Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1977 4th Night Definitive Millard Master / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1977 4th Night Definitive Millard Master / 3CD /Non Label

The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA 25th June 1977


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Speaking of Led Zeppelin’s 1977 LA performance, it seems that Eddie’s first day, the third day of the badge holder, and the last day have a strong impression that they are three major performances and great sound sources, but other performances are also wonderful. In addition, there are many things with great sound quality. It is great that the legendary taper, Mike Millard, recorded most of the LA performances, but the 1977 LA sound source he left behind was released as a first generation by JEMS on the net. The released version was released in 2015 in the so-called “Red Jake” series.
After that, upper versions of “THE FIRST” and “THE LAST”, which received high praise among enthusiasts due to the better condition of the tape on the first and last days than the JEMS version, appeared. Among them, the former was the best version, which was highly praised as the definitive edition and became the basis of last year’s release edition Eddie which became a great best seller. The sound source collector who provided the best copy of the mirrored sound source in “THE FIRST” and “THE LAST” provided the best version of the performance on June 25 this time.

Speaking of the LA forum on June 25, the famous red jacket series “ LOS ANGELES 1977 4TH NIGHT ” was released 5 years ago, and it was so popular that it was sold out at the reservation stage, The re-release request has been received since that time. Five years later, a copy of the upper version that finally surpasses the red jacket will appear.
ミ ラ ー The mirrored sound source of JEMS that appeared at that time, but all were the version with the proviso “unmarked 1st gen”. In other words, the phrase “No evidence but first generation.” Above all, the version recorded in “LOS ANGELES 1977 4TH NIGHT” has a texture as if it was skinned throughout, and it is “unmarked” among severe enthusiasts, so the voice “1st gen?” Is. Nevertheless, it was also the day when the item “Korezo” did not exist originally, and as a result, the red jacket was reigning in the best position.
ど う However, the version provided by the collector this time was in a state where the sound quality was much clearer than the JEMS version of “LOS ANGELES 1977 4TH NIGHT”. Of course, it is a different dimension from the unnaturalness that changed the sound quality with equalization, and above all, the unnaturalness that covered that thin skin was clear at a stretch and the upper feeling was vivid. Clearness that seems to be mirrored recording can be felt from the sound source on June 25. That’s what Eddie and the last day can hear!

ま In addition, this version doesn’t just improve sound quality. The position of the cut caused by stopping the recorder when the mirror changes tape is almost the same as that of the red jacket record “ unmarked 1st gen ”, but the recording time when recording is resumed is longer than that of the red jacket record It is clearly long. The most remarkable one is after the end of “Since I’ve Been Loving You”. The cut is made here, but when the recording is resumed, a nearby man shouts “Jimmy!” And the surrounding woman shouts “Please!” A scene close to 10 seconds is heard in “unmarked 1st gen” What did not.
In the latter half of the live, there are also two scenes where the conventional cuts are recorded for a long time, but even in those cases, the conversation of the surrounding audience continues, so the sound of the site is definitely recorded for a long time It is clear that it is. If you look ahead to this version’s stunning upper sensation, you will notice that the JEMS version five years ago was just an “unmarked” copy.

And it’s June 25th, when the content of the performance is not talked about compared to Eddie and badge holder, but why isn’t this day also outstanding? Originally known among enthusiasts as a day when the plant is in great condition, the ending of “In My Time Of Dying” and the day was Saturday, so Little Richard “Rip It Up” It’s a scene reminiscent of the old rock medley, with the plant singing “Well it’s Saturday night and I just got paid”.
の Whether the previous day was a break during the LA concert, the other day was also a success, and the other songs also show the strong performance of the plant. Is “Going To California” the best during the tour? He sings so wonderfully. It is the LA performance of 1977 where Bonzo’s rampage is impressive with Eddy as the lead, but in fact it is the charm that Paige plays the best feeling on this day.
ペ イ Paige, who has been on track with “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, will reach its first peak in the next “No Quarter”. In particular, playing around 20 minutes is the best scene, it is interesting that the atmosphere is completely different from the same song on Eddie where Bonzo’s presence was overwhelming.
However, it seems to be the page of ’77 that I tried to play that part that I couldn’t always play neatly in “Ten Years Gone” than usual. However, it is wonderful to play it in the latter half of the song just to make up for it, and in terms of his guitar play feeling inspiration, it is the second level on Landover’s last day.

On the other hand, Bonzo is not in the sharp mode like the time of Eddie and badge holder, but instead it appears in the play with the balance of the stout groove like ZEP in 1977 and the salty plum with a good sense of sharpness in LA 77. Charm. Although it is certainly not as flashy as Eddie, it is clear that this is more like the original 77 years.
That’s how it sounds, so if you think that LA mode explosion play was fully opened in “Achilles Last Stand”, the next “Stairway To Heaven” will be supporting your performance as much as other days. In other words, it is Bonzo of this day that can be adjusted quickly.
And the pattern of “ Trampled Underfoot ” after “ Kashmir ” that tasted from the badge holder day, “ Whole Lotta Love ” medley to “ Communication Breakdown ” instead of “ Rock And Roll ” There are plenty of special scenes unique to the day. It was a day when it was difficult to convey the charm due to the sound quality that was not one step clear while recording with mirror recording, but the appearance of this version will reconfirm that this day was also a great performance. This upper feeling is amazing!

