Led Zeppelin / Milan 1971 Riot Show / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Milan 1971 Riot Show / 1CD / Non Label

Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan, Italy 5th July 1971

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The 1971 ZEP not only created the masterpiece album “IV”, it was also a very creative time on stage. It was natural that he played the songs on this album live before the release, and it was literally one year that he challenged himself with an “offensive” stance, in which even a BBC radio broadcast live played a new song calmly. As the remaining sound source proved that the result was a great result in the United States and the first visit to Japan in the summer.
Thus, it was a very aggressive period, but there are extremely few existing sound sources. In this unfortunate situation, the few live complete recording sources are Copenhagen on May 3 and Montreux Casino on August 7. The definitive edition of “MONTREUX CASINO 1971” has been released for “STICK OUT!”, Respectively, and between the shows belongs to the Milan performance on July 5th. Ironically, this is a notorious day that has become a badly aggressive show. Did you know that even if you weren’t a maniac, the riot police quelled using tear gas at the end of the riot in ZEP71 Milan.
In addition, the turmoil not only affected the audience but also affected the ZEP on stage. As a result, ZEP never again declared to live in Italy, and never even stopped there when he traveled to Europe in 1973 and 1980.

事 実 I’m really amazed at the fact that audience recordings existed, even though it was such an infamous night, much less an audience riot. Reflecting the confusion, the recording time was 24 minutes with imperfect sound sources, but starting with seeing the sun at the end of the LP at Central Park in 1969, it was always a bonus person It was also a useful sound source.
Although the sound image is a reasonably large balance, it is a fact that the sound quality is quite rough as a jagged note. Nevertheless, the extraordinary atmosphere of the day has been well communicated. After all, the terrific thing about plant screams. It’s as if the audience and the riot police are singing in a state of immediate contact, and the sense of danger is transmitted. The recording stopped when “Dazed And Confused” passed after 10 minutes, but it was a sound source that could be guessed that it could not be done.

The only Italian performance that has become the only such ZEP history in the history of Central Park LP for the first time was a glimpse only with this sound source for about 40 years since it first appeared, but finally this February, finally a new The sound source “recorder 2” has been unearthed.
Fortunately, this sound source was in a state where it could make up for the unrecorded parts of “recorder 1”. This started with “Dazed And Confused” and the song was almost completely recorded. There is a reason to say “almost”. Two minutes after the beginning of “Dazed And ~”, there was a scene where the plant sensed a noisy situation and temporarily stopped singing, but in “recorder 1” it was said that recording was stopped immediately after . However, even with this sound source, recording stopped immediately after the plant stopped singing. This clearly means that the performance was interrupted, and the fact that the person who recorded each sound source judged that both were interrupted and then stopped the recorder.
も な い As a matter of course, this “recorder 2” is not as good as “recorder 1,” but still has rough sound quality. Compared to that, there is a sense of distance in the performance, but conversely, there are many geeks who feel that it is easier to hear than “recorder 1” which was close and distorted. As expected, the atmosphere of the venue may have been sensed, or “Dazed And ~” may not be denied the feeling of rounding up the improvisation overall (after all, 16 minutes in total). Rather, I was so impressed that I played this song to the end in such a situation.

However, “Whole Lotta Love” is the first time that the impact beyond the excavation of the full-length version of “Dazed And ~” will be the first appearance. By this time, it was presumed that the venue was in a rather tight atmosphere, and the performance began bravely in such a situation. Suddenly, riot police fire tear gas. Naturally, the performance was stopped, and the sound of tear gas bursting out, and finally stopped recording. What a vivid scene!
With the conventional “ recorder 1 ” and the literature, it was glimpsed that this day was a day of nightmares, but this time “ recorder 2 ” is finally the fact that riot police tear gas firing is a fact Was revealed. The version that appeared on the net this month is based on a combination of two types of sound sources by the familiar dadgad, and has been subjected to adjustments such as pitch adjustment etc. for limited press CD release. The excavation of “recorder 2” was so shocking, especially the scene of “Whole Lotta Love”, where the spine was frozen and shook. A real document that new excavations have surprised geeks around the world, the Milan case in 1971 was true!

