Led Zeppelin / The Hard Truth / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / The Hard Truth / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 2nd October 1972


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For ZEP twice the Japan tour, it consistent common point can be seen in the distribution state of the audience recording. It is sometimes referred to as “the first day of the sound source there are many.” In other words, in both the 1971 and the 72 years, but a lot of the sound source in the Budokan of the tour the first day are concentrated. However, when it comes to quality status of the sound source, it was quite different in 71 years and 72 years. In the former, starting from “FRONT ROW” sound source, and so such as “ROCK CARNIVAL” at present, even if it listens in the current ear-class enough, to the surprise high-quality audience recording of the high-level situations that sit in a row and Zurari , the latter shop is also still fresh in our minds was released as “BUDOKAN 1972 1ST NIGHT”, too exceptional years of classic audience recording, is it other than the sound source was absolutely neglected often.
To begin with our shop “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” is new to be stored was released, yet in the place you happen to Sold Out, now issues a what 72 years Budokan first day? Another recording recurrence of that has emerged so far? No, the difference. On this day, it Massara New source that has been newly discovered is this release which is already a lot of recording source to exist!

Again this time also “the first day of the sound source” legend was alive and well. Once again 72 years Budokan audience recording of the first day that appeared. That said, it as not a big deal advantage if only, now also be “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” sound of the recording quality is great old days. The sound quality as well, almost cut does not enter into play, it also was greater splendor as a recording. In fact, but our shop also had a past that has released a “LIVE AT BUDOKAN 1972 1st NIGHT” another sound source as a gift CD-R, and that it was also still incomplete recording, what sound quality than the “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” because it does not extend to the sound source, while precious another sound source, after all is a translation that had remained in the gift handling of CD-R. Because this situation had followed for many years, … ridiculous not gonna happen if compared to this time in New source also “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” sound source! Sound source boasts a quality that may be comparable to finally appeared “BUDOKAN 1972 ~!” finally!

Still, but these separate recording does not prohibit the surprise that was sleeping until today of 2016, the is surprised any more, high-quality sound the first time in its. It is this new source, but let’s thank that there is a disadvantage in the first. It’s a new song “ZEP” that “The Song Remains The Same”, lasted “Rain Song” is it I do not been recorded because of the tape change. Furthermore, as well MC due to the charismatic DJ before the appearance ZEP stage. For these missing parts, it has become a complete recording of editing in on supplemented with “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” sound course.
Here also from being surprised at is, also switched to the especially “Rain Song” from the sound source is “Dazed And Confused”, it almost has no sense of discomfort. This alone is also supposed to high-quality sound the first time of the current sound source is get to experience very easily. Of course, for the classic “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” sound source is the stereo recording, this time there is a fundamental difference that mono recording. But still, what is quality that does not take the sink to “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” sound source is not only short of brilliant. And whereas it had been proud of the freshness and clearness of stereo recording unique, here is jump out of the speakers as also fresh charm powerful monaural sound unique! Especially Bonzo that they are going vividly the change in the sound of heavy groove-oriented with a focus on is greater than the “BUDOKAN 1972 ~”. Only because another sound source of such full first appearance, I this title was named “HARD TRUTH”.

And not only the sound-oriented changes and rattle in the previous year of the visit to Japan, even before the configuration itself of live has also undergone a change with the rattle Shinsei ZEP live show, while watching a cup of breath, too much of the transfiguration puzzled but also captured clarity to the realism of the Budokan is also very not hide in yellowtail. If it represent a word tranquility of “scene” (laughs). 1972, Japanese rock fans hard rock sound was remarkable over the A-side of “III” from the first has had to seek to ZEP. It 71 years was a live configuration that has been extruded it to the front, leaving a large have impact on the Japanese rock fans of at the time of first visit to Japan, it is what has become a cornerstone of ZEP legends continue to live in Japan until now.
However, when it comes to the Japan tour of 72 years, ZEP sound Japanese rock fans of loved is will all be pushed to the end of the live, live mostly of “IV” to the new song … too novelty that the construction of a new sound and it has undergone a sudden change. Although it is the translation mentioned the great achievements in the following year, it is nothing more than embarrassment for the Japanese rock fans at the time. It has become a contributing cause of the dogma that has been a misconception that “the second time of the visit to Japan is lackluster.”
Further from this time of the sound source, that confusion of such fan was captured vividly than “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” is also a big attraction, and enhance its value as a document. It is tapered and conversation of their friends after remarkably appeared to had a “Whole Lotta Love” medley end.