その後、初日と最終日に関してはJEMSのバージョンよりもテープの状態が良かったことでマニアの間で高い評価を受けた「THE FIRST」と「THE LAST」というアッパー版が登場。中でも前者は決定版として激賞され、大ベストセラーとなった昨年リリース版エディーの元にもなったほどのベスト・バージョンでした。そんな「THE FIRST」と「THE LAST」でミラード音源のベスト・コピーを提供してくれた音源コレクターが今回は6月25日の公演のベスト・バージョンを提供してくれたのです。

6月25日のLAフォーラムといえば、正に赤ジャケ・シリーズの名盤「LOS ANGELES 1977 4TH NIGHT」を5年前にリリース、しかも予約段階で売り切れたほどの人気を博していましたので、再リリースのリクエストはその時点から寄せられていたもの。あれから5年、遂に赤ジャケを余裕で凌いでしまうほどのアッパー版コピーが登場するのです。
あの時に現れたJEMSのミラード音源ですが、どれも「unmarked 1st gen」という但し付きのバージョンでした。つまり「証拠はないけどファースト・ジェネレーション」という言い回し。中でも「LOS ANGELES 1977 4TH NIGHT」に収録されたバージョンは全体を通して薄皮を被ったかのような質感があり、厳しいマニアの間では「unmarked」なのだから、ホントに「1st genなの?」という声が飛んだのです。とはいえ、元々「これぞ」というアイテムが存在しなかった日でもありますので、結果的には赤ジャケがベストの座に君臨することになりました。
ところがどうでしょう、今回コレクターから提供されたバージョンは「LOS ANGELES 1977 4TH NIGHT」のJEMSバージョンよりもはるかにクリアな音質を誇る状態だったのです。もちろんそれはイコライズで音質を変えたような不自然さとは次元の違うものであり、何よりあの薄皮を被ったような不自然さが一気に晴れたアッパー感は鮮烈。正にミラード録音らしいクリアネスが6月25日の音源からも感じられるようになった。それこそエディーや最終日に比肩しうるクオリティで聞けるようになったのです!

おまけに今回のバージョンは単に音質が向上しただけではありません。ミラードがテープチェンジに際にレコーダーを止めて生じるカットの位置は赤ジャケ盤こと「unmarked 1st gen」の時とほとんど変わらないのですが、録音が再開された際の収録時間が赤ジャケ盤よりもはっきり長いのです。中でも顕著なのが「Since I’ve Been Loving You」終演後。ここでカットが入るのですが、録音が再開された際、近くの男性が「ジミー!」と叫び、周囲の女性が「プリーズ!」と叫ぶ10秒近い場面は「unmarked 1st gen」では聞かれなかったもの。

そしてエディーやバッジホルダーと比べて演奏内容が語られることの少ない6月25日ですが、いやいやどうして、この日も抜群ではないですか。元々マニアの間でこの日はプラントが絶好調な日として知られており、その極め付けが「In My Time Of Dying」のエンディングにおいて、この日が土曜日であったことからリトル・リチャード「Rip It Up」の出だし「Well it’s Saturday night and I just got paid」をプラントが歌い出すという、往年のロック・メドレーを彷彿とさせるような場面でしょう。
そもそも前日がLA連続公演の中休みだったことも功を奏したのか、他の曲でもプラントの好調さが際立っており、「Going To California」などはツアー中のベストでは?と思えるほど素晴らしい歌声を聞かせてくれています。エディーを筆頭としてボンゾの暴れ具合が印象的な77年のLA公演なのですが、実はペイジがもっともイイ感じに弾きまくってくれているのもこの日の魅力かと。
「Since I’ve Been Loving You」で調子を掴んだペイジは次の「No Quarter」で最初のピークを迎えます。特に20分辺りでの弾きまくりは最高の場面で、圧倒的にボンゾの存在感が際立っていたエディーでの同曲とまるで違う雰囲気となっているのが面白い。
もっとも「Ten Years Gone」ではいつも綺麗に弾きこなせないあの箇所を普段よりも乱れ気味に弾いてしまったのも77年のペイジらしいところ。しかしそれを挽回せんばかりに曲の後半で弾きまくってみせる様がお見事で、彼のギター・プレイに閃きが感じられるという点では、ランドーバー最終日に次ぐレベルではないでしょうか。

そうした調子ですので、「Achilles Last Stand」ではLAモードの爆裂プレイが全開だったかと思えば、次の「Stairway To Heaven」になると他の日ほど暴れることなく演奏を支えているのがイイ。つまり緩急自在なのがこの日のボンゾ。
そしてバッジホルダーの日から味をしめた「Kashmir」の後での「Trampled Underfoot」というパターン、いつもの「Rock And Roll」の代わりに「Communication Breakdown」へとメドレーする「Whole Lotta Love」といった、この日ならではのスペシャルな場面もふんだんに。せっかくのミラード録音ながら、今一歩すっきりしなかった音質のせいで魅力が伝わりづらかった日ですが、今回のバージョンの登場によって、この日もまた名演であったことを再確認させてくれるはず。このアッパー感はとにかく凄まじい!

Disc 1 (73:57)
1. Intro
2. The Song Remains The Same
3. Sick Again
4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
5. In My Time Of Dying
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You ●8:31 – 8:39 は既発に入ってない歓声。
7. No Quarter

Disc 2 (63:42)
1. Ten Years Gone
2. The Battle Of Evermore
3. Going To California
4. Black Country Woman
5. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
6. White Summer
7. Kashmir
8. Trampled Underfoot

Disc 3 (73:57)
1. Over The Top ●28:38 – 28:40 は既発に入ってない歓声。
2. Guitar Solo
3. Achilles Last Stand
4. Stairway To Heaven ●12:19 – 12:44 は既発に入ってない歓声。
5. Whole Lotta Love
6. Communication Breakdown



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