Led Zeppelin / Long Beach 1975 1st Night / 5CD+1Bonus CD With Replica

Led Zeppelin / Long Beach 1975 1st Night / 5CD+1Bonus CD With Replica / Graf Zeppelin

Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California, USA 11th March 1975

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The taper by M. Millard, a legendary taper that is released every week these days, is finally ZEP!

The memory of recent mirrored sound sources is traced back to various artists starting in the middle of 2019, starting around the point when DYLAN’s 1st Gen of 1978 from 1978 to 1979 suddenly became public and became a topic. The release including the first appearance sound source by either the original master of 1st Gen or 1st Gen becomes active.
Originally it was a mirrored sound source familiar in ZEP, FLOYD, STONES neighborhood, but in recent releases, artist’s sound sources (Linda, Sabbath, Susie Quattro etc.) whose existence of the sound source was not known until then were also released. It is surprising that there is a new fact (the existence of the master who was said to have been disposed of / ZEP ‘75.3.12 Ronby on the second day, it was not the usual theory of Millard himself’s delay, but the collaborator of the wheelchair Late, etc.) has also been revealed.

This time the ZEP, which can be said to be the favorite, appeared, and it was the translation that Millard first challenged with ZEP It was the translation that was released on the first day of Ronby on March 11, 1975, but for the mirrored sound source of ZEP from this day before You know that various live shows are not limited to this. There are so many titles on the first day of this Long Beach performance so far, and JEMS who released this version also released the 1st Gen (* low frequency was dull and smoky) version a few years ago. It was open to the public.
Therefore, it seems that the focus this time is on the digitization from the original master cassette, but this time the appearance is irregular, first of all, the remaster of dadegad appeared for some reason. You might be surprised to see his credit. There are a lot of fans who got too much equalizing and digital noise reduction cluttered the applause Pasha Pasha Remaster.
However, I think this is the end, and that is not true, and flat transfer from the favorite original master appeared without delay from the daggad version! No, I thought that one case was settled down, but it was not so again. First, it seems that this version must have been digitized from the original master, but it seems that it was dropped from the original cassette to DAT about 20 years ago, it seems that it was not digitized again this time. .. In addition, it seems that the cassette deck when dropping it to DAT at that time was also not a high-end model, and this is also regrettable, but more unfortunately, the noise peculiar to DAT was scattered. The tiny, peculiar digital noise that occurs when the DAT-specific head shifts occurs from the beginning of “Over The Hills” to the cutout after “Rain Song.”

Therefore, while we are grateful for the release of the flat transfer on this board, a careful remastering has been performed from there, and for the part corresponding to Disc 1 at the beginning of the live, a remastered version from the 1st Gen master is also included as a bonus! It’s a bit confusing, but it’s a perfect long beach first day performance.

Disc 1-3, which is a remaster of flat transfer, can sometimes be said to be peculiar to mirrored masters (Eddie-like is extremely rare). And it is definitely the strongest version ever. The digital odor from the start of “Over The Hills” to “Rain Song” above has been corrected as much as possible so that it does not feel strange. Also, in this flat transfer version, there was a duplicate cut around 13:18 (around the ton, ton, ton of the drum) in “Moby”, but this point also is that the uncut recovery is carefully done on this board. .. By the way, even if you listen to this part even in the dadegad version, it seems that uncut recovery has been made, but in reality it is an editing mistake and the same phrase (ton of drum) is dub and recorded.
Furthermore, on this board, several places between song cuts are carefully supplemented with Source 2 different from Millard, and the flat transfer version itself that originally appeared this time was definitely longer before and after the song cut part than before, which was an advantage. However, due to this compensation, this board will be the longest recorded title for Aud.

Disc 4-5 part is a real bonus disc, and the existing source (not net) of the same day used for compensation in this mirrored part is recorded for the first time in its entirety. It is a volume of 2 CDs and the early stage of the live is unpaid, but it has never been recorded at the volume so far, it was only used for compensation for some already issued titles, but the sound is also bad No, it can be said that the mirrored sound source is too good and is buried. When recording, some processing is applied and some compensation is applied so as not to overdo it. It is a bonus to the last, but it may be that you are watching the same day performance from another angle.

Furthermore, as a limited bonus disc, as described above, Disc 0, which was recorded again in the 1st Gen version of the portion equivalent to Disc 1, is included!
The back jacket is not credited, but a mini card with tracks for Disc 0 is attached.
This is a remaster from the master, which is considered to be the Spider version of the net. There is also a version of JEMS that appeared a few years ago when I mentioned 1st Gen, but this Spider version is slightly better.

Regarding remastering, as mentioned earlier, this Disc0 complements the main Disc1, so the low and high frequencies are reinforced and the phase is corrected while the balance is emphasized. It is like this.
In addition, the CD start and the inter-track cut after playing “Rain Song” have been exquisitely compensated by flat transfer (the joints are not bothersome at all), and it is definitely a decision board that complements the Disc 1 part. If you listen to Disc0, Disc2 and 3, you will be able to watch the legendary ’75 Long Beach first day performance in the best condition.

Limited numbering included, with a sticker attached.
The CD label is a permanent version of the picture disc, a favorite version!

