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The Song Remains The Same : Fan Edit


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Led Zeppelin for the movie “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.” This is, there was a long groove The only coherent live video, has continued to be a welcome presence era. In the case of ZEP, who live sound source is produced a huge number release from the era of the LP, the group is even a era that has continued to work in real-time, amazing item was not even produced. The presence of the other hand live video was extremely poor. Biggest cause is located by Peter Grant of ZEP and managers, to activities stance that has been overwhelmingly focused to the live tour than the media exposure. It opposed to had appeared on television surprisingly Deep Purple during the same period. Speaking of TV programs both purple and ZEP has appeared, only “BEAT CLUB” of Germany. Live scene of ZEP in bonus is not Hiromara for a long time, much later from the performers received a hit of “Whole Lotta Love”, “BEAT CLUB” side is interwoven dance nude Girl in previous appearances video music video-style footage only only not observed, this is also would supposed to strengthen the image of “ZEP with limited video”. After all, the large book appeared the video (lip-synching two songs from the first album) has become to be seen in the world was that of the last decade.
Why if you say that here whether issued “BEAT CLUB” to the inquiry, live video is a long time between this and the movie “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME” of ZEP, after the “Communication Breakdown,” “Hot Dog” of the two songs MV, and a super show of nostalgia I just only had not been distributed. Because there is too short time and put together a video of the non-movie is an official release, there or that the time to earn the video in Live Aid was how widespread …. Or chopped only a problem outside of the 8mm video. Even more the presence of the can thoroughly bird’s-eye view of the whole live of ZEP “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME” becomes unshakable things, it was what was watching gratefully.

But what about, (do you not realize the version up that Speaking of “Blu-ray”?) Now overwhelming item called “DVD” is created from the official, although it was epoch-making just it, in the old days of video picture and sound is not fit at all, 8mm video that did not bear to see the image quality is also rolled degraded bonus is superbly organized, it is Gojisei that can be easily seen from the official site. Response to the change of this luxurious situation, is none other than that the appreciating has had Ousset as before “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.”
This movie, as had been originally represents the subtitle of “Concert And Beyond”, in which more than just live movie, aim that there were in the ZEP side. This movie is a group that has reached the popularity of the climax in the United States in 1973 was taken to the movie to shoot the state of the live late … This in itself would be of course of course. Problem is not that scene other than the performance scene is (already published initially even) beyond the simplicity of the musicians of the acting, even by subtracting that era MV was still developing, it may not still refined .
That all members of the non-Paige was attended by pulling in the family is also not deny a sense of “overkill”, also for most of the members of the scene is referred to as the “image” does not deny naive feeling again. After all, ordinary everyday and Bonzo of scene that reflects the speed enthusiasts the first time became the finish to withstand the watch most would be of course. Madashimo if it only, manager and staff (= Richard call) is not available because he had showed up acting gang (like).
By scene other than those playing the scene had weathered, presence of this movie it has faded. So although DVD version plus a bonus video in 2007 has been made, but that does not snow to the translation to reshape the main movie (do not cock is modified, such as the Star Wars DVD version of the music movie tough place). The fans want is in these circumstances, not be fooled by the so the “image” scene, purely, I want to be without stress performance scene can be seen …. Moreover, performances movie recording has been Madison Square Garden for three days, the first arrival point in the new time that ZEP that changed the music from 1972 was welcomed. The importance of this is Desoroi live sound source, precisely because these days when various live even with the same 73 years came to be heard, which was to be even more emphasized.

Was made to order to fulfill the dream of such a mania is “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME: FAN EDITION” DVD. While of course that adapt all the live scene is impossible, taking advantage of a situation in which the playing song receive enough the majority of the video, the contents were put together in the actual live song order of raised voices from the mania around the world with admiration acclaimed thing was. Passed since Years of more than five years since then, we finally will be upgraded version of this masterpiece will be released at a press DVD limited!
There was already “FAN EDITION” high-level finish even at the time of, it had still made kept the format of the movie. But this time of editing concept, it is the fact that close to the footage to reproduce the actual live further. The first place is quite different editing sense in the previous and current and from the opening, whereas had begun in the form of the last has left the opening of the movie, here I switched to immediately MSG venue video. But’s it will be this time of the editing concept get to understand clearly.

