Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains The Same Expanded / 3CD + 1DVD

Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains The Same Expanded / 3CD + 1DVD / Non Label

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Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY. USA 27-29 July 1973


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Reprint desired No.1 title Two kinds are re-emerging as a set. Although our shop has introduced titles like the number of stars of myriad musicians for many years, none have been wanted to recur. That “most desirable” is the “eternal poetry” of LED ZEPPELIN. As you know, it is a movie, soundtrack, album with the theme of 1973 Madison Square Garden performance. It is a re-press set of “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME EXPANDED” and “IN FOR A QUICK GARDEN” reigning as the highest peak of that fan edition.
Even though it is the only live work released in the seventies, a concept different from the “truth of the concert” that fans desire is extruded to the full, “eternal poetry”. Currently it is also making official DVD with a long live album “Strongest Board” than the original version in the 70’s, bonus image added, but still we have not been able to satisfy our fans. To respond to its craving …… No, maniacs realized “the truth of a concert” with the limit of passion and ability to heal his own dryness. That is this work. It is contained in a 3-disc live album and 1 DVD. Let’s talk about each.

【CD 1-3: Album “Eternal poetry (Insanity live)” extended version】
First of all, the three-piece live album has become popular as “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME EXPANDED”. LED ZEPPELIN This is a work produced by a super famous collector known as the world authority of the research, and it is a gem finished to the longest version by making use of six kinds of sound board material. The six kinds of materials are original released versions of the official “Eternal poetry” CD and “Frenzied live” DVD and the 2007 edition, the “Red Zeppelin DVD”, and the sound board sound source of the MSG show. It is the longest version which combines these by elaborately analyzing these to one word of MC. The editing point can not be cited very much, for example “Black Dog” which was edited briefly in “the strongest board” reached 6 minutes or more, “No Quarter” which was shorter than the original version also revived. “Moby Dick” reaches “18: 00” which is even longer than 12:47 of the original board, not to mention 11:02 of “strongest board”. Of course, “Thank You” which was not recorded even on “Senjya Board” is also recorded, and the order of the songs is reproduced on the actual concert.
And it’s amazing just because it’s not connected. Although there were countless maniacs who tried to expand “eternal poetry” in the past, they used only audience recordings, sound quality differences gifted, and only fansome finish. However, this work is fully assembled with sound board only, and the beauty of the finish is amazing. Needless to say sound volume and sound pressure, even the nuances of sound quality are neatly arranged, and the width of stereo sensation panned is splendidly aligned. It’s as natural as if it stuck in one source, and it is said that it is “a complete recording soundboard comes out!” It is becoming a perfect live album that it seems to be believed.
It was a 3-pack set that showed the frightfulness of maniacs authorized as authority in the deep ZEP collector world, but sold out simultaneously with release. I was prompted for re-release. I did not make any changes to the design of authority this time, and I made it a single wing of the set reproduced altogether.

【DVD: Movie “Led Zeppelin Mad Hot Live” Concert Edit Edition】
Another wing is a video work that mania re-edited the movie version “Eien no Uta”. That concept is “maximizing the live scene” that everyone wants, which is a masterpiece of completeness comparable to the above three-piece live album. This image has been pressed under the title of “IN FOR A QUICK GARDEN”, ​​and this is also a masterpiece in masterpieces whose furious recurrence hopes have not persisted.
Of course, it is physically impossible to fill all the cuts with the playing scene, but we can reproduce the actual live song order as much as possible by making full use of (the best version of) the image that was discovered so far. It has been raised to a level that can be enjoyed almost as a normal live DVD. A wonderful sense is what makes it the essence. For example, although I cut the scene of the subway which appears at the beginning of “No Quarter”, instead of replacing it with a shot of the audience, I finished it more like a live image, and a fan captured by a policeman of “Dazed And Confused” Shorten the scene of, and apply the performance scene that it looks like. Heartbreaker “which was being divided is made to be able to be immersed in the performance as much as possible, but the insert image is also left. However, it also becomes a more natural flow by using images after arriving in New York. Furthermore, its sense exploded, until it reached a part not a live main part. It is the opening that is also a symbol of that, botherly to insert a movie-like logo – a scene. This also has a rich sense of sense of time and a strong sense. It is a finish full of ideas and sense from just the corner to the corner.
And deep knowledge that supports that sense is terrible. The biggest highlights of this work is “Rain Song”, adding scenes of performance plus the Viking style image / scene of the plant is reduced by half. Out-take shot that was recorded in the video “FIRST CUTS” is being used there. This video was originally based on the rough cut owned by Joe Massotto who was delegated in conflict with the members of ZEP at the stage of editing while taking charge of photographing until being photographed What is said. The video that appeared in the early 1990s, and the songs recorded are the same as the movies, so I will pay attention to the valuable images that were overlooked. This deep knowledge and sense to apply in fact. Of course, because it is based on the half official video of the 90’s, the image quality is also somewhat rough, but increasing the amount of performance scenes overwhelming the plot’s sword is an inspirational thing.

