Led Zeppelin / Presence UK Original LP / 1CDR

Led Zeppelin / Presence UK Original LP / 1CDR / Non label

Translated text:
Taken from UK Original LP Swan Song SSK 59402 Matrix/Side A:SSK-59402-A1 Matrix/Side B:SSK-59402-B1

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This time we introduce Zep’s 7th album Presence UK original board. It was released in all the UK in April in the whole country in March in 1976 and it shines on the hit chart number 1 as well as the previous work. The point where Achilles Last Stand and Nobody’s Fault But Mine, which is a classic song in the late of Zep live, are recorded is a big point. Also in the reunion show for only one night in 2007, For Your Life recorded in this album was played and it became a big topic. There is an episode that this album was recorded in a short period of time, but everyone knows that it is finished in a solid and heavy sound that will support it. The jacket design by Hypnosis and George Hardy is also excellent. It can be said that it is exactly a work symbolizing “existence”.

By the way, as there was a press mistake on the first press of the original double-sided matrix 1 of this original UK board (A side A1 / B side B1) there were a lot of discs that caused needle jumping on the B side, and it was pressed again soon (Matrix has been changed to A1 / B2). The disc used this time is a genuine original board A1 / B1 without needle jump. Have this at all UK board! It is finished in a sound that can say. Please enjoy the difference of texture with current remaster CD by all means.


今回ご紹介するのはZepの7thアルバムであるプレゼンスのUKオリジナル盤です。76年3月に全米で4月には全英で発売され前作同様に共にヒットチャートナンバー1に輝いています。Zep後期のライブでの定番曲であるAchilles Last StandやNobody’s Fault But Mineが収録されているところが大きなポイントでしょう。また07年の一夜限りの再結成公演ではこのアルバムに収録のFor Your Lifeが演奏され大きな話題となりました。このアルバムは短期間で録音されたとのエピソードがありますが、それを裏付けるようなソリッドかつヘビィなサウンドに仕上がっているのは皆さんはご承知でしょう。またヒプノシスとジョージ・ハーディーによるジャケットデザインも秀逸です。まさに”存在”を象徴する作品とも言えるのではないでしょうか。


1. Achilles Last Stand 2. For Your Life 3. Royal Orleans 4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
5. Candy Store Rock 6. Hots On For Nowhere 7. Tea For One

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