Of course it does not have yet even to save the aging of Johnsy wife and Jimmy this time. Still cut the subway scene that appeared at the beginning of, for example, “No Quarter”, it has become a likely more live video finish by replacing the shot of the audience instead. The also say the current highlight in the “Rain Song”. By playing scene is added here, Viking-style image scene of the plant has been reduced to half. So of that was used is of the same songs that have been recorded on the video called “FIRST CUTS” outtake shot. While in charge until the video shooting is asked to original filmmaking, rough-cut is made to the original Joe Masotto that had been dismissed at odds with members of the ZEP at the stage of editing was owned by it is said that.
Although this is a video that was little things To appeared in the early 1990s, that the package was not too dull, it more than what it has been overlooked in disaster there is no more of the songs that were seen in the movie. However, the most valuable footage seen in this video is it was a “Rain Song”. Sense presentations and showing with become such a unfortunate video to now, This is what will those that groan mania! Because it is based on the 90’s half-official specific video, but image quality when it comes to this part I somewhat rougher, more to the increased performance scene, the plant sword fight (dare you to do so representation laughs) is is is that no doubt impressed by the reduced finish.
Once anyway I say this time of the “put together by the video associated with as much as possible the concert,” a dense of the concept …. By a person claiming to eckoes, only professional is to take my hat off also to shame editing the first time. Where “Dazed And Confused” was only 20 minutes, to shorten the scene of the fan to be taken to that police officer, sense, such as really stunning thing also was fitted ish look to play a scene it.
The original is but the editing, which has been divided “Heartbreaker” is now able to see and hear the pure performance is what was already seen even “FAN EDITION”, there at the beginning of the movie is, the image of the front of the members towards the tour that had fit you there was a feeling that was reflected in the backfire, but while the first half of the same movie in there this time, was raised together in a more natural image by using the scene after the New York arrival. And stop until such misalignment of dubbing that have been found here and there in the “FAN EDITION”, or the dense even adjust. Longer and at present more views not about the finish … but it would be seen carefully by the press DVD. That “FAN EDITION” an item of dream that makes us in a new excitement revive ZEP live of 73 years MSG more than is here now!

レッド・ツェッペリンの映画「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」。これは、長い間グルーブ唯一のまとまったライブ映像として、有り難い存在であり続けた時代がありました。ZEPの場合、ライブ音源の方はLPの時代から膨大な数のリリースが生み出され、グループがリアルタイムに活動し続けていた時代ですら、驚くほどのアイテムが生み出されてもいました。その反面ライブ映像の存在が極端に乏しかった。最大の原因はZEPとマネージャーのピーター・グラントによる、メディア露出よりもライブ・ツアーへ圧倒的に力を入れていた活動スタンスにあります。同時期のディープ・パープルが驚くほどテレビに出演していたのとは対照的。パープルとZEPの両方が出演したテレビ番組と言えば、ドイツの「BEAT CLUB」だけです。おまけにZEPのライブ・シーンは長い間広まらず、出演からずっと後になって「Whole Lotta Love」のヒットを受け、「BEAT CLUB」側が以前の出演映像にヌード・ガールのダンスを織り交ぜたミュージック・ビデオ風映像だけしか見られず、これがまた「映像の限られたZEP」というイメージを強めることになってしまいます。結局、大本の出演映像(ファースト・アルバムから二曲を口パク)が世界的に見られるようになったのはここ十年のことでした。
なぜここで「BEAT CLUB」を引き合いに出したのかと言いますと、ZEPのライブ映像は長い間これと映画「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」、後は「Communication Breakdown」と「Hot Dog」二曲のMV、そして懐かしのスーパーショウだけしか流通していなかったのです。オフィシャル・リリースである映画以外の映像をまとめると時間があまりに短いので、そこにライブ・エイドで時間稼ぎしたビデオがどれほど広まっていたことか…。あるいは細切れ過ぎて問題外の8mm映像。なおさらZEPのライブ全体をじっくり鳥瞰出来た「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」の存在が揺るぎないものとなり、それはありがたく観ていたものでした。

ところがどうでしょう、今やオフィシャルから「DVD」という絶大なアイテムが生み出され(そういえば「Blu-ray」というバージョンアップは実現しないのでしょうか?)、それだけでも画期的だったのに、昔のビデオでは絵と音がまったく合わず、おまけに画質も劣化しまくりで見るに耐えなかった8mm映像が見事に整理され、オフィシャル・サイトから簡単に見られるというご時世です。この贅沢な状況の変化を受け、以前ほどありがたみが失せてしまったのが他でもない「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」です。
この映画は元々「Concert And Beyond」という副題が表していたように、単なるライブ映画を超えたものである、という狙いがZEP側にはありました。この映画が撮影された1973年にアメリカで人気の絶頂を迎えていたグループがライブ終盤の様子を撮影して映画にする…これ自体は当然の成り行きでしょう。問題は演奏シーン以外の場面が(既に公開当初でさえ)ミュージシャンの演技の素朴さを超えたものではなく、MVがまだまだ発展途上だった時代ということを差し引いても、やはり垢抜けないものがありました。

