Led Zeppelin / Madison Square Garden Deux Deluxe Edition / 3CD Trifold With Slip Case

Led Zeppelin / Madison Square Garden Deux Deluxe Edition / 3CD Trifold With Slip Case / Wendy

Live At The Madison Square Garden New York City NY, USA July 28, 1973. Digitally Remastered


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■ High sound quality sound board using First Generation Master recorded.
■ Bonus track and alternate edit recorded
■ Best title of the day

July 28, 1973 It is a recurrence of the Madison Square Garden performance in New York. Three consecutive performances were held in this year’s MSG performance, it was known that a filming crew entered for movie shooting and was officially recorded. It is well-known that not only the best shot and best play from the three consecutive performances including this day were selected, but also the detailed editing was done even in the song. This work is based on the spill material of the manufacturing process and is the title which recorded the performance of the second day July 28th on the sound board. Of course, there have been numerous releases as classic titles since long ago, but this time we pride ourselves to be the title that boasts the highest perfection we can think of using another master of row generation with another route that is completely different from them ing. In case

About sound quality first. The main sound board part is used low source · source. The difference in sound quality is obvious compared with the sub sound board / source, and even if it is the same sound board sound source, it seems that such difference will come out by generation. The sound board / source of that sub is lower in sound quality compared with the main part, but there is a part which is short but not included in the main source and plays an important role in complementary sense. And supplemented with other parts on the same day at the audience · source, using the three sound sources of 2 kinds of sound board and 1 kind of audience, this concert is fully longest recorded. It can be said that it surpasses the conventional one in sound quality and contents. In case

Next about editing. The main source uses the sound generation sound generator of row generation, but as mentioned above, the missing part that exists slightly can be listened to through the editing without stress. As a concrete editing part, first the middle part of “NO QUARTER” and the middle part of “THE RAIN SONG”. This is supplemented by different sound board sound sources of different generation on different days. And, as soon as “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” began, we cut off the cut portion for about 25 seconds at the audience tone generator. “OCEAN” in the two parts of the cut is complemented by different sound board sound sources of different generation again this same day. Unfortunately, “MOBY DICK” and “THE OCEAN” did not become a complete recording because the audience sound source was unexplored, but it is the longest recording currently. In case

Four bonus tracks are included as bonus tracks. “NO QUAETER” contains only uncut versions with sub sound board only. “RAIN SONG” complemented the missing middle part with sub sound board and source in this volume, but here we complemented the version complemented by the audience source. “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” is edited with the main SBD + Audience and the two types of sources intensely focusing on the sound quality in the main part, but here, with the main focus on using the sound board sound source for a longer time, It is recorded by editing SBD + Audience. Although it is slight, it means that the sound board part is longer than the main part. Likewise, “THE OCEAN” was edited as main SBD + sub SBD in this volume, but here it is a version that was edited with the focus on reducing the number of cuts by recording only sub SBD. In case

Next on pitch adjustment. Although it is a soundboard sound source, it is a sound that fell to a cassette tape 40 years ago, so unstableness of pitch and madness are unavoidable. This time, this is the only sound source, so pitch adjustment has been made quite strictly. Therefore, not only can you listen through the full story with accurate pitch but also there is no sense of incongruity at editing points resulting from pitch misalignment. In case

The second day of MSG performance in 1973. July 28 Madison Square Garden with all songs on the sound board, different editing version added to the bonus track, content is also perfect. Madison Square Garden Performance Outflow Soundboard It will be a masterpiece as a complete concert complete board. Love compilation board of permanent specification of picture disk.




次に編集について。メインソースはロウ・ジェネレーションのサウンドボード音源を使用しているが、前述のようにわずかながら存在する欠落部分は編集によりストレスなく通して聴けるようになっている。具体的な編集箇所としては、まず「NO QUARTER」の中間部と「THE RAIN SONG」の中間部。こちらはジェネレーションの異なる同日別のサウンドボード音源により補完。そして「WHOLE LOTTA LOVE」の始まってすぐ、25秒間くらいのカット部分をオーディエンス音源にて補完。「THE OCEAN」の2か所のカット部分をこれまたジェネレーションの異なる同日別のサウンドボード音源にて補完している。残念ながら「MOBY DICK」と「THE OCEAN」はオーディエンス音源が未発掘のため完全収録とはならなかったが、現行では最長の収録となっている。

また、ボーナストラックとして別編集のトラックが4曲収録されている。「NO QUAETER」はサブのサウンドボードのみでノーカット・バージョンを収録。「THE RAIN SONG」は欠落している中間部を、本編ではサブのサウンドボード・ソースで補完していたが、ここではオーディエンス・ソースにて補完したバージョンを収録。「WHOLE LOTTA LOVE」は、本編ではメインSBD+オーディエンスと、2種類のソースを駆使し音質を重視した編集がなされているが、ここではサウンドボード音源を、より長く使うことを主眼を置いて、サブSBD+オーディエンスという編集によって収録されている。わずかではあるが本編よりもサウンドボード部分が長いということになる。同様に「THE OCEAN」は本編ではメインSBD+サブSBDという編集がなされていたが、こちらではサブSBDのみの収録でカット数を少なくすることを主眼においた編集が施されたバージョンとなっている。


1973年のMSG公演2日目。7月28日マジソン・スクエア・ガーデンをサウンドボードで全曲、別編集バージョンをボーナストラックに加え、内容的にも完璧。マジソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演の流出サウンドボード同一コンサート完全盤としてマスターピースとなることであろう。 ピクチャー・ディスクの永久仕様の愛蔵盤。

01. Rock And Roll
02. Celebration Day
03. Black Dog
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. Misty Mountain Hop
06. Since I’ve Been Loving You
07. No Quarter
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. The Rain Song

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Moby Dick

01. Heartbreaker
02. Whole Lotta Love
03. The Ocean

04. No Quarter
05. The Song Remains The Same
06. The Rain Song
07. Whole Lotta Love
08. The Ocean

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