Led Zeppelin / Going To California / 4CD+Limited Poster

Led Zeppelin / Going To California / 4CD+Limited Poster / Graf Zeppelin

Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California, USA September 13 & 14 , 1971

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★ Limited numbering (stamped inside the jacket: up to 1-200)
★ folded both sides 210 * 210 color poster included (table: illustrated jacket, back: Pre TMOQ jacket)
★ folded 120 * 240 card included (Pre TMOQ mini jacket style Specifications)
★ Limited TMOQ standing pig stickers included (image refer to front de jake. Included in the case)

Live at Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California, USA 13th & 14th September 1971

★ 13th September
Very Good Audience Mono

★ 14th September
Excellent Audience Stereo / Mono (part of the live show, etc.)
Taken from the vintage LP “GOING TO CALIFORNIA” (TMQ-72004 / LZ 1-4)

******************** **************************** On
13th, not from the net but from a direct digital master from the original RAW master tape provided by a big game collector! It is not a deterioration board such as 2ND Gen of net!
This shows that some existing sources or their current net sound sources have been subjected to fairly intense EQ processing.
Before and after the cut part is recorded slightly longer than the existing issue and the net.

The 14th is recorded faithfully to the master without leaking from the vintage analog master!
Bad net sound source that is currently circulating (everything is not sound of the analog cause of the net), not from the actual recording directly!
The last part cheering part of each board of some unreleased and unrecorded is also recorded without leaking.
Scratch noises are carefully processed one by one with pinpointing.
It is recorded with emphasis on the dynamic range without performing comp and EQ processing to gain sound pressure!
Natural and clear, spacious, sound-free listening.
The part where the recording of one channel which is occasionally seen in several places is turned off is processed carefully so that the sense of incongruity does not come out appropriately.
****************************************** The

legendary ’71 September Barclay performances Two days of coupling titles including super famous performances appeared!
Indeed, the title which can be said finally the decision board is appearance here!

Disc 3, familiar 4th familiar familiar super classic title “GOING TO CALIFORNIA” (performed on September 14, 71) from vintage LP recordings (not the net).
The first and second pieces of the Disc 1, the first day of the standard title, recorded the first day performance of the Barclay on 13th, and it is the decision board title which recorded the 1971 Barclay performance on 4 CD. In addition, there is also an idea that super-famous performances (in this case, the 14th performance on the second day) will be placed on Disc 1 and 2 here, but this time on the first day of the 13th performance is not a net sound source, it is the first original Since it is a decision board using the RAW master from a master tape, it was set as arrangement in time series here straightly.

First of all, it is the explanation of the part of Berkeley first day 13 recorded in the first and second pieces.
The performance on the first day of the 13th is a live that appeared from the beginning of the CD period of the collectors edition, and first appeared in the nostalgic Mad Dogs edition “BACK ON THE WEST COAST” (2CD) in 1994. Contrary to the info saying “Directly recorded from the master tape!” (The product catalog of that day was like this flicking), the pitch was also quite high with extremely strict sound quality. By the way, as an aside, this is one of the late releases of Mad Dogs, and the label side was concerned about the sound quality problem at the time of release, so there were fewer presses than the previous label title. I’m guessing (then I don’t see much in second-hand, so ,,). A copy of the jacket that used the LA performance (possibly) of August 71 is also rare. However, it is strange that the item of the release of that time still comes out smoothly with the title (it is absolutely impossible with the current title).

Back in the story, around 95, a little after the release of the Mad Dogs, this time from the old cod of prime then appeared in the paper jacket specification as “GOING TO CALIFORNIA II”. This sound quality is also much better than the Mad Dogs board, and it is the point that there was no cut in the song, and there was a problem that the pitch is still quite high, but the jacket color was changed and the 2nd edition was released.

After that, there was no release that should be noted for a while, but about 10 years after the old cod release around 2005, this time from the new cod to the next 14th as part of various variations such as coupling with the 14th. The performance on this 13th is released after a long time. It seems to be a remaster of the old cod board, where some hiss from the old cod has been suppressed, and the pitch has also been corrected.

