Led Zeppelin / Over The Twelve Foot End Definitive Ipswich / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Over The Twelve Foot End Definitive Ipswich / 2CD / Graf Zeppelin

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Live at St. Matthew’s Baths Hall, Ipswich, UK 16th November 1971.

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★ 71 year decision board of Ipswich performance! Almost complete using three sources!
★ The sound sources are not all net sources or pre-existing copies, but compiled from the collector-provided natural Raw Master.
There are places where there is a taste different from every other place.
★ Limited numbering entry (stamp inside jacket: up to 1-200), Picture Label Special Edition Specification.
★ This label · The 16th longest missing was this 16th live.


From the 1971 UK tour, a press CD that included the Ipswich performance on November 16 appeared!
There are three types of monaural and audience recordings in this live but this time we received multiple offerings of these three kinds of Aud sound sources from domestic and foreign ZEP collectors, and we decided carefully selected carefully selected decision boards of Ipswich performances and carefully selected It is a title that can be said. Net tone generator is not used at all.

This live is a live whose itemization has progressed beyond the latter half of the 1990s about 20 years ago from now.
When I review the past record, the title which first used the source 1 in the form incorporated in the nostalgic Antlarotta board “Two Penny Upright” (3CD) first appeared. Contents recorded on the Antra Lutheran board are the quantity of 1 CD, which was far from full-song recording, but since then TDOLZ “IPSWICH 1971” (2 CD) appeared as a title using two kinds of sound sources. Source 2 from the paradise on heaven this first appearance in the vicinity of “The ‘Way” In addition to the first appearance of the source live in the latter part of the live with “Source 1”, I showed up halfway through “chest full”, but a title far from precise editing.
Continued from Scorpio, “Over The Twelve Foot End” (2 CD) appeared. This was the first title that saw source 2 as a stand-alone, but it is one step now in terms of sound quality. Moreover, because it is recorded with a single source, the missing part is not supplemented with Source 1 also the title of one step now.
And in 1999 I edited Source 1 and Source 2 from EVSD (2 versions with 2 sources each) and the first appearance song “Week End” and “Gallows Pole” Release of the title which mainly included the first appearance source 3 including the live end part.
After that, until recently up to the latest until the net traders do not raise the update sound source of this live (strictly because source 1 is also on the net but difficult to obtain and the sound is now one so ignore here), release There is little and it reaches the present. Except for such circumstances and excluding recurring boards (Ant laversaver = Thermin board) etc., the number of releases is in fact not much live.

In addition, the two titles released by EVSD in 1999, “Week End” and “Gallows Pole” are unreceived due to the relation which was not circulated at the time of release in the first title, and the main source in the second title There is also a problem peculiar to the sound source that the source 3 which became the source 3 which is originally somewhat inferior in sound quality to the source 2 (clearance, separation feeling of sound, slight balance due to the balance of each instrument, etc.) If there is no title to say and the CDR item that did good on the EVSD board circulates after releasing the EVSD board and ignores that it is a copy it will be the best title, The painful situation continued.

I roughly looked back on the flow of this performance title, but this title will be a title that can be said to be an upgrade update after a long absence.
First of all, I use the source 2 which has the best sound quality among the three sources as the main source which makes up the overall framework. In the EVSD board etc, there was a background of the era of the time, the hiss noise called “shit” became conspicuous considerably because of the strengthening equalizing processing which can elevate the high region and highlighted, but this time it stopped at the necessary minimum processing, We have a wide range of natural sounds including including. Source 1 and source 3 missing live intro, missing live intro, “Immigrant” early, “Going To CA” song, “Tangerine” head, “What Is And” head, “chest full” middle stage etc Supplied all songs. In addition, since there is no supplementary source cut only during the “Gallows Pole” song, it remains cut (※ this missing part is here only).
In addition, if you describe the characteristics of each sound source, all three sources are monaural audience recordings.
Among them, the source that can clearly experience freshness and well-vibrant sound is Source 2, the only source that contained “heaven”. Sauce 2 is slightly como, and a source of texture featuring a thick texture 1. Although it feels narrower than the sources 1 and 2, it is interpreted that the source 3 is better than the source 1 overall in terms of clearness. Sound sense of distance is slightly felt by source 3, but depending on the place to listen, there are parts where the evaluation is reversed, so is not it almost the same in total? As for source 1 and source 3 used for padding as well, excessive equalizing processing is supposed to be refrained, so at first glance it is small, but with regard to source 1 in particular the depth and freshness of the sound clearly is the title of this time I think that you can feel at the time of the live intro that it is Better.
As a side note, although it is places other than the freshness of the sounds for Source 1 and Source 2, is it due to mind that it feels like similar recordings? For example, the disorder of the tape occurring in the vicinity of “dazzling” around seven minutes occurs for some reason at almost the same position of the sources 1 and 2 (there is also a cut in the source 1 at this place, by chance?). Also, when trying to confirm the characteristic part of source 2 with source 1, the corresponding part can not be confirmed by accident (?) Disappearing in source 1, and so on. . .
Of course, there are audience talking voices that can only be confirmed to source 2, so it may be another source, but maybe some people feel that it is a mystery (also pointed out by the sound source provider this time).

