Led Zeppelin / La Promenade / 3CD WX OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / La Promenade / 3CD WX OBI Strip / Wendy Label

Translated Text:
Earl’s Court Arena London UK, May 17, 1975. Digitally Remastered



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Past the longest recording from opening announcement to ending
And mastering an emphasis on natural of the First generator source. We will deliver the best sound quality.

Latest work WENDY label, May 17, 1975, will be the first day of the Earls Court five consecutive performances. Speaking of Earl’s Court, a famous both days of the 24th and 25th video exists, actually, but there also many a collector’s item about this two days, the other three performances also pretty good quality as the audience recording of the time thing exists. And also it has been recorded at the highest quality first day 17th recorded in this work.

I met with really long time in the UK triumphal concert, sold out in an instant ticket of this Earls Court performances. Native triumphal tour was scheduled for only the first three days, suddenly announced additional performances, as you know of was supposed to be carried out all five times. This work, just the first day of its historical continuous performances, has been full inclusion in the high-quality audience recording. Opening by each time a different moderator, this day is Bobuharisu. Sufficiently I think rehearsal and a sound check was made but, truly begins in There is only the first day of confusion, Jimmy’s guitar in the “rock ‘n’ roll” will be in trouble, such as occasionally it turned off. But such is felt momentum that does not even mono trouble, has become a worthy enthusiasm of concert beginning of such continuous performances.

What is used in this work, which was billed as the DAT clone of first-generation tape, with respect to its original material, excessive equalizing does not, emphasizing the freshness of as much as possible raw, natural sound a it has turned into as it is CD. Of course in addition to the minimum of the volume control, the pitch adjustment has been strictly carried out, while a sound source 40 years ago, has been recorded in digitized great sound quality with the latest technology. If of course speaking from modern standards, but still I must be 40 years before the audience recording, while its outstanding board had things the aging of the original material by the sound processing, this work is based on material itself In the generation of freshness or would place such as game. Of course There is only first-generation master, even compared with its outstanding board, not sound quality only, to also included terms of content, making it the longest past.

When the end of the war to become the 2015 of gyokuon-hōsō of acetate disc has been released by the Imperial Household Agency is digitized. Gyokuon-hōsō that was able to listen until now, when you make a copy at the request of the GHQ, and those NHK officials and to their minute, has become even more is what was copied from the original, the generation manner passing through several generations was. Also had been used at the beginning of the way the movie “Tokyo Trial”, this is the sound source. However, this time, the sound source that has been digitized from the newly master, although what stands out acetate specific Hari-on, in terms such as freshness of the sound, its much not be compared to the conventional ones voice of His Majesty is vividly, recorded great sound quality also is felt until the space of the room to have. Very difference in freshness could those reflected vividly. Even considering the Hari-on and noise, it is because the difference in the freshness of the sound, and appears as the difference between the definitive sound quality, again and strongly feel the feeling that is not easily elusive in the category of sound processing below.

Also this work, you can either reduce the processing some of the noise, or, to take the freshness of precious First Generation master, but either was faced with the choice of whether to priority, still here give priority to freshness , vividly, a spread, and finished the sound quality to be also referred to as a decision board that was recorded the very best even the “sense of air” of venue did not feel quite at its outstanding board. Earls Court the first day of the British Arc de five consecutive performances of May 1975, to complete recording of the live of May 17. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.







01. Introduction
02. Rock And Roll
03. Sick Again
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. In My Time Of Dying
06. The Song Remains The Same
07. The Rain Song
08. Kashmir
09. No Quarter

01. Tangerine
02. Going To California
03. That’s The Way
04. Bron Yr Aur Stomp
05. Trampled Underfoot
06. Moby Dick

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Black Dog
Wendy. WECD-246/247/248

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