Led Zeppelin / La Dolce Vita / 4CD With OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / La Dolce Vita / 4CD With OBI Strip / Wendy Label

Earls Court Arena London UK May 23, 1975. Digitally Remastered

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Five performances at Earl’s Court in 1975 were not only the long-awaited London’s triumphal performances for the first time in a long time, but also special scheduled, not regular tours. In 1975, a North American tour was formed from the beginning but it has ended in March. In other words, only the Earls Court was planned in a separate frame. Initially three days of May 23, 24, 25 of 1975 was announced, but due to the high popularity, the ticket quickly became sold out, so the two days of 17th and 18th It was added. London has 5 consecutive performances at Earl’s Court. Next British fans have to wait until 1979 to see Zeppelin ‘s concert. Four concerts have already been released from the Wendy label, and this work is the last piece, which means that all Earls Court performances will be complete.

May 17, 1975 EARL’S COURT May 17, 1975 【3CD】
May 18, 1975 EALR’S COURT May 18, 1975 【3CD】
May 23, 1975 EALR’S COURT May 23, 1975 【4CD】 This work
May 24, 1975 EARL’S COURT May 24, 1975 【4 CD + 2 DVD】
May 25, 1975 EARL’S COURT May 25, 1975 【4 CD + 2 DVD】

Two months after the North American tour ended, a huge 40-ton stage set, equipment and the like were air-fed from the United States to London, a huge screen was installed on the stage side, and a visual effect was aimed Besides, assuming every kind of trouble PA system also carefully checked over three days, it became an innovative stage which has never been so far in the history of rock in the UK. Peter Grant also focused on advertising and covered the “ZEPPELIN EXPRESS” which is a jacket of this work with a British railroad company and treated it on the body of a train. As you can see from the jacket, it was very effective for appealing that you can access Earls Court from any part of the UK. Actually five consecutive performances at the same venue is the scale that we had never had before. The illustration of this ZEPPELIN EXPRESS became a symbolic thing to image this Earls Court continuous performance, it was also used for the concert program and also for the jacket like Wendy’s Earls Court series.

The set list basically follows the North American tour at the beginning of the year, but it is a special set only for Earl’s Court, such as putting an acoustic set in between, the concerts will be a long and long one that will last for three and a half hours, It is as much as 4 sheets on a disc. Beginning with “ROCK AND ROLL”, opening with a medley to “SICK AGAIN” without getting a hair cut. From the latest “PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI” at that time, such as “IN MY TIME OF DYING” “KASHIMIR” “TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT” In later history, important Zeppelin songs are being presented as new songs. Also, songs that expand “MOBY DICK”, “DAZED AND CONFUSED”, and so on, are spending an hour or so with just these two songs as if there were no time constraints. Finishing the concert is the medley of “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” and “BLACK DOG”.

This work is a complete recording by using the Earls Court third day, May 23 concert with two kinds of sources. In particular, it was a cut of “TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT” that was a demon. Many of the already-released platforms intend to pull as much as possible of the main source, in the time of this work, editing like cut-in / out was done in the part of 6 minutes 53 seconds, there was also a difference in sound quality and a discomfort was dispelled It was something I could not do. This work has been edited with respect to such editing points with emphasis on the natural flow in the auditory sense, so that it can be heard through very smoothly. Of course, it was recorded from the announcement of the initiator of the beginning, there is no content lack in the main part, sound quality, contents, will be the best title of the Earls Court third day together.

After this, the North American tour is planned again from August, and although the schedule of all eight performances was announced, canceled due to a plant accident. Next time Zeppelin stood on stage was to wait until 1977 for British fans until 1979 Nebworth. In 1975, the third day of Earl’s Court 5 consecutive performance, the 23rd May performance was fully recorded with high sound quality. It is the last piece of all 5 Earl’s Court performances by Wendy label. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


1975年5月17日EARL’S COURT May 17, 1975 【3CD】
1975年5月18日EALR’S COURT May 18, 1975 【3CD】
1975年5月23日EALR’S COURT May 23, 1975 【4CD】本作
1975年5月24日EARL’S COURT May 24, 1975 【4CD+2DVD】
1975年5月25日EARL’S COURT May 25, 1975 【4CD+2DVD】

北米ツアーが終了して2か月後、40トンに及ぶ巨大なステージセット、機材などはアメリカからロンドンまで空輸され、ステージ・サイドには巨大なスクリーンが設置されるなど、視覚的効果を図った他、あらゆるトラブルを想定してPAシステムも三日間をかけて入念にチェックするなど、英国のロック史上これまでにない画期的なステージとなった。ピーターグラントは広告にも力を入れ、本作のジャケットになっている「ZEPPELIN EXPRESS」を英国の鉄道会社と協力の上、電車の車体にあしらった。ジャケットを見てわかる通り、英国のどの場所からもアールズコートにアクセスできますよというアピールに非常に効果的であった。実際に同一会場で5連続公演というのは、それまでなかった規模である。このZEPPELIN EXPRESSのイラストは、このアールズコート連続公演をイメージ付ける象徴的なものとなり、コンサート・プログラムにも、そしてWendyのアールズコート・シリーズのようにジャケットにも使用されることとなった。

セットリストは基本的には年初の北米ツアーを踏襲したものながら、間にアコースティック・セットを挟むなど、アールズコートのみの特別セットで、コンサートはいずれも3時間半に及ぶ長大なものとなり、CDのディスクでは4枚分にもなる。「ROCK AND ROLL」から始まり、間髪入れず「SICK AGAIN」へのメドレーで開幕。当時の最新作『PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI』からは「IN MY TIME OF DYING」「KASHIMIR」「TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT」など、後世の歴史ではツェッペリンの重要な曲が新曲として披露されている。また「MOBY DICK」「DAZED AND CONFUSED」といったインプロを展開する曲も、まるで時間的制約などなきが如く、この2曲だけで1時間程度を費やすものとなっている。コンサートを締めくくるのは「WHOLE LOTTA LOVE」と「BLACK DOG」のメドレーである。

本作はアールズコート三日目、5月23日のコンサートを2種のソースを使用することによって完全収録としている。特に鬼門であったのが「TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT」のカットである。既発盤の多くはメインソースをなるべくひっぱりたい意図から、本作のタイムで言うと6分53秒の部分でカット・イン/アウトのような編集がなされており、音質差もあり違和感が払拭出来ないものであった。本作はそのような編集個所に対し、聴覚上の自然な流れを重視して編集がなされており、非常にスムーズに通して聴くことが出来るよう配慮されている。もちろん冒頭の司会者のアナウンスから収録されており、本編に内容的な欠落はなく、音質、内容、共にアールズコート三日目のベスト・タイトルとなるであろう。



01. Introduction
02. Rock And Roll
03. Sick Again
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. In My Time Of Dying
06. The Song Remains The Same
07. The Rain Song
08. Kashmir

01. No Quarter
02. Tangerine
03. Going To California
04. That’s The Way
05. Bron Yr Aur Stomp

01. Trampled Underfoot
02. Moby Dick

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Black Dog

Wendy Label. WECD-316/317/318/319

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