Led Zeppelin / Listen To This Eddie Mike Millard Master Tapes / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Listen To This Eddie Mike Millard Master Tapes / 3CD / Non Label
The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 21st June 1977

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Mike Millard’s sound source, which JEMS has been releasing every Sunday since the beginning of this year, really keeps enthusiasts excited. However, a huge number of audience recordings are left behind, and the tendency of JEMS is that it has the impression that the sound source that surprises “Millard also recorded such an artist” is stored first. .. The best examples are Suzi Quatro and Return to Forever. Therefore, everyone was wondering if the recordings of Led Zeppelin, which enthusiasts all over the world would have been waiting for, would be postponed.
However, enthusiasts from all over the world were surprised at the release last Sunday. Yes, because the master tape sound source of the LA Forum performance on June 21, 1977, which is the gold standard in ZEP audience recording and the prestigious masterpiece of mirrored recording, has been uploaded easily. In a good way, it can be said that I was struck by the shoulder. Everyone thought that it would be someday after the series of releases by JEMS started, but it would appear so easily.

Last Sunday, as usual, the mirrored master was uploaded on dime. Of course, there will be many people who were gladly dropped. However, this is not straightforward. Since the opening “The Song Remains The Same” has been officially released by Yori, it has been deleted here. Even though it was released, it was only used in the back of the “DVD” menu screen, so even though it was Eddie’s day, that rare masterpiece and shocking opening number was cut? That would ruin the master release. I think there were many enthusiasts who were weakened that they would respect the dime rules so much that they would cut at the level that was only “DVD” BGM.
Fortunately, JEMS was not stupid. It’s a smart idea to incorporate “encryption” (and surprisingly easy to understand lol) in the attached text, which has become a hot topic on the Internet, and upload the full version on another site. That’s right, it’s impossible for Eddie’s day master and legendary Kirekire Bonzo to release “The Song Remains The Same” as a cut.

Therefore, there will be many people who noticed it after dropping it with dime and dropped it at another place. Of course, this limited press CD is based on the complete version obtained from it. However, it is not straightforward here again. As was the case on the first day of Long Beach, JEMS tends to overdo it when it comes to mirrored ZEP recordings. This time as well, two versions were uploaded as a set. However, it seems that the remastering at the time of long beach seems to be “extra care” worldwide (laugh), this time there is no difference in sound quality between the flat master and the remaster, and it can only be felt as a difference in volume level. .. Therefore, the latter is adopted this time.
It was still good if this was all, but JEMS is doing it again. It takes extra care of cutting all the whistling that rang near the mirrored between songs, or relaxing by equalizing. Sure, it has nothing to do with playing, but isn’t this Millard’s masterpiece? If you become the master, everyone wants to have it as it is. Even so, JEMS did it.
Therefore, with this release, we thoroughly cut a wide range of whistling with the latest “LISTEN TO THIS, EDDIE” (let’s call it “purple jacket”), which was released up to the 2nd Press with a reputation as the highest ever. Adjusted. Moreover, not only was it compensated, but the sound quality was also adjusted before compensating, so even if you listen while looking at the compensation points described in another section, you should not feel any discomfort. It is said that it was JEMS’s processing that could ruin it even though it was unique to the master that there was a part that appeared for the first time between some songs.

Although it was released in such a state with a lot of rushing points, the upper feeling unique to the recording from the master that was finally realized is really vivid. In the case of Eddie’s day, not just from the master, the version that was going around so far was a copy via VHS, even if it was low generation, and Dolby was on there. However, the master is in a state where it is off, so the freshness and clearness are completely different. When I hear the sound from the master this time, even the latest “purple jacket” looks like a mokomoko. The upper feeling is overwhelmingly wonderful so that even the expression “natural” sounds lukewarm.
Most of the mirrored sound sources that had been on the market among traders until now were low-gene copies via VHS, but those were traded by a certain taper from Millard in his later years. By this time, Millard was quite biased, and it is said that he had VHS drop it from his own first generation for backup rather than copying from the master.
It was the base of the items that were branched and released under the name of SIRA’s Rose Eddie, Stamp Eddie, and many more “LISTEN TO THIS, EDDIE”. The master tape of Eddie’s day, which enthusiasts have been waiting for, is finally revealed. Whether it’s RSR, BOX TOP, LP or CD, this is the ultimate upper version that will wipe out past items without complaint. Therefore, it is certain that this version will be released from many labels. However, despite the shock of the master’s release, this release should be the only one that has been able to precisely repair the intervals between songs that have been changed by the “extra care” edit. In 2020, Mike Millard’s masterpiece and ZEP 1977’s best performance was finally heard from the master. Come on, one for each family!