“Still do?” “… It has become sleepy!”

Will the fact that what, the scene in which the lock fan of Japan is also in the “Whole Lotta Love” at this time felt the dissatisfaction had been captured. In other words, basically the upper vibe in the case of last year’s medley, yet to be in the interval of oldies cover “Good Times Bad Times” and “How Many More Times” had been greatly raised by that had been inserted, the music selection of cover itself also be easy to understand there were many. However, even with respect to selection of music medley, has switched to the deployment of bitter with a focus on slow blues from the time of arrival in Japan of 72 years, this is also was hard to understand it is at the time of the Japanese. It’ll be a matter of course. Such as the subsequent wait for the encore interval has been recording much longer than the “BUDOKAN 1972 ~”, where also a pleasant conversation.

“Do not you also ate in the rice!?”

This was in peripheral taper, it was even more words emitted from another person, and from there, does not stop to think that “me to do early encore” have been waiting, initial of “Communication Breakdown” and ” Immigrant Song, “such as I want to listen to the upper hard rock is … thoughts that had been put. It it is a sight that was also seen in the encore scene in Osaka performances after, missing the interval more than anything from the “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” sound source has not been transmitted, so to speak, a new fact of shock. New source also in that regard come perfect the title of “HARD TRUTH”. Released in limited press CD? It would be obvious (laughs). The familiar “BUDOKAN 1972 ~” sound source was different again, it is also a big attraction because Womi sound quality, natural feeling plenty. And impact from the classic 72 years Budokan first day, can be a first class of documents, high-quality audience recording has been unearthed!

ZEP二度の来日公演については、オーディエンス録音の流通状態に一貫した共通点が見られるのです。それは「初日の音源が多く存在する」ということ。つまり、1971年と72年のどちらにおいても、ツアー初日の武道館に多くの音源が集中しているのです。ただし、音源のクオリティ状況に関して言うと、71年と72年で全く異なっていました。前者においては「FRONT ROW」音源から始まって、現在では「ROCK CARNIVAL」といった具合に、現在の耳で聴いても十分に通用する、驚きの高音質オーディエンス録音がズラリと居並ぶハイレベルな状況なのに対し、後者は当店が「BUDOKAN 1972 1ST NIGHT」としてリリースしたのも記憶に新しい、長年の定番オーディエンス録音が別格すぎて、それ以外の音源がどうしても軽視されがちでした。
そもそも当店が「BUDOKAN 1972~」がリリースしたのも記憶に新しく、それでいてSold Outしてしまったところで、今度は72年武道館初日の何を出す?これまでに現れてきた別録音の再発か?いいえ、違います。既に多くのレコーディング・ソースが存在するこの日、新たに発掘されたまっさらニュー・ソースが今回のリリースとなるのです!

やはり今回も「初日音源」伝説は健在でした。またまた現れた72年武道館初日のオーディエンス録音。とはいえ、それだけなら大したアドバンテージにはならないほど、今も昔も「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源の録音クオリティは絶大。その音質だけでなく、演奏にほとんどカットが入らない、記録としての見事さも大きかったのです。実際に当店も別音源をギフトCD-Rとして「LIVE AT BUDOKAN 1972 1st NIGHT」をリリースした過去がありましたが、それもやはり不完全収録であったことや、何よりも音質が「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源には及ばないことから、貴重な別音源ながらも、結局はCD-Rのギフト扱いに留まってしまった訳です。こうした状況が長年続いていましたので、今回のニュー・ソースも「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源と比べたらどうってことない…とんでもない!遂に現れた「BUDOKAN 1972~」に比肩しうるクオリティを誇る音源が!遂に!

