Led Zeppelin / Live From England 1972 / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Live From England 1972 / 3CD /Graf Zeppelin Records

Live at The Dome, Brighton, England 20th December 1972

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1972 end of November from December 16 from the UK tour in early ’73 Birmingham performances and the title was recorded in high-quality audience record the 20th Brighton performances appeared after a long time. The the 16th Birmingham performances recorded songs on the disc 1-2, early in the live for the 20th Brighton concert, recorded the final stage for about 52 minutes to disk 3. Package without leaking the sound source can be confirmed in the best state, respectively at the moment. Since its first appearance been recorded coupling to 3CD titled around 2003 “SWEET BRUMMY ROLL” Both performances, it has not been for some reason released any despite each good enough sound quality, in recent years, it continues to be difficult state available can to, I think also the many people who had been waiting for the latest release of these live. Both days this title using the good mono audience recording of already issued the same sound source. Is in both performance between the traders, while the sound source There are different master of distribution channels, applause, such as crackling of the audience is part of the master, microphone but we have also circulated that was intentionally deleted and noise impinging on things , this time employing the best sound in which current flows that are not of such a process. The 16th Birmingham performances cut of Rock And Roll onset, sound out in the Rain Song, a slight disturbance of the tape pitch of the three points of the cut in Dazed and Confused, also in Stairway To Heaven, such as overall hiss already departure is the same (Whole Lotta Love the way from the same as its outstanding even the hiss has been reduced), but the noise reduction processing, such as compromising the freshness, natural feeling of the master to avoid, also had significant shift in its outstanding on CD review the balance of left and right. Performance compared to the already issued quite was left side, sound that was localized To heavily in the center Rashiku monaural recording listen Gotae enough. Overall sound pressure is compared to the slightly higher of its outstanding, for the mastering of this title is dynamic range emphasis, suddenly heard the sound is a conservative, but the minute, it is not tired for a long time of viewing, exactly ideal in the natural It has become a sound. The 20th Brighton performances, but is a pity that not all songs recording, captured by the closer the performance compared to the Birmingham performance, pretty good sound. We kept to the minimum necessary modification, CD of in terms of a review mainly localization. It should be noted, very Although it is the minimum story, but in this title contains the kind of microphone noise in the vicinity of the Black Dog CD time 1:14, the place (about 0.85 seconds) in the already issued on another point in the ( in the back) from the microphone noise for about 10 seconds it seems to be tailoring without replacement noise. However, this is the minute to appreciate normally does not know I might not be a point to be worried about, in the sense to say that faithfully to record the actual live street, this title has become something Moabeta. Ideally package the fan must-have-permanent title in 1972 Birmingham performances and Brighton performances release determined by a limited 3-Disc Press CD!

1972年11月末から73年初頭の英国ツアーより12月16日バーミンガム公演と20日ブライトン公演を高音質オーディエンス録音にて収録したタイトルが久々に登場。16日バーミンガム公演をディスク1~2に全曲収録し、20日ブライトン公演についてはライブの序盤、終盤をディスク3に約52分程収録。現時点で確認できる音源をそれぞれベストな状態で漏らさずパッケージ。両公演とも2003年頃「SWEET BRUMMY ROLL」という3CDタイトルにカップリング収録され初登場して以来、それぞれ十分良好な音質にも関わらず何故か一切リリースされておらず、近年は入手困難な状態が続いていただけに、これらのライブの最新リリースを待ち望んでいた方々も多いのではないでしょうか。今回のタイトルは両日とも既発と同音源の良好なモノラル・オーディエンス録音を使用。トレーダー間には両公演ともに、同音源ながら流通経路の異なるマスターが存在し、一部のマスターでは観客のパチパチといった拍手、マイクが物に当たるノイズなどを意図的に削除したものも流通していますが、今回はそのような処理のされていない現在流通する中でベストな音源を採用。16日バーミンガム公演はRock And Roll出だしのカット、Rain Songでの音切れ、Dazed and Confusedでの3か所のカット、またStairway To Heavenでのテープピッチの若干の乱れ、全体的なヒスノイズなどは既発同様(Whole Lotta Love途中からヒスノイズが軽減されているのも既発と同じ)ですが、マスターの鮮度・ナチュラル感を損なうようなノイズ・リダクション処理は避け、また既発で大幅にずれていた左右のバランスを見直しCD化。演奏がかなり左寄りだった既発に比べ、モノラル録音らしくセンターにずっしりと定位したサウンドは聞きごたえ十分。全体的に音圧が若干高めな既発に比べ、本タイトルはダイナミックレンジ重視のマスタリングのため、ぱっと聞きのサウンドは控え目ですが、その分、長時間の鑑賞でも疲れない、まさにナチュラルで理想的なサウンドになっています。20日ブライトン公演は、全曲収録でないのは残念ですが、バーミンガム公演に比べ演奏をより近くで捉えた、かなり良好なサウンド。こちらも必要最小限の修正にとどめ、主に定位を見直したうえでCD化。なお、非常にミニマムな話ですが、今回のタイトルではBlack Dog CDタイム1:14付近にてマイクノイズのようなものが入りますが、既発ではその個所(約0.85秒)を別の箇所(マイクノイズから10秒ほど後ろ)で差し替えノイズなしに仕立てているようです。もっとも、これは普通に鑑賞する分には気になる点ではないのかも知れませんが、実際のライブ通りに忠実に収録すると言う意味では、本タイトルはモアベターなものになっています。1972年バーミンガム公演とブライトン公演を理想的にパッケージしたファン必携・永久保存タイトルが限定3枚組プレスCDにてリリース決定です!

Live at Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, England 16th December 1972

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Rock And Roll 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. Black Dog 5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. Dancing Days 8. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
9. The Song Remains The Same 10. The Rain Song

Disc 2
1. Mc 2. Dazed And Confused 3. Stairway To Heaven 4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Heartbreaker

Live at The Dome, Brighton, England 20th December 1972

1. Mc 2. Black Dog 3. Misty Mountain Hop 4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Whole Lotta Love 6. Heartbreaker

Graf Zeppelin/LZSC-012A/B/C

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