(Remastered memo)
★ Since I’ve Been loving You, the beginning is lower than 50% of a semitone and returns to the slope from there, so adjust as much as possible

よって非常にアグレッシブな時期だった訳ですが、その割に現存する音源が極端に少ない。この恵まれない状況の中で数少ないライブ完全収録音源が5月3日のコペンハーゲンと8月7日のモントルー・カジノ。それぞれ「STICK OUT!」に「MONTREUX CASINO 1971」という決定版がリリースされていますが、これらのショーの合間に属するのが7月5日のミラノ公演。皮肉なことに、こちらは悪い意味でアグレッシブなショーとなった悪名高き一日。マニアでなくともZEP71年ミラノ公演が暴動の果てに機動隊が催涙ガスを使って鎮圧した顛末をご存知かと。

音像こそそれなりに大きなバランスではあるものの、ギスギスとしてかなり荒くれ音質なのは事実。にもかかわらず、当日の尋常ならざる雰囲気は十分に伝わってきました。何と言ってもプラントのスクリームの凄まじいこと。まるで観客と機動隊が一触即発となっている状態の中で歌っている危機感がひしひしと伝わってくるかのよう。録音は「Dazed And Confused」が10分を過ぎたところで止まってしまうのですが、それも致し方ないのではと推測できるほどの音源だったのです。

そんなZEP史上唯一となってしまったイタリア公演はセントラル・パークLPのオマケで初お目見えしてから40年近くもこの音源でしか垣間見られなかったのですが、何とこの2月になって遂に新たな音源「recorder 2」が発掘されました。
何と幸運なことに、本音源は「recorder 1」の未収録だった部分を見事に補ってくれる状態だった。こちらは「Dazed And Confused」から始まっていた上に、同曲がほぼ完全収録だったのです。「ほぼ」と言ったのには訳があります。「Dazed And~」が始まって2分を過ぎたところで騒然とした状況を察知したプラントが一旦歌を止めている場面があるのですが、「recorder 1」ではその直後で録音が一旦止まっていたという。ところが今回の音源でもプラントが歌うのを止めた直後で録音が止まっている。これは明らかに演奏が中断したということであり、それぞれの音源を録音した人物がどちらも中断と判断した上でレコーダーを止めた事実を物語っています。
無理もないことですが、今回の「recorder 2」も「recorder 1」ほどではないにせよ、やはり荒くれ音質。それと比べて演奏に距離感があるのですが、逆に近くて音が歪む箇所のあった「recorder 1」と比べてむしろ聞きやすいと感じるマニアが多いのではないでしょうか。さすがに会場の雰囲気を察知してか「Dazed And~」は全体的にインプロを短めにして(何しろトータル16分)切り上げた感が否めません。むしろ、そんな状況でよくこの曲を最後まで演奏してみせたものだと感心させられるほど。

しかし「Dazed And~」全長版の発掘を超える衝撃が完全初登場となる「Whole Lotta Love」。もうこの頃になると、会場は相当に張り詰めた雰囲気になっていたのだと推測され、そんな中でも勇敢に演奏が始まるのですが、前半部が終わろうとしたところで(プラントが歌っていたにもかかわらず)無情にも機動隊が催涙ガスを発砲。当然演奏が止まってしまい、さらに催涙ガスの発砲音がパンパンと響き渡り、遂には録音まで停止。何と生々しい場面なのでしょうか。
従来の「recorder 1」や文献などによって、この日が悪夢の一日となった様子を垣間見られてはいましたが、今回の「recorder 2」によって遂に機動隊の催涙ガス発砲が事実であることが明らかとなったのです。今月ネット上に登場したバージョンはおなじみdadgadによって二種類の音源を組み合わせたものを元に、ピッチ調整などを始めとしたアジャストを限定プレスCDリリースに向けて施したもの。「recorder 2」の発掘はあまりに衝撃的であり、中でも「Whole Lotta Love」の場面は背筋が凍るほど戦慄の場面となっています。新たな発掘が世界中のマニアを驚かせた迫真のドキュメント、71年ミラノ事件は本当だった!

★Since I’ve Been loving Youのみ冒頭が半音の50%以上低くそこからスロープ状に戻っていくのでなるべく調整。


01. Since I’ve Been loving You (Source 1)
02. Black Dog (Source 1)
03. Dazed And Confused (Source 2)
04. Whole Lotta Love (Source 2)

Remastered two sources mix

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