Led Zeppelin / IV Originals US Reel To Reel / 1CD+1Bonus CD

Led Zeppelin / IV Originals US Reel To Reel / 1CD+1Bonus CD / Non Label

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Taken From The Original US Reel To Reel 7 1/2 ips (M7208) & Bonus CD IV Classic Records Reissue 45 RPM Taken from “IV” US vinyl records (Classic Records, SD 7208-A1/A2/B1/B2 45)


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Led Zeppelin is a great success of the first and second album, live activities like come and go many times the United Kingdom and the United States through 1969 is now up to the driving force to explode the popularity of the group. As a result as a group until the album of production leading to the album cover, let alone recording (especially Paige) has become possible to take the initiative. The following year is released from a deadly tour schedule, it became possible to summarize it for the first time elaborated the album from songwriting slowly and carefully. Especially Second this situation who have closed the reversal from the situation, such as had been recorded in the interval of live and live album is what Paige wanted more than anything else. First results due to the change in these circumstances, it was the third album.
For session guitarist Page, which has gained even of studio work experience as, album making, such as the band is recording as it is momentum of live is not in mind, it was not like that, “fabricate” the overwhelmingly track. While a band that made a name live about ZEP, and had celebrated the ultimate recording stance tried Ikaso live specific rough of and power even in also between up to second album studio.
Taking advantage of the experience of both of such live and studio, the album was made more dense as the album works, what not it ZEP also high masterpiece Call of “IV”. The first two of the hard of the comedian of the static and dynamic contrast of up album, is basically a masterpiece raised also a wide range of music is put together while hard of band with a combination of them. Speaking of this album, also is also a classic representative of the ’70 lock and “Stairway to Heaven”, I think yes this also than what was obtained become the eternal masterpiece because elements of the ZEP has been condensed into one song. It is that also found Paige itself.

Degree of completion of the entire album, even timeless classic “Stairway to Heaven” of course that masterpiece of ZEP from, there is eternal even in the presence of the rock album of the ’70s “IV” is a new remastered by last year Paige it is subjected to, I’m where further Deluxe Edition with him boast of companion disk appeared is still fresh in our minds. Only eternal masterpiece analysis among fans regarding LP made to, freshness of First Press unique is I called America record LP “PECKO PECKO DUCK EDITION” and turned into CD popular that containment high sound also in our shop. Since then and will release from our shop of “IV”, this time we will CD of the item called a truly maverick among them.
It is a “PECKO PECKO DUCK” board with the same American production of the item, the reel-to-reel tape version “IV”. The early ’70s is the age in which emerged the tape urging as playback software other than LP, but still before the cassette is fully spread, the album I had been released in the form of a reel-to-reel in the same tape. In the United States, which had been dealing with the LP as consumables, more simple tape handling had been attracting attention as a great playback software.
But if you would spread between the cassette quickly, larger reel tapes will then decline. Although it was not surpassed cassette in terms of sound quality, the situation just is sandwiched between the interval of the LP and the cassette was would further weaken the reel tape stand. Album, which has been sold in this era reel tape thanks we call a high price, but also to achieve the release of in-reel tape of course “IV”. If you as were able to obtain this reel version, it will end with a collection that went into the box if there is no instrument to play. It would not in the items that fulfill the wishes of such a rare release would listen easily with CD … mania.

Not only presence as an item, the sound quality is also a maverick and interesting things that can be said. Especially totally different dimension with the latest remastered CD. The sound quality is maverick itself is also compared with each LP and CD item not limited to it. Powerful “Black Dog” from the moment that began the Bonzo bass drum will come with a jerk. Of course, when you from the point of the song the entire recall when you from the LP and the recent CD of the initial press Do not deny the poor. It is’s a especially if familiar with the acoustic tune, such as “The Battle of Evermore” and “Going to California,” but, unique powerful none with respect to music of the band performance, yet is indeed U~omi of that was a natural analog tape exist It is the taste to the minute.
However a “Stairway to Heaven” idyllic part also unique texture of the first half in, never not enough listening comfort different from U~omi is, even you’ll be enjoying the fully also differences in later middle contrast. Basically, the “Rock and Roll” and “When the Levee Breaks” what momentum and weight sense of sitting in waist band playing such but is’s the items that are to realize clearly different force compared with other software, this only texture different from listening than really interesting things. In particular, the current Deluxe Edition latest remastered CD and is completely different texture, such as is I was confined to the press CD limited to carefully play the charm rare reel tape!