未だにこうした別録音が2016年の今日まで眠っていたことに驚きを禁じませんが、それ以上に驚かされるのが、その高音質ぶり。今回のニュー・ソースですが、デメリットがあることを最初に申し上げておきましょう。それは新曲「ZEP」こと「The Song Remains The Same」と、それに続いた「Rain Song」がテープ・チェンジのせいで収録されていないのです。さらにはZEPステージ登場前のカリスマDJによるMCも同様。これらの欠損部分に関しては、当然ながら「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源を補填した上での完全収録編集となっています。
ここでまた驚かされるのが、特に「Rain Song」から本音源が「Dazed And Confused」へと切り替わっても、ほとんど違和感がないのです。これだけも、今回の音源の高音質ぶりがいとも簡単に実感してもらえるはず。もちろん、定番「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源がステレオ録音なのに対し、今回はモノラル録音という根本的な違いがあります。しかしそれでもなお、「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源にひけを取らないクオリティなのは見事というしかありません。しかもそれがステレオ録音ならではの鮮度やクリアネスを誇っていたのに対し、こちらはモノラル音質ならではの迫力がまた新鮮な魅力としてスピーカーから飛び出す!特にボンゾを中心としたヘヴィ・グルーブ指向のサウンドの変化を生々しく伝えてくれるという点が「BUDOKAN 1972~」を上回っている。そんな完全初登場の別音源だからこそ、今回のタイトルが「HARD TRUTH」と名付けられたのです。

さらに今回の音源からは、そうしたファンの戸惑いが「BUDOKAN 1972~」以上に生々しく捉えられたという点も大きな魅力であり、ドキュメントとしての価値を高めています。それが顕著に表れていたのが「Whole Lotta Love」メドレー終了後のテーパーとその友人の会話。


何ということでしょうか、この時の「Whole Lotta Love」においても日本のロックファンが不満を感じていた場面が捉えられてしまった。つまり、前年のメドレーの場合は基本的にアッパーなノリ、それでいてオールディーズ・カバーの合間でも「Good Times Bad Times」や「How Many More Times」がインサートされていたことで大いに盛り上がっていたし、カバーの選曲自体も解りやすいものが多かった。ところがメドレーの選曲に関しても、72年の来日時からスロー・ブルーズを中心とした渋めの展開へと切り替わっており、これがまた当時の日本人には解り辛かった。当然のことでしょう。その後のアンコールを待つインターバルなどは「BUDOKAN 1972~」よりもはるかに長く録音されており、そこでまた愉快な会話が。


これはテーパー周辺にいた、さらに別の人物から発せられた言葉だったのですが、そこからは、待たされていて「早くアンコールをやってくれ」という思いに留まらない、初期の「Communication Breakdown」や「Immigrant Song」といったアッパーなハードロックが聴きたい…という思いが込められていたのです。それは後の大阪公演におけるアンコール場面でも見られた光景ですし、何よりもインターバルの欠落した「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源からは伝わってこなかった、いわば衝撃の新事実。その点でも「HARD TRUTH」というタイトルがピッタリ来るニュー・ソース。限定のプレスCDにてリリース?当たり前でしょう(笑)。おなじみ「BUDOKAN 1972~」音源とはまた違った、ウォーミーな音質というのも大きな魅力であり、ナチュラル感もたっぷり。定番72年武道館初日からの衝撃かつ、一級のドキュメントになりうる、高音質オーディエンス録音が発掘されました!


Disc 1 (74:05)
1. Introduction 2. Rock And Roll 3. Over the Hills and Far Away 4. Black Dog 5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since Ive Been Loving You 7. Dancing Days 8. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 9. The Song Remains the Same
10. The Rain Song 11. Dazed And Confused (incl. The Crunge)

Disc 2 (56:25)
1. Stairway to Heaven 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Heartbreaker 4. Immigrant Song
5. Communication Breakdown

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