり「Dazed And Confused」が11分に到達したところ、あるいは「How Many More Times」が19分に到達したところでオーディエンス録音の補填によって生まれる違和感までもが大きく緩和されたということ。いくらステレオで音像が近いオーディエンス録音でも演奏の分離感は望むべくもなく、それが例のステレオ・サウンドボードに切り替わるとかなりの違和感が生じてしまったことは過去のアイテムにおいて一貫したジレンマでありました。
どちらの曲の編集箇所においても先の理由から左右の極端な分離がなくなったことで、よりスムースに演奏が聞き通せるようになりました。中でも「How Many~」の編集は実に鮮やか。ヘッドフォンでも音源の切り替わりを忘れて聞き込んでしまいそうなほど。逆に言えば2トラック・ステレオ・サウンドボード原本をベストかつ忠実に収録した昨年の「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969」の価値がまったく落ちないリリースであるとも呼べるでしょう。定番中の定番69年ステレオ・サウンドボードの画期的なリミックス・バージョンである上、オープニング・アナウンスの前からの収録でなおかつ臨場感も増した、文字通りの生まれ変わったテキサス・ポップ、これは新鮮な驚きです。



1. Intro. 2. The Train Kept A Rollin’ 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby
4. Dazed And Confused 5. You Shook Me 6. How Many More Times
7. Communication Breakdown


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