そんなライブとスタジオの両方での経験を活かし、アルバム作品としてより緻密に作られたアルバム、それZEP最高傑作の呼び声も高い「IV」ではないでしょうか。最初の二枚のアルバムまでのハードさに三枚目の静と動のコントラスト、それらを組み合わせてバンドの基本的にハードながらも幅広い音楽性がまとめ上げられた名作です。このアルバムと言えば、やはり70年ロックを代表するクラシックでもある「Stairway to Heaven」、これもまた一曲の中にZEPの要素が凝縮されたからこそ永遠の名作となり得たのでははいでしょうか。それはペイジ自身も認めていることです。

全体のアルバムの完成度、さらには不朽の名曲「Stairway to Heaven」からZEPの最高傑作というのはもちろん、70年代のロック・アルバムにおける永遠の存在でもある「IV」は昨年ペイジによって新たなリマスターが施され、さらに彼自慢のコンパニオン・ディスクも付いたデラックス・エディションが登場したところは記憶に新しいですよね。永遠の名作だけにLPに関してもファンの間で分析がなされ、当店でもファースト・プレスならではの鮮度が高い音を封じ込めたアメリカ盤LP「PECKO PECKO DUCK EDITION」をCD化して好評を呼びました。それ以来となる当店から「IV」のリリース、今回はその中でも正に異端児と呼べるアイテムをCD化いたします。
それは「PECKO PECKO DUCK」盤と同じアメリカ産のアイテム、オープンリール・テープバージョンの「IV」です。70年代前半はLP以外の再生ソフトとしてテープ勢が台頭した時代ですが、まだカセットが完全普及する前、同じテープでもオープンリールの形でアルバムがリリースされていたのです。LPを消耗品として扱っていたアメリカにおいて、より取り扱いが簡単なテープは絶好の再生ソフトとして注目を浴びていました。

アイテムとしての存在感だけでなく、音質もまた異端児と言える面白いもの。特に最新リマスターCDとは全く別次元。それに限らず各LPやCDアイテムと比べてもこの音質は異端児そのもの。「Black Dog」が始まった瞬間からボンゾのバスドラの迫力がグッと来ます。もちろん曲全体の再現度という点からすると初期プレスのLPや近年のCDからすると劣るのは否めません。それが「The Battle of Evermore」や「Going to California」といったアコースティック・チューンとなればなおさらなのですが、バンド演奏の楽曲に関してはどれも独特な迫力、それでいていかにもアナログ・テープ然としたウォーミーさが存分に味わえるのです。
しかし「Stairway to Heaven」では前半の牧歌的なパートも独特な質感でありながら、決して物足りない聴き心地とは違うウォーミーさ、さらには中盤以降のコントラストの違いも存分に楽しんでいただけることでしょう。基本的には「Rock and Roll」や「When the Levee Breaks」といったバンド演奏で腰の据わった勢いや重量感こそが他のソフトと比べてはっきり違う迫力を実感させられるアイテムなのですが、これだけ質感が違うと聴き比べは本当に面白いもの。特に現在のデラックス・エディションなどの最新リマスターCDとはまったく違う肌合いが魅力なレア・リール・テープを丁寧に再生して限定のプレスCDに封じ込めました!

