Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1977 The First 2nd Press / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1977 The First 2nd Press / 3CD / Non Label

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The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA 21st June 1977 BEST SOUND EVER

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Led Zeppelin The LA forum on June 21, 1977. I do not need explanation other than this. We have released sound sources of this day several times, but we record Sold Out each time. Even without having the title “LISTEN TO EDDIE” anymore, it will easily become popular easily. Also, as the title has become Sold Out for various June 21 days that our shop has released, the voices that wish for their recurrence are not stopped at all. On the contrary “Because it is such a super-classic ZEP live, I want you to recur more …”. The treasure of the ZEP live tone generator that has established a firm position so far. The legendary taper, Mike Millard the most loved, the group that gave all his energy to recording is ZEP. The highest masterpiece of audience recording that I caught ZEP live that he left behind.
At the same time, it is also a great point of this sound source that the 1977 ZEP aimed at the achievement of the stage sound which it was aiming for. In the 77 years of ZEP who gradually improved their condition, such as Destroyer, Randover, Fort Worth, and MSG, they listened to the best performances in their sanctuary called LA Forum. As a matter of fact, there is no disagreement that it is a masterpiece during the performance whose June 21st will enter the best 3 on the 77th tour even though there are individual preferences. After all the bonzo of this day has blown off the drum frightening …. There is no day to reach this area in the live in April and even July after the LA schedule there is no day to reach this area.
The intense chemistry that occurred at the moment when the tour began in April and it reached the venue where ZEP originally loved to play. Moreover, it was a literal ‘chemistry’, but … Bonzo’s flying play of this day in several songs from the opening has a feeling of being exhausted, but intense drumming that is overwhelmed every time he plays back. On the contrary, Bonzo shows a strong presence in the full story of “No Quarter”. There is no one who disputes that the protagonist of this day is Bonzo!

Although the degree of ‘chemistry’ escalated in this way is also the feature of LA performance, still the atmosphere of June 21 is different. It would be a release from our shop “LOS ANGELES 1977 1ST NIGHT” that showed Mirard recording that I vacuum-packed it to a magnificent, with further limited press CD. Although it is a state that is very natural and convinced of the low generation of the generation, it is a definite version supplementing the cut caused by the tape change in “Ten Years Gone” which was a drawback of Millard recording by another source. In the “LISTEN TO EDDIE” item which has been put out as many as the number of stars anymore, it is also a title that I dare released without using that title.
As it was Sold Out, as we waited for the release again, our shop got copies of the new state Millard master. Also our shop staff also got initially acquired as “LOS ANGELES 1977 1ST NIGHT” … with hawks … but when I tried playing it, I found it fresh and its natural sound thickness I was overwhelmed by the goodness of the state that lightly surpassed. Not only on June 21, ZEP sounds left by Millard are different from audiences recordings he made at Floyd and Dylan, with less diffusion at the master / copy level. It was a phenomenon that occurred only because he had excellent recording techniques at the same time, as well as having himself as having an unbalanced nature. Then, even with copies of the same low generation level, differences in sound quality are born depending on the equipment used etc. Among them, Millard preferred to use Dolby NR on / off differently, thereby favoring a state in which the treble is stretched. Due to that, branching from subsequent copies tends to cause a change in sound quality in a different meaning from deterioration. In that respect, the sound quality quality of the copy obtained this time is said to be different.
Of course, this time also the defective part of “Ten Years Gone” is compensated by another sound source familiar. Besides those who waited for the recurrence of items on June 21 th from our long-awaited Sold Out, we also wanted to listen to items of this day from now on, or even for maniacs who want to have it There is no mistake there. Do not miss the press release of this limited release by all means as the latest item of the new “LISTEN TO EDDIE” item from our store which appeared full, or the performance of June 21 LA Forum performances which is a nominating performance!

★ Fans worldwide acknowledged “Eddie’s Best Version”. A long-awaited second press press has arrived.

★ This time Jake photos use the Diff shot Jimmy is somewhat pointing to the right.

