Led Zeppelin / Pleeease Lord Fourth Night In The Garden / 4CD

Led Zeppelin / Pleeease Lord Fourth Night In The Garden / 4CD / Graf Zeppelin

Madison Square Garden, New York City 11th June 1977

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★ Aud decision board of ‘June 11,’ MSG day 4 performance!
★ Achieve the longest recording ever!
★ Limited number!

Src # 1 … Sub-Aud source of this show used from the end of Kashmir
Src # 1Alt: 3rd Gen of branch separation (not net). Aud sound source used by Moby from Kashmir ending
Src # 2 · · · A 123 minute recording from the beginning with the highest quality Aud sound source to the final stage of Kashmir. Main sound source of this performance
Src # 3 … fragmented recording for less than 50 minutes in total (not a net), but the sound after Src # 2 is well sub
Src # 4 … The only sound source that captures the end of the heartbreaker with fragmented audio of film images
Src # 5 · · · This is a familiar soundboard sound source, and this time it is a bonus recording in a pseudo-completed version compensated with Aud Src # 2

Decision board which recorded the fourth day · June 11 from ’77 years MSG continuous performance!
It is a live show that its SB part has been turned into a phonograph from the LP era on the fact that the sound board is originally short despite being short, but when it comes to a full-length board it is not surprisingly blessed, in the mid 90’s. The nostalgic TDOLZ, who has released many items from the ’77 MSG continuous performance, also releases the toughest 3rd and 8th performances among the MSG 6 continuous performances, while this 4th performance Is unannounced after all. The first title that produced a full-length live was “EAT THE BIGGEST APPLE” (3CDR), which was released around ’98 from another nostalgic Cobra-based label, and there is a form of a hybrid of Aud source 1 and SB. Appeared in. About a year later, the same label released a CDR title, which was composed of the high quality Aud source 2 as the main source and the SB source and complemented with the source 1 and SB source, with “FOR LED HEADS ONLY” (3CDR). Then in the 2000’s there were no full-length items at all, and some high-quality Aud source 3 from Scolupio was finally featured several years ago, and the main story was composed only with Aud (SB is a bonus Disc) The title appeared. This is the first press board for a full-length board, and will lead to the present.
This concept is also similar to the Suko board, and the main part is composed entirely of Aud sound sources (SB sound sources are separately recorded with Aud, but bonus recordings are made separately), but the completeness is clearly that this board is on the top It will be.

The main source 2 part is almost the same, but it seems that the source 1 corresponding part is supposed to be all 3rd Gen of source 1 in this case apparently in this case, there is a shari-shari that equalization was applied to the tightness It was the sound of the system, but in this edition, the source 1-3rd is used only for Kashmir ending several seconds-Moby intro only, equalization is necessary minimum, source 1 applicable part (most moby, heaven, heart-etc. ) Is definitely easier to hear than Sco.
In Mobi Dick, many cuts are the same as already published this time, but with Sco board, there is an overlapping cut characteristic of the 3rd Gen of source 1 and a large missing part such as not already seen there. Because there is a dropout, there will be a lot of cuts at that point, but it will be an advantage of this record that the audio present at the moment is recorded as closely as possible. The final stage of Achilles will use source 3 with a higher quality than source 1 in the main, and it will be also a point that you can enjoy a clearer sound than the nuances of each instrument, which is better than listening in source 1. After all source 3 was adopted for the first time in the already developed sco board also about this part, but it is also the point that source 3 in the intro part is recorded longer than sco board in this board. In the same song ending section, instead of this, the timing to return to source 1 is earlier in this board, but this is because the audio unrelated to live was overlapping in the ending part of source 3, and in the case of sco board That irrelevant sound has been included, (in this board of course, it is switched to source 1 a little earlier and there is no overlap).
The last heartbreaker is the same until the main source 1 is cut off in the middle of the G solo and ends, but then the ending part of the same song is recorded for the first time, although it is short from film sound to less than 40 seconds, The completeness of the live total is increasing more.
On the bonus disc, a pseudo-completed take of the SB section, which is supplemented with the source 2 used mainly for the main song in the main story, and the source 3 used for the sub in the main story from Song Remain-, In My Time-, heaven Three songs (partial recording up to the middle of the beginning) are included. Song Remain and In My Time are recorded in a pseudo-complete version with missing parts complemented by Source 2. Heaven is about 4 and a half minutes, but it is a partial recording in a state where the originally disturbed pitch was corrected as much as possible.


