Led Zeppelin / Texas International Pop Festival 1969 Stereo Matrix-2nd Press / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Texas International Pop Festival 1969 Stereo Matrix-2nd Press / 1CD / Non Label
Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, TX, USA 31st August 1969 STEREO SBD

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 Red Zeppelin Not only the best soundboard album of 1969, it is a Texas pop festival that is appropriate to call it Evergreen who wants to convey their wonderful live to all rock fans. Even when it first appeared in “PLAYS PURE BLUES” in 1991, it became a good sound source for sense of greatness for all the others, but it is a version that compensates for the location that was missing in the sound board in recent years by the audience recording. Seems to have become popular.
 Because this is a popular sound source, it is a sound source that already had a feeling that the method had already been completely done, but the name board that has stepped into its new steps is the TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969 STEREO MATRIX released last year. It was originally a two-track stereo recording (ie, two mics on the stage), so it was a unique sound image that Robert Plant’s vocals were being pushed into the initial Beatles Regards channel. Last year’s release was to improve such a unique stereo image to a more natural state.
 The sound source like the classic exclusivity in the mania originally diverted the audience recording and became a full-length version, of course, the stereo image that everyone thought “I wonder so” was improved while feeling the sense of incongruity The effect of the revolutionary method is remarkable, and it also has the benefit of improving the sense of incompatibility between the sound board and the audience recording part.
 As a result, “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969 STEREO MATRIX” is Sold Out shortly after its release. Before that, only the sound board itself was recorded “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969” The best version even while Sold Out is in a hurry, and still it is a standard strength.

 One of the most desirable of the shop ZEP item re-releases that have become active in recent years is probably Texas Pop, and re-releases are inevitable. However, “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969 STEREO MATRIX” has room for improvement. Certainly, the attempt to improve the balance specific to the original two track stereo recording was great. The concept was that I wanted to play the vocals of the plant pushed into the left channel, as I mentioned earlier, from the center.
 However, it is also true that the result of the work has turned to the right. If you think about it, it can not be avoided that the entire image shifts to the right by shifting the sound of the left channel to the middle. Therefore, in the case of this re-release, re-adjustment was performed to recover the bias of the image a little more. It has been transformed into a more natural stereo image. The difference is obvious when compared with the previous version with headphones.

 Although the sound quality is the highest stereo sound board recording, it does not seem as far as Paige will officially release the sound source of technology called 2 track recording. After all “PLAYS PURE BLUES” that began from the Texas pop name board legend is still a rare sound world should continue. As the latest version, it is this release that does not end with mere relapse.
Anyway, the sound quality is extremely clear in stereo, so you can enjoy literally pure blues playing with songs such as “I Can’t Quit You Baby” and “You Shook Me”. In addition, it is “Dazed And Confused” that I can not miss in the part that the sound board failed to record from the change of reel tape. On this day, it is very unusual that Bonzo uses cowbells everywhere in drumming, but it is the scene where he just missed out on the soundboard exactly where he showed the development using cowbells to the same song. . After all the compensation by the audience recording is indispensable even if the sound quality is excellent. Luckily, the same day’s audience recording was also very good, and there was a redesigned version of the Texas Pop that can be enjoyed with less discomfort, coupled with the modification of the stereo image!

(Remastered note)
★ Adjusted the entire balance to the right as far as possible to the center.
* Since the original sound source is the vocal is on the left,
I guess that the whole was adjusted to the right to reduce it.


レッド・ツェッペリン1969年のベスト・サウンドボード・アルバムと言うに留まらず、全ロックファンに彼らの素晴らしいライブを伝えたいエバーグリーンと呼ぶに相応しいのがテキサス・ポップ・フェスティバル。1991年の「PLAYS PURE BLUES」で初お目見えした時点でも別格の万人向け感たっぷりな名音源となった訳ですが、それだけに近年はサウンドボードで欠損していた箇所をオーディエンス録音にて補填したバージョンがポピュラーとなったように思えます。
何しろポピュラーな音源ゆえ、手法的には既にやり尽した感のあった本音源ですが、その新たなステップに踏み込んだ名盤が昨年リリースの「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969 STEREO MATRIX」。元々2トラックのステレオ・レコーディング(つまり、マイク二本をステージ上に立てて)でしたので、ロバート・プラントのボーカルが初期ビートルズよろしく片側のチャンネルに押し寄せられていたという独特の音像であったという。そんな独特のステレオ・イメージをもっと自然な状態へと改善させたのが昨年のリリースでした。
その結果「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969 STEREO MATRIX」はリリースから間もなくしてSold Out。それ以前にサウンドボード本体だけを収録していた「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969」ベスト・バージョンすらSold Outがあっという間であり、やはり定番強しということかと。

ここ最近で活発となってきた当店ZEPアイテム再リリースの中でもっとも望まれていた内の一つがテキサス・ポップなのは当然でしょうし、再リリースは必然というもの。ところが「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969 STEREO MATRIX」には改善の余地があったのです。確かに元の2トラック・ステレオ録音特有のバランスを改善させようとした試みは素晴らしかった。そのコンセプトは先にも触れたような左チャンネルに押し込まれたプラントのボーカルをセンターから鳴るようにしたかったということ。

音質最高なステレオサウンドボード録音とはいえ、2トラック録音というテクノロジーの音源をペイジがオフィシャルでリリースさせるとは到底思えません。やはり「PLAYS PURE BLUES」から始まったテキサス・ポップ名盤伝説はやはりレア音源界でこそ続くべきならわし。その最新版として、単なる再発には終わらないのが今回のリリース。
とにかく音質はステレオで極めてクリアーですので、「I Can’t Quit You Baby」や「You Shook Me」といった曲での、文字通りピュアなブルース演奏も心ゆくまで楽しめます。またリール・テープのチェンジからサウンドボードが収録し損ねてしまったパートで聞き逃せないのが「Dazed And Confused」。この日はボンゾがドラミングの随所でカウベルを用いている点が非常に珍しいのですが、同曲にまでカウベルを用いた展開を見せた個所こそ、ちょうどサウンドボードで逃していた場面だったのです。やはり音質に優れていてもオーディエンス録音による補填は不可欠。幸いにも同日のオーディエンス録音というのがまた非常に良好であり、そこにステレオ・イメージの修正と相まって違和感が少ない状態で楽しめるテキサス・ポップの決定版を刷新しました!


1. Intro.
2. The Train Kept A Rollin’
3. I Can’t Quit You Baby
4. Dazed And Confused
5. You Shook Me
6. How Many More Times
7. Communication Breakdown


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