そんなマニアの夢を叶えるべくして作られたのが「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME : FAN EDITION」DVD。もちろんすべてをライブ・シーンに作り替えることは不可能ながら、演奏曲が大方の映像が出揃った状況を生かし、実際のライブの曲順でまとめあげた内容は世界中のマニアから感嘆と絶賛の声が上がったものです。あれから5年以上の歳月が経ち、遂にこの名作のアップグレード・バージョンが限定のプレスDVDにてリリースされることになりました!
既に「FAN EDITION」の時点でもハイレベルな仕上がりでありましたが、それはまだ映画のフォーマットを保った作りでありました。ところが今回の編集コンセプト、それはさらに実際のライブを再現する映像集に近付けるということ。そもそもオープニングからして前回と今回では編集センスがまったく異なっており、前回が映画のオープニングを残した形で始まっていたのに対し、こちらはすぐにMSG会場映像へと切り替わるのです。それだでも今回の編集コンセプトがはっきりと理解してもらえることでしょう。

もちろん今回もジョンジーの奥さんやジミーの老化を省くまでには至っていません。それでも例えば「No Quarter」の冒頭で登場する地下鉄のシーンをカットし、代わりに観客のショットに差し替えることでよりライブ映像らしい仕上がりとなっているのです。中も今回のハイライト言えるのが「Rain Song」。ここに演奏シーンが付け加えられることで、プラントのバイキング風イメージ・シーンが半分に減りました。そこで使われたのは「FIRST CUTS」というビデオに収録されていた同曲のアウトテイク・ショット。このビデオは当初映画の制作を依頼されて撮影まで担当しながら、編集の段階でZEPのメンバーと対立して解任されてしまったジョー・マソットが所有していたラフ・カットが元になっていると言われています。
90年代初頭に細々と現れたこのビデオですが、パッケージがあまりに冴えなかったこと、それ以上に映画で見られた以上の収録曲がないことが災いして見過ごされていたもの。しかし、このビデオで見られたもっとも貴重な映像が「Rain Song」だったのです。そんな不遇なビデオを今になって使ってみせるセンス、これこそマニアを唸らせるものでしょう!90年代のハーフ・オフィシャル的なビデオを元にしているので、この部分になると画質が多少は粗くなるのですが、それ以上に演奏シーンが増え、プラントのチャンバラ(あえてそう表現します笑)が減った仕上がりには感動されること間違いなし。
とにかく今回の「極力コンサートに関連した映像でまとめる」というコンセプトの緻密さと言ったら…。eckoesを名乗る人物による、プロも顔負けな編集ぶりには脱帽させられるばかり。「Dazed And Confused」が20分を過ぎたところで、あの警官に捉えられるファンの場面を短くして、それらしく見える演奏シーンをあてはめたセンスなども本当に見事なもの。
元が分断されていた「Heartbreaker」が純粋に演奏を見聞きできるようになった編集は既に「FAN EDITION」でも見られたものですが、そこでは映画の冒頭、ツアーに向かう前のメンバーの映像を当てはめてしまったことが裏目に映った感があったのですが、今回はそこに同じ映画の前半部分ながら、ニューヨーク到着後の場面を使うことでより自然な映像にまとめ上げられました。そしてとどめは「FAN EDITION」で散見されたアフレコのずれなどまで、またしても緻密にアジャスト。もはや現状ではこれ以上望めないほどの仕上がり…それがプレスDVDによってじっくり見られてしまうとは。あの「FAN EDITION」を超える新たな感動で73年MSGのZEPライブを蘇らせてくれる夢のアイテムが今ここに!

1. Intro. 2. Rock And Roll 3. Celebration Day 4. Black Dog 5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I’ve Been Loving You 8. No Quarter 9. The Song Remains The Same
10. The Rain Song 11. Dazed And Confused 12. Stairway To Heaven 13. Moby Dick
14. Heartbreaker 15. Whole Lotta Love 16. The Ocean 17. End Credits