Led Zeppelin / Nassau Coliseum 1972 1st Night / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Nassau Coliseum 1972 1st Night / 3CD / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. USA 14th June 1972


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If it was in 1970 that the scream of the plant was clear as if it was natural, then it was the American tour of 1972 that shone the last shine. Of course it is common sense even if you are not a mania, but in 1972 when it began to rush to the big presence with both name and reality in America, the size of the status and the final sharpness of the scream of the plant matched It boasts high popularity as a special period. In the age of LP, only the LA Forum which excelled sound quality was released was released, and at the end of the LP era it finally became familiar with “BERDU” to the extent that San Bernardino was released. In that respect 72 years America tour will be a tour recognized as a tour from the fans during the CD era.
Unlike the era of LP, which was only seen at the LA Forum which was the final stage of the tour, during the ten years of the CD era, this tour revealed the state of the beginning of the tour that had been wrapped in a veil until then. When we listen to Charlotte etc which our shop has already released, the early stage felt a small atmosphere with a good meaning. However, when this shop again reaches Seattle where “Best Seattle 1972” has released the best version, the band showed a really stretched performance. Moreover, escalated to a free stage which is enough to undoubtedly show off new songs that have not even been completed even before release. This is the kind of American tour like 72 years.
It was the two performances at Nassau · Coliseum that made the atmosphere of such a unique American tour in such 72 years. In the case of ZEP until then, New York is using Madison Square Garden, but June 14 was taken to the support event of George McGover which was a contender of Nixon in the then presidential election of the United States, and moreover ZEP did not engage with other schedules and ZEP first decided to use Nassau · Coliseum. By the way, for McGover ‘s support event that Simon and Garfunkel were reunited for the event, Paige and Plant also came close to MSG in front of their concerts.

As a result, even if it is not MSG, ZEP will show off the performance of the full open engine. After all they become a stage in New York where they loved to play like LA, it will only be filled with it. Actually, from the ZEP of this day, it is enough to hear and listen to it. Speaking of the plant of this tour in particular, there are also days when the condition became a slow starter by day depending on the reasons listed for the first time. However, at the first day of Nassau, a plant that shouts with an offensive attitude from the opening is truly reliable.
On this day of such a pushing mood, the first peak will come at “Stairway To Heaven”. Actually, the American tour of 1972 basically followed the set list of the previous year, and it was a set list that did not look much different from the one in the USA a year ago. However, one year ago that ZEP ‘s performance style was changing (to more rhythm oriented), and then the album’ IV ‘before that was released was released this time, the popularity of ZEP will explode by that hit There was a big difference.
Among them, “Stairway To Heaven” gave the impact so far as to change the evaluation of the American media that had been painful against ZEP until then. To the extent that it supports it, too much cheers are caught here just because the plant told the song title. Even just that, it is a very moving scene, but the more you hit the chest when Paige’s guitar solo ends, the plant sings again. There again a big cheer is going on and the thing that the audience is overtaken by that climax is clearly transmitted. The performance of the previous year which praised the first time before being released is exceptional, but the fact that the band and the audience together became one after the other, since it was released and it began to penetrate the audience, the excitement which the band and the audience united together is a scene unique to the period of 72 years .

In “Dazed and Confused” which became a crushing entrance of ZEP live sound which began to be rhythm-oriented since 1972, it is familiar “Walter’s Walk” melody and plants to be scattered accordingly, furthermore “The Crunge” Deployment appeared as natural. It is also brilliant with its transfigurable performance. And in the final stage “Rock And Roll” again became a tremendous excitement, here again the fever unique after the “IV” release is recorded at a glance and at the same time the plant to sing with the same key as the album version is the best!
It is a cover which Eddie Cochran’s cover “Weekend” which was performed at encore in the end was done now The fact that was being exhibited on the UK tour of the previous year is the brightness, but before that it was the one which was played at the encore of LA forum before It was a misunderstanding that it is now a memorable experience.
While such a full-open performance is a masterpiece, it was a disappointing that it was a somewhat dumpling monaural audience recording, it is also a day when items are surprisingly unlikely. However, this time it was recorded from the master of first generation, realized the limited press release as the best version of maniac sound source! By the way, looking at the photos on the ZEP Official website, Paige of the day was wearing a 69-year tour and a 75-year-old Chicago wearing a red fringed designed navy blue Henry neck shirt I understand. It was truly Paige’s favorite shirt.

ツアー終盤だったLAフォーラムでしか垣間見られなかったLPの時代と異なり、CD時代の10年の間でこのツアーはそれまでベールに包まれていたツアー序盤の様子も明らかとなったのです。当店もリリース済のシャーロットなどを聴くと、序盤はいい意味でこじんまりとした雰囲気が感じられました。ところが、これまた当店が「SEATTLE 1972」でベスト・バージョンをリリース済なシアトルに到達する頃になると、バンドは実に伸び伸びとした演奏を披露。おまけにまだリリース前どころか録音が完成すらしていなかった新曲を惜しげもなく披露してしまうほどの自由なステージにエスカレート。これこそが72年のアメリカ・ツアーらしさというものでしょう。

そんな押せ押せムードのこの日、最初のピークが「Stairway To Heaven」で訪れます。実は1972年のアメリカ・ツアーも基本的には前年のセットリストを踏襲しており、一年前のアメリカと大して変わり映えがしないセットリストだった。ところが一年前とはZEPの演奏スタイルが変化していたこと(よりリズム指向へ)、さらに当時はリリース前だったアルバム「IV」が今回はリリースされ、そのヒットによりZEPの人気が爆発するという大きな違いがありました。
中でも「Stairway To Heaven」はそれまでZEPに対して辛辣だったアメリカのマスコミの評価を一変させるほどのインパクトを与えました。それを裏付けるように、ここでもプラントが曲名を告げただけで大歓声が巻き起こるほど。それだけでも非常に感動的な場面なのですが、さらに胸を打つのがペイジのギター・ソロが終わり、再びプラントが歌う場面。そこで再び大きな歓声が起こっており、あのクライマックスに観客が打ちのめされている様子がはっきりと伝わってくるもの。リリースされる前の初々しさをたたえた前年の演奏は格別ですが、逆にリリースされてオーディエンスに浸透し始めたからこその、バンドと観客が一体となった盛り上がりも72年という時期ならではの光景。

72年からリズム指向が打ち出されるようになったZEPライブ・サウンドの叩き台的な存在となった「Dazed and Confused」ではおなじみ「Walter’s Walk」メロディとそれに合わせてスキャットするプラント、さらには「The Crunge」展開も当たり前のように登場。その変幻自在な演奏ぶりもお見事。そして終盤は「Rock And Roll」で再び凄まじい盛り上がりとなり、ここでも「IV」リリース後ならではのフィーバーが克明に記録されると同時に、アルバムバージョンと変わらないキーで歌い上げるプラントが最高!
Disc 1 (51: 58)
1. Intro. 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Black Dog 5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. Stairway to Heaven 7. Going to California 8. That’s the Way

Disc 2 (59: 17)
1. Intro. 2. Tangerine 3. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 4. Dazed and Confused
5. What Is and What Should Never Be 6. Moby Dick

Disc 3 (43: 16)
1. Intro. 2. Whole Lotta Love (medley incl. Let That Boy Boogie, Bottle Up and Go, Hello Mary Lou, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Going Down Slow) 3. Rock and Roll 4. Communication Breakdown
5. Weekend 6. Bring It On Home

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