Led Zeppelin / Going To California / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Going To California / 2CD / Non Label

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Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California, USA 14th September 1971


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OG, Pb and badge holder’s and lasted ZEP Vintage name board reprint series from our shop, this time classic name board from the 1971 US tour, “GOING TO CARIFORNIA” will finally appeared. Although it is no longer ZEP live sound source with a feeling that had Detsukushi live sound source, not a sound source or upgrade that became the master surprisingly is still excavation, original LP is not only hear the best of sound, or in it as a result also it has been left some live sound source. A number of name board LP from among such, only shop is stuck to the CD of which is to respect the recording state of the original sound and the original has been released.
This “GOING TO CALIFORNIA” the label should also referred to as the pioneer of the rare sound source release, it has been released from the Trade Mark Of Quality thing TMOQ. Is to be given to the largest of ZEP name board from TMOQ would be classic 1970 live “LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL”. Moreover, the same label that was recorded is that LA Forum. It is no exaggeration to say that the historical name board that captures the beginning of the forum legend of ZEP. And the most important thing, it was that it was Mise tighten know the terrific of the live performance of ZEP who was sensational in the world.

After one year from that Blueberry Hill, ZEP will visit the United States again. But TMOQ is surprisingly not the last of LA Forum was recorded this time, was a community center in Berkeley in the same west coast. If this land of rock concert is performed in the early seventies, the community center has become the venue. Moreover, reflecting the ZEP of popularity continues to rise in the United States, I Berkeley was chosen as the ground that there is no you have visited so far.
“GOING TO CALIFORNIA” was recorded September 14 is the second day of the concert was held in Berkeley. But that same LP would anyone have been surprised been released, it would upset the first time in the plant that stood out at the “Immigrant Song” began opening. The reason I since his debut, the disaster that he had continued to hard shout is left to the youth, had become as fatigue of the throat appears as heard here. Although anyway ’71 US tour was good until it has been expanded schedule to reflect the popular, had been starting from suddenly 5 consecutive nights performances, then also assembled a schedule conspicuous continuous performances.

Best example would be the performance of the LA Forum second day on a tour fourth day. Here plant in the darker fatigue of the throat as the live progresses, the last was the plight that squeeze out the voice in the brute force that was allowed to youth. Of course, as Japan tour after this had been proved, still Scream Voice life of the plant is followed by the, but the timing of decline from his tremendous shout was beginning to glimpses, it would be this tour.
And the second day Berkeley is the end of the US tour. It is not how well the voice of the plant tail tired from opening if that happens … But should say here is the youth of the force, it is surprised because he Yuku he is raising more and more tone as live progresses.

“GOING TO CALIFORNIA” Where can had recorded such the 1st in the US tour late, it had been hit in bad condition to record not only the voice of “Immigrant Song” in the plant to the interesting thing. monaural sound quality is where the song began, still, but I was fine category as the audience recording of 1971, followed by stereo sound quality, which boasts the clearness and wide realism of wonder from the middle of “Heartbreaker”, which was played It will sudden change to. And it generated sound out in the meantime that, but it is a state as if it were correct it realize that was not connected like recorder properly microphone on.
Freshness outstanding from there, anyway rich stereo sound quality … This is really amazing! One this board is of Blueberry Hill and the sequence referred to as the reason would be the superb sound quality. However become the left channel is also turned off in the “Black Dog”, or a cut to occur in places including the second half of “Dazed And Confused”, you can not say that’s complete recording state when compared to Blueberry Hill.

But even invoke besides such a recording on the problem, here in the sense of movement and freshness preeminent recording state of ZEP to be heard even now of 2015 should be noted, it is one that is not faded at all. In recording balance is also a rarity, powerful, such as if the live of ZEP support the testimony that sound output is … was a tremendous volume from the venue. And is also a great state that captures in about on a sound fresh voice of the plant for demodulating quickly.
Since still it is still a young plant, basic voice itself is still that exciting Scream voice as it is. And yet I think the footwork of playing lighter is that it ZEP unique 1971. Certainly “Dazed And Confused” retaliate inter-play in does not and RESET to weight feeling and finesse like since ’73. However, in the tactics of the same song at this point, still deployment footwork coming cuts is light plant those ’71 unique. Moreover, this day deployment rare that the passage of the “Back In The USA” of Chuck Berry he was Mise singing, is it the is also very interesting.

And the biggest Meien in this LP is a medley of “Whole Lotta Love”. You say the cover song selection and deployment that’s standard for this time, here was appeared in “Hello Mary Lou” in the Meien in Meien in medley version of the same song, it is after all the plant of the song is great. “Whole Lotta Love,” “Hello Mary Lou” and would often also enthusiasts think of playing here speaking of the medley.
Unfortunately, the master tape of the name board “GOING TO CALIFORNIA” is not yet found. While the original sound source of Blueberry Hill had been around firm, it is what a strange that here sound source is not unearthed any. If you guess from Blueberry Hill completely different recording state and Maybe, you might was the sound source is provided from another taper.

Thanks has become a way recording is a CD of only from TMOQ board up to now, this many items also to have been released. Carefully recording from a set of this time re-press machine using the same stamper as the Original which is to be excellent in most record quality among the same board “The Trademark of Quality Years” (10LP). Be of mint state by the problem of plastic material used was TMOQ initial board of you tend often quite noise is riding, but in fact superior to the record quality is better re-press machine of the late, very hi-fi you can enjoy the sound. This time it has been turned into a CD without any equalization except that was subjected to a noise removal so that it does not affect the sound quality from the re-press machine. from the mania of that nostalgia of the name board is accustomed to listen to easily play back can be joy … LP in CD, until the generation that does not know the analog, please enjoy slowly and carefully the name board a limitation of the press CD!

