Led Zeppelin / Houses Of The Holy / 1CDR

Led Zeppelin / Houses Of The Holy / 1CDR / Non Label

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Taken from UK Original LP Atlantic K50014


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This time is to introduce the winning number 1 in the UK, the US chart both released in March 1973, is the UK Original Release of the 5th album of Zep “Houses of the Holy”. Songs from this album is some songs as new song in the second time of the Japan tour which took place in October 72 was played. Also “The Song Remains The Same” in that it had a working title title of the “The Overture” is the episode that was known to the fan. Also in the first visit to Japan performances of the previous year in September has been played as new song songs from “Ⅳ” of the previous release. The twice done the Japan performances both were live to show off new song is a uniquely meaningful events become now. Well, this “Houses of the Holy” UK Original is W to label Makunashi of, catalog number is K standard and matrix part is A-side “A2 STERLING RL”, B surface is engraved with “B2 STERLING RL” is the disk has been a Limited Edition (this work and I will probably assumed that using the same stamper with previous work as well US panel). So “RL” that there is a stamp is something that has been Kattengu the same by that Bob Ludwig US Original “Ⅱ”.

It is Kattengu by the same person, but the sound of the “Ⅱ” the difference is obvious. First of all is the sound pressure but “Ⅱ” is not a difference especially high cut Tengu level with. But you will be wonder if from variety rich content of this album. The called mellow and warm sound rather than large powerful sound you might correct representation. Maybe better to say without resorting to sound pressure even with the bass comfortably hear sound is correct if it is to tell more clearly. So if you tell the analog fan air and I think the place where it was said that the feeling of sound close to the high-quality sound board MFSL.

The W mark to Ali of reissue is also that there is a stamp of George Peckham in a matrix said A1 PORKY and B1 PECKO, I wonder why there is a matrix 1 to a reissue? There is also a mystery of cry collectors say. With an emphasis on course that this is also a UK Original, also uses the excellent UK board disk condition that there is engraved with the A2 STERLING RL / B2 STERLING RL. Please enjoy the superb sound of Original unique the UK Original “Houses of the Holy” to this opportunity!

今回ご紹介するのは1973年3月に発売され全英・全米チャート共にナンバー1に輝いた、Zepの5thアルバムである「Houses of the Holy」のUKオリジナル盤です。本アルバムからの曲は72年10月に行われた2度目の来日公演では新曲として何曲かが演奏されました。また”The Song Remains The Same”には”The Overture”との仮題タイトルがあったことはファンには知られたエピソードです。また前年9月の初来日公演では発売直前の”Ⅳ”からの曲が新曲として演奏されています。2度行われた日本公演がどちらも新曲を披露するライブだったのは今となっては感慨深い出来事です。さて、この”Houses of the Holy”のUKオリジナル盤はラベルにはWマークナシ、カタログナンバーはK規格かつマトリックス部分はA面が”A2 STERLING RL”、B面が”B2 STERLING RL”との刻印があるデイスクが初回盤とされています(この作品も前作同様にUS盤と同じスタンパーを使用しているものと思われます)。そう”RL”刻印があるということはUSオリジナル盤”Ⅱ”と同じくあのBob Ludwigによってカッテングされたものなのです。


またWマークアリの再発盤にはA1 PORKYやB1 PECKO と言ったマトリックスにGeorge Peckhamの刻印があるものもあり、再発盤なのに何故マトリックス1があるのだろう?と言うコレクター泣かせの謎もあります。もちろん今回もUKオリジナル盤であることを重視して、A2 STERLING RL/B2 STERLING RLとの刻印があるコンディションもエクセレントなUK盤デイスクを使用しています。ぜひこの機会にUKオリジナル盤”Houses of the Holy”をオリジナル盤ならではの極上の音をお楽しみください!

1 The Song Remains The Same 2 The Rain Song 3 Over The Hills And Far Away 4 The Crunge
5 Dancing Days 6 D’yer Mak’er 7 No Quarter 8 The Ocean


K 50014

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