Regarding editing, edit in the direction to record the main source 2 of the main sound quality as long as possible. Returning to the main source of the supplemental part is a thing of earlier (= source 2 recording time is long) although it is generally several seconds from a few seconds except for a part from the earlier EVSD board.
As for the editing of the final stage of “Chest full” (※ after the main source 2 cut), it is edited differently from the already-released title, after the CD time 16 minutes 26 seconds which is the replacement point of the second song of the same song All supplemented with source 3 (compare source 1 and source 3 and judge that source 3 is better here).
However, the last turning part of source 2 is recorded with source 2 about 5 seconds longer than the EVSD board (Source 2 has 5 seconds first appearance).
In addition, detailed editing places / comments are long, so please refer to the following song list.
(※ Please acknowledge that the song itself is difficult to see.)

Stamped inside jacket with limited numbering (1-200).
Jake is the outer coating specification, and the CD label appears on the Picture Disc permanent specification love board!

★音源は全てネット音源や既発コピーではなく、コレクター提供のナチュラルRaw Masterから編纂。
★限定ナンバリング入り(ジャケ内側にスタンプ: 1-200まで)、ピクチャーラベル愛蔵盤仕様。

Live at St. Matthew’s Baths Hall, Ipswich, UK 16th November 1971


過去盤のおさらいをしてみますと、まずは懐かしのアントラバータ盤「Two Penny Upright」(3CD)の中に組み込まれる形でソース1を使用したタイトルが初登場。アントラバータ盤での収録内容は1CDの分量であり、全曲収録にもほど遠いものでしたが、その後続けてTDOLZから「IPSWICH 1971」(2CD)が2種類の音源を使用したタイトルとして登場。この盤にて天国から”That’s The Way”付近にソース2が初登場したほかライブ後半もソース1で”胸いっぱい”途中まで収録してみせましたが、緻密な編集にはほど遠いタイトル。
さらに続けてスコルピオから「Over The Twelve Foot End」(2CD)が登場。こちらはソース2を単体で収録した初のタイトルでしたが、音質的には今一歩。また単一ソースでの収録のため欠落部がソース1で補填されていないという内容的にも今一歩のタイトル。
そして1999年にEVSDからソース1とソース2を編集したタイトル(2種のソースをそれぞれメインに据えた2バージョン)と、同年さらに続けて驚きの初登場曲”Week End”と”Gallows Pole”のライブ終盤部を含む初登場ソース3をメインに収録したタイトルをリリース。

また、EVSDが1999年にリリースした2タイトルは、1個目のタイトルではそのリリース時に流通していなかった関係で”Week End”と”Gallows Pole”が未収、さらに2個目のタイトルではメインソースとなったソース3がソース2よりも元々音質的に若干劣る(クリアさ・音の分離感・各楽器のバランスなどで若干ながら劣る)と言う音源特有の問題もあり、結果的に決定盤と言えるタイトルがない状況となり、そのEVSD盤の良いとこ取りをしたCDRアイテムがEVSD盤のリリース後に流通しコピーであることを無視すればそれがベストタイトルになってしまうという、なんともはがゆく頭の痛い状況が続きました。

まず全体の大枠を構成するメインソースには3つのソースのうち一番音質の良いソース2を使用。EVSD盤等では当時の時代背景もあり、高域を持ち上げ際立たせるイコライジング処理が強めのため”シーッ”というヒスノイズがかなり目立つものとなっていましたが、今回は必要最小限の処理に留め、ヒスも含めレンジの広いナチュラルなサウンドとなっております。ソース2で欠落しているライブイントロ、”移民”序盤、”Going To CA”曲中、”Tangerine”頭、 “What Is And”頭、”胸いっぱい”中盤以降などをソース1およびソース3で適宜補填して全曲収録。なお”Gallows Pole”曲中カットのみ補填ソースがないため、カットのまま(※今回の欠落箇所はココのみ)。




Disc 1 (65:44)
01. Introduction ※イントロはフェードインながら既発よりも長い(EVよりも4秒長い)
02. Immigrant Songイントロ若干ソース1で補填
03. Heartbreaker
04. Black Dog
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. Rock And Roll
07. Stairway To Heaven
08. Going To California ※1分50秒付近をソース3で補填した初の疑似完成版で収録
09. That’s The Way
10. Tangerine※出だし19秒ほどソース1で補填

Disc 2 (78:02)
01. MC
02. Dazed And Confused ※7分20秒付近は比較検討のうえ、ソース3で必要最小限の補填
03. What Is And What Should Never Be ※幻惑演奏後の拍手から本トラック序盤11秒ほどソース1で補填
04. Celebration Day ※0分15秒付近の音揺れは既発との差別化のため補填せず(元々差し替えの必要なし)
05. Whole Lotta Love ※1箇所目(11分24秒付近)はソース1で補填(ソース3はここでは歓声が目立ち難あり、かつ補填部前後の質感を考慮しソース1が適切と判断)、終盤16分26秒付近以降はソース3で補填
06. Weekend ※ソース3で収録
07. Gallows Pole ※ソース3で収録。既発同様1箇所カットあり・既発では別公演補填してましたが、今回は差別化のため、あえてそのまま

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-016A/B

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