OG、Pb、そしてバッジホルダーズと続いた当店からのZEPビンテージ名盤復刻シリーズ、今回は1971年アメリカ・ツアーからの古典的名盤「GOING TO CARIFORNIA」が遂に登場します。もはやライブ音源が出尽くしてしまった感のあるZEPライブ音源ですが、意外なことにマスターとなった音源やアップグレードが未だに発掘されず、結果としてオリジナルのLPがベストのサウンド、あるいはそれでしか聴かれないライブ音源がいくつも残されています。そんな中から数々の名盤LPを、あくまで原音や元の収録状態を尊重したCD化にこだわって当店がリリースしてきました。
今回の「GOING TO CALIFORNIA」はレア音源リリースのパイオニアとも言うべきレーベル、Trade Mark Of QualityことTMOQからリリースされました。TMOQからのZEP名盤の筆頭に挙げられるのは1970年ライブの古典「LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL」でしょう。しかも同レーベルが収録したのはあのLAフォーラム。ZEPのフォーラム伝説の始まりを捉えた歴史的名盤と言っても過言ではありません。それにもっとも重要なこと、それは世界中で話題を呼んでいたZEPのライブ・パフォーマンスの凄まじさを知らしめてみせたことでした。

「GOING TO CALIFORNIA」はバークレーで行われた公演の二日目である9月14日を収録しました。しかし同LPがリリースされて誰もが驚かされたであろうこと、それはオープニングの「Immigrant Song」が始まったところで際立っていたプラントの不調ぶりでしょう。その原因はデビュー以来、若さにまかせてハードなシャウトを続けていたことが災いし、ここで聴かれるような喉の疲労が現れるようになっていたのです。何しろ71年のアメリカ・ツアーは人気を反映して日程が拡大されたまではよかったものの、いきなり5夜連続公演から始まって、その後も連続公演の目立つスケジュールが組み立てられていました。


「GOING TO CALIFORNIA」はアメリカ・ツアー終盤におけるそんな一日を記録していたのですが、面白いことに「Immigrant Song」ではプラントの声だけでなく録音まで不調に見舞われていたのです。同曲が始まったところではモノラル音質、それでも1971年のオーディエンス録音としては上質な部類だったのですが、続いて演奏された「Heartbreaker」の途中から驚異のクリアネスとワイドな臨場感を誇るステレオ音質へと豹変します。しかもその合間で音切れが発生するのですが、それはまるでレコーダーにマイクがちゃんとつながっていなかったことに気付いて直したかのような状態です。
そこからの鮮度抜群、とにかく豊かなステレオ音質…これは本当に凄い!本盤がブルーベリー・ヒルと並び称される理由の一つはそのずば抜けた音質でしょう。ただし「Black Dog」においても左チャンネルがオフになる、あるいは「Dazed And Confused」の後半を始めとして所々で生じるカットなど、ブルーベリー・ヒルと比べると完全な録音状態だとは言えません。

やはりまだ若いプラントですので、基本的な声質自体がまだあの刺激的なスクリーム・ボイスそのまま。それでいて演奏のフットワークも軽いのが1971年のZEPならではだと思います。確かに「Dazed And Confused」におけるインター・プレイの応酬は73年以降のような重量感と技巧には及びません。しかしこの時点では同曲の駆け引きにおいて、やはりフットワークが軽いプラントが切り込んでくる展開が71年ならではのもの。しかもこの日は彼が歌ってみせたのはチャック・ベリーの「Back In The USA」の一節というレアな展開、それがまた実に面白いのです。

そしてこのLPにおける最大の名演は「Whole Lotta Love」のメドレーです。そのカバー選曲や展開はこの当時のスタンダードだと言えますが、ここで登場した「Hello Mary Lou」は同曲のメドレー・バージョンにおける名演中の名演で、何しろプラントの歌が素晴らしいのです。「Whole Lotta Love」メドレーの「Hello Mary Lou」と言えばここでの演奏を思い浮かべるマニアも多いはず。
しかし残念なことに、名盤「GOING TO CALIFORNIA」のマスター・テープは未だに見つかっていません。ブルーベリー・ヒルの元音源がしっかり出回っていたのに対し、こちらの音源が一切発掘されないとは不思議なものです。もしかしたらブルーベリー・ヒルとはまったく違う録音状態から推測すると、別のテーパーから提供された音源だったのかもしれません。

おかげで現在までTMOQ盤からの収録がCD化唯一の道となっており、これまでにも多くのアイテムがリリースされてきました。今回は同盤の中でも最も盤質に優れているとされるオリジナル盤と同じスタンパーを使用した再プレス盤”The Trademark of Quality Years”(10LP)のセットから丁寧に収録。TMOQの初期盤では使用したビニール材質の問題によりミント状態のものでも結構ノイズがのっていることが多い傾向にありますが、実は後期の再プレス盤の方が盤質に優れ、非常にハイファイなサウンドで堪能できるのです。今回はその再プレス盤から音質に影響しないようノイズ除去を施した以外は一切のイコライズなしでCD化しています。あの懐かしの名盤がCDで簡単にプレイバック出来る喜び…LPを聴き慣れたマニアから、アナログを知らない世代まで、限定のプレスCDで名盤をじっくりとお楽しみください!

Disc 1 (48:24)
1. Immigrant Song 2. Heartbreaker 3. Since I’ve Been Loving You 4. Black Dog
5. Dazed And Confused

Disc 2 (48:02)
1. Stairway To Heaven 2. That’s The Way 3. Going To California
4. Whole Lotta Love incl. Boogie Chillun’, Hello Mary Lou, My Baby Left Me, Mess O’Blues, You Shook Me, The Lemmon Song

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