1. Black Dog 2. Rock And Roll 3. The Battle Of Evermore 4. Stairway To Heaven
5. Misty Mountain Hop 6. Four Sticks 7. Going To California 8. When The Levee Breaks

Bonus CD IV Classic Records Reissue 45 RPM Taken from “IV” US vinyl records (Classic Records, SD 7208-A1/A2/B1/B2 45)

In this release comes with a CD of luxurious first bonus item is what press about fans astounded. Paige had emphasized the remastered achievements (laughs) Unlike the era of 1990 at that time CD remaster, and the view that “if the ultimate album was recorded in analog are not still than become analog …” is currently in is stronger, they tend to soaring initial press overall price of the album. Play yada previously now of technology, you are being recognized among fans that convincing LP of initial press album is completed immediately in the state was containment fresh tape stick to the sound in the past few years. “Misty Mountain Hop” of Anyway ’90 remastered CD, why so much or would do bad sound …
No longer must buy the high price of LP in prepared to buy antiques … vintage rock album in such a trend among the the LP other than the initial press is neglected across the board, the U~omi of the old-fashioned analog LP and modern technology release that tried to coalesce exists. It would be the album that has been released from Classic Records.
High-quality vinyl of press technology of the latest technology unique, of course, say what 45 result stuck to regenerative power than the Duration in the rotation LP, even albums that had been settled in a single LP, if original, dare disk one side commitment I engraved the sound to modern plastic can be distributed to each. In modern times you can play the album in compact file state rather than CD, it makes you Mise thoroughly on the command has received a high evaluation to the mania.
“IV” of ZEP in this format also I have been released, but such items itself from making the commitment is expensive, this also is not I feel free to enjoy what the high-quality sound. Let alone 45 single-sided press of rotation LP. While recent release, a CD of the law breaking the threshold is higher item in every sense. Beans it without changing the record would listen to “IV” of high quality version to.
The sound quality is certainly great … clearness, such as resolving power was together analog of U~omi and CD stunning those that surpassed even the remastered CD. That it had been turned into CD in the flat transfer to CD early 1980s without tampering the master tape has been evaluated in recent years mania,’s a it is easy to hear the in West Germany Warner target board also certainly straightforward sound, but classic and reproducing power of the Records of the LP is another dimension. Hard rock tune force is obvious, such as the intro of quiet “Going to California”, is as if Paige is playing in front of the eye. “IV” of the analog high-end version of containment the master original freshness revived in such overwhelming clearness and modernization resulting in with a press of the CD … This is not to be missed!

今回のリリースにはファンが仰天するほど贅沢な初回ボーナス・アイテムが何とプレスのCDで付属します。ペイジがそのリマスター成果を力説していた(笑)1990年当時のCDリマスターの時代と違い、現在では「アナログに録音されたアルバムの究極はやはりアナログになるのではないか…」という見方が強まり、アルバムの初期プレスは総じて価格が高騰する傾向にあります。今の技術で再生云々以前に、アルバムが完成してすぐの状態がフレッシュなテープを封じ込めた初期プレスのLPの説得力がここ数年の間で音にこだわるファンの間で認識されつつあります。それにしても90年リマスターCDの「Misty Mountain Hop」、なんであんなに音悪いんでしょうか…
その音質は確かに素晴らしい…アナログのウォーミーさとCDの解像力が合わさったようなクリアネスはリマスターCDをも凌駕する見事なもの。1980年代のCD初期にマスター・テープをいじらずにフラット・トランスファーでCD化していたことが近年マニアに評価されている、西ドイツ・ワーナーのターゲット盤も確かに素直で聴きやすい音なのですが、クラシック・レコーズのLPの再現力は別次元。ハードなロック・チューンの迫力は当たり前、静かな「Going to California」のイントロなど、まるでペイジが目の前で弾いているかのようです。そんな圧倒的なクリアネスや近代に蘇ったマスター本来の鮮度を封じ込めたアナログ・ハイエンド・バージョンの「IV」がプレスのCDで付いてしまう…これは見逃せません!

1. Black Dog 2. Rock And Roll 3. The Battle Of Evermore 4. Stairway To Heaven
5. Misty Mountain Hop 6. Four Sticks 7. Going To California 8. When The Levee Breaks


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