レッド・ツェッペリン1977年6月21日のLAフォーラム。これ以外に説明はいらないでしょう。当店もこの日の音源を何度かリリースしてまいりましたが、その都度Sold Outを記録。もはや「LISTEN TO EDDIE」というタイトルを冠さなくとも、たやすく人気を博してしまう。それに当店がリリースしてきた各種6月21日にタイトルがSold Outになって久しく、それらの再発を望む声がまったく途絶えません。それどころか「あれほどの超定番ZEPライブなのだから、もっと再発して欲しい…」。これほどまでに確固たる地位を築いたZEPライブ音源の至宝。伝説のテーパー、マイク・ミラードがもっとも愛し、録音に全精力を捧げたグループがZEP。そんな彼が遺したZEPライブをキャッチしてみせたオーディエンス録音の最高傑作。
4月から始まったツアー、それに元々ZEPがプレイすることをこよなく愛した会場に到達した瞬間に起こった強烈なケミストリー。しかもそれは文字通りの「ケミストリー」でもあった訳ですが…。オープニングから数曲における、この日のボンゾのぶっ飛びプレイは語り尽された感がありますが、それでもなおプレイバックする度に打ちのめされる強烈なドラミング。それどころか「No Quarter」の全編でも強烈な存在感を示すボンゾ。この日の主役がボンゾであることに異論をはさむ者はだれもいない!

こうして「ケミストリー」の度合いがエスカレートしたのもLA公演の特色ではありますが、それでも6月21日の雰囲気というのは別格。それを見事なまでに真空パックしてみせたミラード録音を、さらに限定のプレスCDにて封じ込めてみせたのが、当店からのリリース「LOS ANGELES 1977 1ST NIGHT」でしょう。非常にナチュラルでジェネレーションの低さを確信させる状態でありながら、ミラード録音の欠点であった「Ten Years Gone」におけるテープ・チェンジで起きたカットを別ソースで補填した決定版。もはや星の数ほど出され続けてきた「LISTEN TO EDDIE」アイテムの中においても、敢えてそのタイトルを使わずにリリースしてみせたタイトルでもあります。
それがSold Outしてしまったことから、再度のリリースが待望される中、当店は新たな状態のミラード・マスターのコピーを入手。当店スタッフも入手当初は「LOS ANGELES 1977 1ST NIGHT」と大差ないのでは…とタカをくくっていたのですが、いざ再生してみたところ、その鮮度の高さや自然な音の厚みなど、それを軽く凌いだ状態の良さに圧倒されてしまいました。6月21日だけでなく、ミラードが遺したZEP音源はフロイドやディランで彼が生み出した各種オーディエンス録音と違い、マスター・コピーというレベルでの拡散が少ない。それは一重に、卓越した録音テクニックを持っていたと同時に、偏屈さを持ち合わせていた彼だからこそ起きた現象でもあったのです。そうなると、同じようなロージェネレーション・レベルのコピーでも、使用機材などによって音質の差異が生まれてしまう。中でもミラードはドルビーNRのオン・オフを使い分けることを好み、それによって高音が伸びる状態を好んでいた。そのせいで以降のコピーからの枝分かれで劣化とは違った意味での音質変化が生じやすい。その点において、今回入手したコピーの音質クオリティは別格と言えるのです。
もちろん今回も「Ten Years Gone」の欠損部分に関してはおなじみの別音源にて補填しています。それにSold Outとなってしまって久しい当店からの6月21日アイテムの再発を待っておられた方だけでなく、今からこの日のアイテムを聴きたい、あるいは持っていたいマニアにとっても絶好のタイトルであることは間違いありません。満を持して登場した当店から新たなる「LISTEN TO EDDIE」アイテム、あるいは名演中の名演たる6月21日LAフォーラム公演の最新アイテムとして、是非とも今回の限定のプレスCDリリースをお見逃しなく!




Disc 1 (70:01)
1. Intro 2. The Song Remains The Same 3. Sick Again 4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
5. Over The Hills And Far Away 6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. No Quarter

Disc 2 (52:42)
1. MC 2. Ten Years Gone 3. The Battle Of Evermore 4. Going To California
5. Black Country Woman 6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 7. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
8. Kashmir

Disc 3 (74:47)
1. MC 2. Over The Top 3. Heartbreaker 4. Guitar Solo 5. Achilles Last Stand
6. Stairway To Heaven 7. Whole Lotta Love 8. Rock And Roll

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