★Remastered from Mirrored Original Master Flat Transfer


近年のミラード音源にまつわる記憶を ザ ッ ク リ とたどると、2014年頃にDYLANの1978年から1979年にかけてのミラード1st Genが突如公開され話題になったあたりを皮切りに、2019年半ばからさまざまなアーチストのオリジナルマスター又は1st Genのいずれかによる初登場音源を含めた公開が活発化。
元々ZEPやFLOYD、STONES界隈ではお馴染みのミラード音源でしたが、近年の公開ではそれまで音源の存在自体が知られてなかったアーチストの音源(リンダやサバス、スージー・クアトロ等々)も公開されているのが驚きで、また公開にあたって新事実(処分されたと言われたマスターの存在 / ZEP’75.3.12ロンビー二日目は、定説となっていたミラード自身の遅刻ではなく、車椅子の協力者が遅刻した、等々)も明らかになっています。

今回は本命とも言えるZEPの登場、しかもミラードがZEPで最初に挑んだとされる’75年3月11日ロンビー初日の公開となった訳ですが、以前からZEPのミラード音源に関してはこの日に限らずさまざまなライブが音盤化済みなのはご存じでしょう。このロングビーチ公演初日に関しても今までに非常に多くのタイトルがあり、今回のバージョンを公開したJEMS自身も数年前には1st Gen(*但し低域がスカスカでくすんだ印象だった)バージョンを公開していました。
しかし、これで終わりと思いきや、さすがにそれはなく、dadgadバージョンから間髪入れずに本命のオリジナル・マスターからのflat transferが登場!いやーこれにて一件落着・・・と思いきや、またしてもそうでもなかった。まず今回のバージョンはオリジナルマスターからのデジタル化には違いなかったようなのですが、20年ほど前にオリジナル・カセットからDATへ落としたものだったようで、今回改めてデジタル化したものではないようです。加えて当時DATへ落とす際のカセットデッキが上位機種でもなかったようで、これも悔やまれますが、それにもまして惜しいのがDAT特有のノイズが散見されたこと。DAT特有のヘッドがずれると生じるようなジリジリとした微細なデジタル特有のノイズが「Over The Hills」出だしから「Rain Song」演奏後のカットアウト部まで終始生じていました。

よって、本盤ではflat transferの公開には感謝しつつも、そこから改めて丁寧なリマスターが施され、さらにライブ序盤のDisc1相当部については別途1st Genマスターからのリマスターバージョンもボーナス収録!いささかややこしい収録状態となりますが、これでロングビーチ初日公演は完璧なものとなるでしょう。

flat transferのリマスターとなるDisc1-3に関してはミラードマスターにおいて時に特有と言える(エディみたいなのは、極めてまれである)、スカスカした低域の補強を中心にEQバランス補正・位相の修正が行われており、間違いなく過去最強のバージョンとなっています。上述の「Over The Hills」出だしから「Rain Song」までのデジタル臭も違和感ないように可能な限り補正されています。また今回のflat transferバージョンでは「モビー」13:18付近(ドラムのトン・トン・トンのあたり)にて重複カットがありましたが、ここも本盤では丁寧にノーカット復旧がなされているのもポイント。ちなみに、dadgadバージョンでもこの箇所は一聴するとノーカット復旧がなされているように聞こえますが、実際は編集ミスで、同じフレーズ(ドラムのトン)がダブって収録されているというもの。
さらに本盤では曲間カット部数ヶ所がミラードとは別のSource2で丁寧に補填されており、元々今回登場のflat transferバージョン自体が曲間カット部前後が既発より確実に長くそれがアドバンテージでしたが、この補填によりAudとしては本盤が最長収録タイトルとなることでしょう。


さらに限定ボーナスディスクとして前述のとおりDisc1相当部分を改めて1st Genバージョンで収録したDisc 0を限定収録!
こちらはネットのSpiderバージョンとされるマスターからのリマスターで収録されています。1st Genというと先にも触れた数年前登場のJEMSのバージョンもあるわけですが、このSpiderバージョンの方が若干ながらベターでしょう。

またCD出だしや「Rain Song」演奏後の曲間カット部はflat transferで絶妙な補填処理がなされており(繋ぎ目は全く気になりません)、間違いなくDisc1部分を補完する決定盤となっており、Disc0、Disc2、3と聴けばベストの状態で伝説の’75年ロングビーチ初日公演が鑑賞できることとなるでしょう。


Disc 1 (56:04)
1. Introduction
2. Rock And Roll
3. Sick Again
4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. In My Time Of Dying
6. The Song Remains The Same
7. The Rain Song
8. Kashmir

Disc 2 (55:08)
1. MC
2. No Quarter
3. Trampled Underfoot
4. Moby Dick

Disc 3 (56:37)
1. MC
2. Dazed And Confused
3. Stairway To Heaven
4. Whole Lotta Love
5. The Crunge
6. Black Dog

★同日のSource 2 (Source2は不完全ながら現存する全てを初CD化)
Disc 4 (46:32)
1. No Quarter ★カットイン / 曲中カット一部ミラードで補填
2. Trampled Underfoot
3. Moby Dick ★カットアウト補填

Disc 5 (45:44)
1. MC
2. Dazed And Confused
3. Stairway To Heaven
4. Whole Lotta Love
5. The Crunge ★カットアウト

★Limited Bonus Disc (Disc 0と表記で最初に封入されています)
Mike The Mike: 1st Generation Master
1. Introduction
2. Rock And Roll
3. Sick Again
4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. In My Time Of Dying
6. The Song Remains The Same
7. The Rain Song
8. Kashmir


Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-311

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