Led Zeppelin / Live On Blueberry Hill Another Master / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Live On Blueberry Hill Another Master / 2CD / Non Label
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Live At The Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 4th September 1970 Plus Bonus CDR “Live At The Los Angeles Forum 9-4-70”

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Speaking of the masterpiece “LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL” that made the ZEP Live appealing to the world, LP that TMOQ originally released with the brand name BLIMP would apply. Speaking of the concert on the LA Forum held on September 4, 1970 that was put there, “LIVE AT THE LOS ANGELES FORUM 9-4-70” released by RUBBER DUBBER which was the source of the LP and was a rival label Another audience recording contained in the barely level was known among maniacs. Too much TMOQ / BLIMP source and the existence of LP was extraordinary. The fact that the concert of this day was confined for the first time in the CD was also the same sound source, so the sound quality is superior to the times.
So the circumstances that I thought TMOQ / BLIMP sauce and LP were common for a long time suddenly caused crustal movements in the 1990s. It appeared with the touch that “the sound source of that LP was actually stereo recording”. Besides the old MUD DOGS label, the item was created with the impact that the newly appearing Blueberry Hill sound source has audience recording of stereo sound quality not ever seen. It was an era when September 4th show was supposed to have only two kinds of sounds at this time, so this stereo sound source was advertised as a stereo upper version of TMOQ source.
However, what happens, when actually asking, the moment when the introduction of “Heartbreaker” began, the woman’s screaming not in the TMOQ source reverberate from the right channel. Thanks to her voice, mania quickly finds out that it is a separate source from the TMOQ source. Although it was easy to distinguish that it is quite another recording if it compares a little calmly, misunderstanding that it is a stereo version of the same sound source has passed all by just saying that blueberry hill day, so it is still too much It was a simple age.

In fact the third source only appeared, but there is a translation that this stereo sound source was misunderstood as TMOQ source. To say anything it was captured ZEP ‘s performance with a sound image that was lost by it. There should not be many sound sources close to that sound image so far … It seems that such thought gave rise to the misunderstanding that it is the stereo version of TMOQ source. However, in the 1990’s, even another stereo and audience recording was discovered, and the legendary Blueberry Hill show showed the fact that there are several high-quality sound sources.
The third sound source that pioneered such a different sound source, “source 3” will be compatible with this press release limited press release. Speaking of another stereo sound source on this day, the release from our store based on the Winston Remaster version is also a memorable new place, but compared with it the sound source of this time is more rich feeling of presence and clearness with spread will be a big appeal. It is more analog tick quality than the sound source which became the basis of Winston Remaster, and is not it also the appeal of source 3?
As for TMOQ source, the same taper as Rolling Stones’s “LIVE’R THAN YOU’LL EVER BE” became monophonic sound quality from the recording using AKG’s shotgun microphone at that time, and a unique recording with a low cheer level I state my state. Indeed it was a great merit to shotgun Mike’s recording in terms of being able to listen to the performance, but it was a fact that there was a scene that reflected the venue as if it were ludicrous.

On that point, the source 3 of this time captures the warmy presence that the Suite relationship between the LA Forum and ZEP began to be born, and the ZEP concert enthusiasm that began to swell in America has come to pass It will be attractive. Still it is not a balance that obstructs the performance, it is wonderful to hear it without stress.
Furthermore, the further appeal of source 3 is that there are almost no cuts that have been played. The sound source (“source 5”) that our shop released in the past including Winston Remaster versions in the past has entered a fatal cut that recording ends in the middle of “Bron-Yr-Aur” However, there is no such trouble here, you can listen to that acoustic piece with the same sound source.
Source 3 cuts in a few songs occurred in the first half of “Dazed and Confused”, but it seems that there is almost no sense of incongruity by carefully supplementing it with another source previously. By the same stereo recording, this time again as a source 5 that boasted a different quality, you should be able to enjoy comparing listening comprehension with another extreme sound quality. Both the realism of the sound source of this time and the power of the sound source there is a big appeal.
And this release, based on the version that appeared on the net titled “LOONEY’S BLUEBERRY HILL” recorded. Of course it is perfectly adjustable all the extreme descent of the pitch which was remarkable after ‘Moby Dick’ rather than applying extra equalization, of course, because it is sufficiently wonderful sound quality and condition. Items released in the past, especially those released since the beginning of the 21st century, were equalized, even if not excessive, in order to match the tsuji when combining with other sources. In that respect, the release in this natural state will also draw attention to maniacs all over the world. Although it is the same high-quality stereo / audience recording, there is no doubt that it will be fascinated by the superb sound quality that is different from Winston Remaster version!