Src#1Alt・・・枝葉別れの3rd Gen(ネットではない)。KashmirエンディングからMoby出だしなどで用いられるAud音源
Src#3・・・トータルで50分に満たない断片録音 (ネットではない)だが、Src#2の次に音は良くサブ的
Src#5・・・お馴染みのサウンドボード音源で今回はAud Src#2で補填した疑似完成版でボーナス収録

元々サウンドボードが短いながらも存在するということで、LP時代からそのSB部分が音盤化されてきた本ライブですが、いざ全長盤となるとこれが意外なほどに恵まれておらず、’90年代半ばにこの’77年MSG連続公演から多数のアイテムを発表してきた懐かしのTDOLZも、このMSG6連続公演の中では最も音の厳しい三日目・8日公演をリリースしておきながら、本4日目公演は結局未発表。ライブを全長ぽく仕立てた最初のタイトルはこれまた懐かしのコブラ系のレーベルから’98年頃に発表された”EAT THE BIGGEST APPLE”(3CDR)が最初で、そこではAudソース1とSBの混成という形態で登場。さらにその約1年後に同レーベルが今度は”FOR LED HEADS ONLY”(3CDR)で高音質のAudソース2をメインにソース1とSBソースで補いザックリと構成したCDRタイトルを発表。その後2000年代に入り全く全長盤的アイテムもなく、今から数年前にやっとスコルピオから初登場の高音質Audソース3を部分的にフィーチャーしAudのみで本編が構成(SBはボーナスDisc)されたタイトルが登場。これが全長盤としては初のプレス盤となり、現在に至ります。

メインのソース2部は殆ど同じですが、ソース1該当部分が恐らく全てスコ盤ではどうやら今回でいうところのソース1の3rd Genが使用されているようで、そこではイコライジングがキツメに施されたシャリシャリ系のサウンドでしたが、今回の盤ではソース1-3rdの使用箇所はKashmirエンディング数秒-モビーイントロ部のみで、 イコライジングは必要最小限であり、ソース1該当箇所(モビー大半、天国、ハート-など)についてはスコ盤に比べ間違いなく聞きやすいものとなっています。
またモビーディックではカットの多いのは今回も既発同様ですが、スコ盤ではソース1の3rd Genに特徴的な重複カットと、既発にない大きな欠落があるなどそこでは既発に見られない取りこぼしもあるため、その点においてもカットは多いものの現時点で存在する音声が可能な限り漏れなく収録された本盤のアドバンテージとなるでしょう。終盤のアキレスではソース1よりも高音質のソース3がメインで使用されソース1で聞くよりも鮮度の良い、各楽器のニュアンスもより明瞭なサウンドが堪能できるのもポイントでしょう。この部分に関してもやはり既発スコ盤で初めてソース3が採用されたのですが、本盤ではイントロ部でのソース3がスコ盤よりも長く収録されているのもポイントです。なお同曲エンディング部ではその代わりソース1へ戻るタイミングが本盤の方が早いのですが、これはソース3のエンディング部分にライブと無関係な音声がオーバーラップしていたためで、スコ盤の方ではその無関係な音声が入ってしまっている、というもの(もちろん本盤では若干早めにソース1への切り替えられており、オーバーラップはなし)。
ボーナスディスクにはSBの3曲を本編でメインに使用されたソース2で補填したSB区間の疑似完成版テイクと、本編でサブに使用されたソース3からSong Remain-、In My Time-、天国(出だし途中までの部分収録)の3曲が収録されています。Song RemainとIn My Timeは欠落部がソース2で補完された疑似完成版での収録。天国は出だし4分半ほどですが、元々乱れまくっていたピッチが極力修正された状態での部分収録です。

Disc 1 (77:50)
1. Introduction
2. The Song Remains The Same
3. The Rover / Sick Again
4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
5. In My Time Of Dying
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You
7. No Quarter ★17:42-18:09 Src#1

Disc 2 (51:33)
1. MC
2. Ten Years Gone
3. The Battle Of Evermore
4. Going To California
5. Black Country Woman
6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
7. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
8. Kashmir ★6:23-9:37 Src#3 / 9:37~ Src#1Alt

Disc 3 (54:29)
1. Out On The Tiles / Moby Dick ★0:00-0:46 Src#1Alt / 0:46~Src#1
/11:33-12:40 Src#3 /12:40~ Src#1 / Several places cuts

2. Guitar Solo ★Src#1
3. Achilles Last Stand ★0:05-9:37 Src#3 / 9:37~ Src#1
4. Stairway To Heaven ★Src#1
5. Heartbreaker ★0:00-5:02 Src#1 / 5:02~5:40 Src#4

Disc 4: Extra Disc (73:36)
1. The Song Remains The Same(Aud #3+#2)
2. In My Time Of Dying(Aud #3+#2)
3. No Quarter(Soundboard + Aud #2)
4. Ten Years Gone(Soundboard)
5. The Battle Of Evermore(Soundboard + Aud #2)
6. Stairway To Heaven(Aud #3 Fragment)

Graf Zeppein. LZSC-611

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