“I want to touch the truth concert” … a simple wish that everyone holds. A live album and a picture that realized the maximum by pouring such feelings, as long as knowledge, sense, technology, and passion. It is a set of live work which is the highest peak of fan-maid. There are no new discoveries for those who own the original “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME EXPANDED” and “IN FOR A QUICK GARDEN”, ​​but if you missed it, please take this opportunity to love me at hand. “Fan’s dream” · “love mania” is the ultimate one packed richly more than this. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

復刻希望No.1タイトル2種がセットになって再登場です。当店は長年にわたって無数ミュージシャンの星の数のようなタイトルをご紹介してきましたが、これほど再発が望まれたものはありませんでした。その“もっとも望まれたもの”とは、LED ZEPPELINの『永遠の詩』。ご存じの通り、1973年マジソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演をテーマにした映画とサントラ・アルバムです。そのファン・エディションの最高峰として君臨した『THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME EXPANDED』と『IN FOR A QUICK GARDEN』の再プレス・セットなのです。

【CD 1-3:アルバム『永遠の詩 (狂熱のライヴ)』拡張版】
まず、3枚組ライヴアルバムは『THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME EXPANDED』として大人気を博したもの。LED ZEPPELIN研究の世界的権威として知られる超有名コレクターが制作した作品で、6種のサウンドボード素材を駆使して最長版に仕上げた逸品です。その6種の素材とは、公式『永遠の詩』CDと『狂熱のライヴ』DVDのオリジナル・リリース版と2007年版、『レッド・ツェッペリンDVD』、さらにMSG公演の既発サウンドボード音源。これらをMCの一言に至るまで精緻に分析して組み合わせた最長版なのです。その編集ポイントはとても挙げきれないほどですが、例えば『最強盤』では短く編集されていた「Black Dog」は6分を超え、オリジナル版より短かった「No Quarter」も復活。「Moby Dick」に至っては『最強盤』の11:02はおろか、オリジナル盤の12:47よりもさらに長い「18:00」に及ぶ。もちろん、『最強盤』でも未収録だった「Thank You」も収録し、曲順も実際のコンサート通りに再現しているのです。

もう1つの片翼は、映画版『永遠の詩』をマニアが再編集した映像作品。そのコンセプトは、誰もが望む“ライヴシーンの最大化”であり、上記3枚組ライヴアルバムにさえ匹敵する完成度の大傑作です。この映像は『IN FOR A QUICK GARDEN』のタイトルでプレス化され、こちらも猛烈な再発希望が絶えなかった名作中の名作なのです。
もちろん、全カットを演奏シーンで埋め尽くすのは物理的に不可能なのですが、現在までに発掘された映像(の最上版)を駆使し、実際のライブの曲順を可能な限り再現。ほとんど通常のライヴDVDとして楽しめるレベルにまで引き上げています。その要となっているのが素晴らしいセンス。例えば、「No Quarter」の冒頭で登場する地下鉄のシーンをカットしているわけですが、その代わりに観客のショットに差し替えることでよりライブ映像らしく仕上げ、「Dazed And Confused」の警官に捉えられるファンの場面を短くして、それらしく見える演奏シーンをあてはめる。分断されていた「Heartbreaker」もできる限り演奏に浸れるようにしていますが、インサート映像も残ってはいる。しかし、それもニューヨーク到着後の映像を使うことでより自然な流れになっています。さらにライヴ本編ではないパートに至るまで、そのセンスは爆発。その象徴とも言えるのがオープニングでして、わざわざ映画風のロゴ-シーンをインサート。これがまた濃厚な時代感と重厚感を醸している。まさに隅から隅まで、アイディアとセンスに充ち満ちた仕上がりなのです。
そして、そのセンスを支える深い知識も凄まじい。本作最大のハイライトは「Rain Song」で、演奏シーンが付け加えてプラントのバイキング風イメージ・シーンが半分に減らしている。そこで使われているのが『FIRST CUTS』というビデオに収録されていたアウトテイク・ショット。このビデオは当初映画の制作を依頼されて撮影まで担当しながら、編集の段階でZEPのメンバーと対立して解任されてしまったジョー・マソットが所有していたラフ・カットが元になっていると言われているもの。90年代初頭に細々と現れたビデオ、しかも収録曲が映画と同じために見過ごされていた貴重映像に目を付ける。この深い知識と実際に当てはめるセンス。もちろん、90年代のハーフ・オフィシャル的なビデオを元にしているので、このパートは画質も多少は粗くなるものの、プラントの殺陣を圧倒する演奏シーンの増量は感動ものです。

「真実のコンサートに触れたい」……誰しもが抱く素朴な願い。そんな想いを、あらん限りの知識・センス・技術、そして情熱を注ぎ込んで最大限に実現したライヴアルバムと映像。ファンメイドの最高峰たるライヴ作品のセットです。オリジナルの『THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME EXPANDED』と『IN FOR A QUICK GARDEN』をお持ちの方に新しい発見はありませんが、惜しくも逃された方にはぜひお手元で愛して頂きたい4枚組。“ファンの夢”・“マニア愛”がこれ以上濃厚に詰まった究極の1本。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

Disc 1(61:07)
1. Rock And Roll 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog 4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. Misty Mountain Hop 6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. No Quarter 8. The Song Remains The Same
9. The Rain Song

Disc 2(58:52)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Moby Dick

Disc 3(42:17)
1. Heartbreaker 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. The Ocean 4. Thank You Organ Intro 5. Thank You


Original · Menu & Edit edition

1. Intro. 2. Rock And Roll 3. Celebration Day 4. Black Dog 5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I’ve Been Loving You 8. No Quarter
9. The Song Remains The Same 10. The Rain Song 11. Dazed And Confused 12. Stairway To Heaven
13. Moby Dick 14. Heartbreaker 15. Whole Lotta Love 16. The Ocean 17. End Credits


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