先週の日曜日はいつものようにdimeでミラード・マスターがアップロードされています。当然、喜び勇んで落とされた方も多数おられることでしょう。ところが、これが一筋縄ではいかない。よりによってオープニングの「The Song Remains The Same」がオフィシャルでリリースされていることから、ここでは削除しています、とのこと。リリースと言ってもあの「DVD」メニュー画面のバックで使われた程度であり、そのせいでエディの日なのに、あの稀代の名演かつ衝撃のオープニング・ナンバーをカットだと?それじゃせっかくのマスター公開も台無し。たかが「DVD」BGMだったレベルでカットするだなんて、そこまでdimeルールを尊重するとは…と脱力したマニアも多かったのでは。
ところが幸いにもJEMSは愚かではなかった。ネット上でも話題になった、付属のテキストの中に「暗号」を(しかも意外なほど解りやすく笑)組み込み、別のサイトで完全版をアップするという粋な計らい。そうですよね、エディの日のマスターで伝説のキレキレ・ボンゾがぶっ放す「The Song Remains The Same」がカットだなんてありえない。

そこで今回のリリースに際し、過去最高との定評を得て2nd Pressまでリリースされた最新「LISTEN TO THIS, EDDIE」(「紫ジャケ」とでも称しましょうか)にて、多岐に及ぶ口笛カットを徹底的にアジャスト。しかもただ補填するだけでなく、音質も調整した上で補填しましたので、もし別項に記した補填個所を見ながら聞いたとしても、まるで違和感がないはず。せっかくいくつかの曲間で初登場の個所があったのもマスターならではなのに、それを台無しにしかねないJEMSの処理だったという。

それが枝分かれしてSIRAのバラ・エディーにスタンプ・エディー、さらに多くの「LISTEN TO THIS, EDDIE」の名のもとにリリースされていたアイテムのベースとなっていたのでした。ようやくマニアが待ち望んだエディの日のマスターテープが明らかに。これはRSRだろうがBOX TOPだろうが、LPだろうがCDだろうが、文句なしに過去のアイテムを一掃させる究極のアッパー版。それだけに今回のバージョンは多くのレーベルからリリースされるのも確定でしょう。だがしかし、マスターの公開という衝撃の一方で例の「余計なお世話」エディットで変えられてしまった曲間まで緻密に補修してみせたのはこのリリースだけなはず。2020年、遂にマイク・ミラードの最高傑作かつZEP1977年の最高の名演がマスターから聞けるようになったのです。さあさあ、一家に一枚!


Disc 1 (70:10)
1. Intro ●当店2019年末リリースの既発「Listen To This, Eddie」(最長版)より約2秒長く音も良いのが偉い。
2. The Song Remains The Same
3. Sick Again
4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Since I’ve Been Loving Yo
7. No Quarter

Disc 2 (52:42)
1. MC
2. Ten Years Gone ● 5:12 – 5:25 ソース3で補填されている。既発より補填が10秒短く、★★その部分は初出の音源。
3. The Battle Of Evermore
4. Going To California
5. Black Country Woman
6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
7. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
8. Kashmir ●最後は瞬間フェードアウト

Disc 3 (74:47)
1. MC ●0:00 – 0:12 既発補填。
2. Over The Top
3. Heartbreaker
4. Guitar Solo
5. Achilles Last Stand ●9:23 – 9:27欠落していたので補填。9:27の異音は元から。
6. Stairway To Heaven ●12:35 – 12:40 ソース3イコライズして補填。既発より補填が5秒短く、★★その部分は初出の音源。
7. Whole Lotta Love
8. Rock And Roll ●アウトロが2秒程度短かったので、その手前から違和感なく補填。

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