ZEPライブの魅力を世に知らしめた傑作「LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL」と言えば、本来ならTMOQがBLIMPというブランド名を使ってリリースしたLPが当てはまるでしょう。そこに収められた1970年9月4日、LAフォーラムでのコンサートといえば、そのLPのソースであり、ライバル的レーベルだったRUBBER DUBBERがリリースした「LIVE AT THE LOS ANGELES FORUM 9-4-70」に収められた別のオーディエンス録音はかろうじてマニアの間で知られているというレベルでした。それほどまでにTMOQ/BLIMPソースやLPの存在が絶大だったということです。実際にこの日のコンサートが初めてCDに封じ込められたのも同音源だったのだから、その音質の良さは時代を超越したものがあります。
そうして長い間TMOQ/BLIMPソースやLPが当たり前だと思っていた状況は90年代に入って突如地殻変動を起こします。それは「あのLPの音源が実はステレオ録音だった」という触れ込みで登場したもの。懐かしのMUD DOGSレーベルを始めとして、新たに登場したブルーベリーヒル音源はそれまでにないステレオ音質のオーディエンス録音というインパクトでアイテムが作られたのです。この頃は9月4日のショーが二種類の音源しか存在しないと思い込まれていた時代ですので、このステレオ音源はTMOQソースのステレオ・アッパー版だと喧伝されてしまいました。

そんな別音源の先鞭をつけた第三の音源、つまり「source 3」が今週の限定プレスCDリリースと相成ります。この日の別ステレオ音源といえばWinston Remasterバージョンを元にした当店からのリリースも記憶に新しいところですが、それと比べて今回の音源はより豊かな臨場感と広がりのあるクリアネスが大きな魅力でしょう。Winston Remasterの元になった音源と比べてもよりアナログチックな音質であり、それもまたsource 3の魅力ではないでしょうか。
TMOQソースはローリング・ストーンズの「LIVE’R THAN YOU’LL EVER BE」と同じテーパーがその時と同じくAKGのショットガン・マイクを使って録音したことからモノラル音質となり、しかも歓声レベルの低い独特な録音状態を身上としています。確かに演奏を聞き込めるという点において、ショットガン・マイクでの収録には大きなメリットがあった訳ですが、そのせいで会場がしんみりとしているように映ってしまう場面があったのは事実。

その点、今回のsource 3はLAフォーラムとZEPのスイートな関係が生まれ始めたウォーミーな臨場感を見事に捉えており、何よりもアメリカでの人気が膨らみ始めたZEPコンサートの熱狂が伝わってくるのが魅力でしょう。それでいて演奏を遮るほどのバランスではなく、ストレスなく聞き込めてしまうところが素晴らしい。
さらにsource 3のさらなる魅力は演奏に及んでしまったカットがほとんど無いということも挙げられるでしょう。当店が過去にWinston Remasterバージョンを含めて二度に渡ってリリースした音源(「source 5」)には「Bron-Yr-Aur」の途中で録音が終わってしまうという致命的なカットが入ってしまいましたが、こちらにはそのようなトラブルはなく、あのアコースティックな小品を同一音源で聞き通せるのです。
source 3の数少ない曲中カットは「Dazed and Confused」の前半に起きていますが、先の別ソースにて、しかも丁寧に補填してみせたことによって違和感を覚えることはほとんどないかと思われます。同じステレオ録音による、これまた当時としては別格なクオリティを誇ったsource 5とはまた違う極上音質の聞き比べも楽しめるはず。今回の音源の臨場感と、そちらの音源の迫力のどちらもが大きな魅力だからです。
そして今回のリリースに当たっては、「LOONEY’S BLUEBERRY HILL」というタイトルでネット上に現れたバージョンを元に収録。十分に素晴らしい音質や状態ですので、もちろん余計なイコライズは施さず、むしろ「Moby Dick」以降で顕著だった、ピッチの極端な下降をすべて完璧にアジャスト。過去にリリースされたアイテム、特に21世紀に入ってからリリースされたアイテムは他のソースと組み合わせる際の辻褄を合わせるべく、過剰でなくともイコライズが大なり小なりと施されていたものです。その点において、今回のナチュラルな状態でのリリースも世界中のマニアに注目を浴びることでしょう。同じ高音質ステレオ・オーディエンス録音でありながらも、Winston Remasterバージョンとはまった違った極上音質に聞き惚れること間違いなし!

Disc 1 (71:11)
1. Introduction 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Dazed and Confused 5. Bring It On Home
6. That’s The Way 7. Bron-Yr-Aur 8. Since I’ve Been Loving You 9. Organ Solo 10. Thank You

Disc 2 (60:30)
1. What Is and What Should Never Be 2. Moby Dick 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Communication Breakdown
5. Out On The Tiles 6. Blueberry Hill

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