And the net version of dadgad remaster appeared around 2010. Although the original material is flicking with the master, this title, with intense equalizing (echo processing) and digital hiss reduction, gives a sense of processing that squeezes out, but the original dango sound source is somewhat relaxed , 2CD “BERKLEY FIRST NIGHT” based on it also appeared (then there is a godfather board with the same material but there is no choice). Also, the 2nd Gen version seems to have been circulating around the dadgad version on the Internet, but this was definitely a bad sound source, meaning it was a meaningless sound source with a lot of omissions (And reading at the beginning of Celebration Day digital Error sounds also come in).

As mentioned above, I wrote this, but in ZEP, the release title itself is surprisingly small even in the popular ’71, but this time is different from the net sound source and the already released original master tape provided by overseas collectors CD based on the RAW version from. As you can see, there is only digitization from the original tape, and it is clear that the already-delivered sound is excellent in the freshness and depth of the sound. You will feel more convincing than the depth and freshness, the recording length before and after the cut part with the existing 2D Gen and the 2nd Gen. In addition, compared with the dadgad remaster of the net which is considered to be the best, the dadgad remaster has a slight reduction in the sound source in the Dango state, and although hiss is less, the unnatural bathroom echo and hiss after reduction You will notice that the digitally processed sound with a sense of processing comes out and comes to your ears. Is it clear even when comparing the high frequency sounds of cymbals?
There is an analog hiss noise in this title, but in this case, hiss removal is not performed at all in consideration of deterioration such as freshness due to sound processing. It is also surprising that the high frequency region is not lifted at all, but the volume is adjusted, but compressors that crush the sound and narrow the range are all eliminated and converted to CD. It has a somewhat calmer atmosphere compared to the dadgad board, and it also sounds like a dango-like, but this time prioritized the freshness and depth of the sound. Hiss noise is also very natural.

Next is the explanation of the editing content side, but it is the sound source of this 13th originally originally supposed to be all songs recorded, but there is also a recent article that says that he had played Rock And Roll in the last in the actual live. Unfortunately, this title is not clear either (in the cheers, plant Good night! San Fransisco (nearly San Francisco) !, cheers follow and cut out). In order to differentiate this CD from the previous ones, we have recorded almost as it is without performing fade processing on the music and cheers before and after the cut part. It is possible to listen to the cheering part which was faded processing etc. by the existing board by that or originally not heard in the unrecorded for a longer time. Please refer to the following songs for those points. However, even if it is long, it is a slight thing, and although it is a thing of a comma several seconds depending on the place, it is surely different from the net sound source and the existing issue, and has become a thing to be sure. In addition, in the dadgad remaster of the net, there is a black mark that cuts due to tape connection (cut out of sound) occur just before Immigrant Song, but of course there is no such thing in this record.

Next is the explanation of the part of Berkeley 2nd day 14 recorded in the 3rd and 4th pieces.
Here is familiar to fans from the LP era “GOING TO CALIFORNIA” LP (TMQ-72004 / LZ 1-4) directly from the actual item digitized and remastered.
The 14-day show has not yet been confirmed for tape distribution and will be reprinted from the LP record board.
There are several digitalized versions of this LP on the internet, and there are CDs based on it in recent years, but this title has been carefully selected on the actual LP edition with good quality, and this label The familiar and polite remaster is given and it is CD-ized.

There is only a famous live, and CD items have been made several times since the early days of the 90’s CD items, but all of them have a defect of some sort, and the LP version is faithful, carefully, with good sound quality, and There is absolutely no title that has been recorded by applying the minimum necessary editing without omission. The title that is considered the best at this time is the title that New Tara issued in the name of TMQ around 2005, but with the fade processing being done somewhat earlier to avoid trace noise in the lead-in and out-parts of the record In some cases, cross-fade processing between songs resulted in omission of recording in the cheering part of each end of the record.

This time, while performing the necessary minimum processing, dreadfully include the lead-in / out part of the record on a CD, and the sound recordings contained in the LP board, cheers etc. recorded at the time without omission, recorded without omission, and still in the original LP sound source The part where the one side channel is turned off is made into CD with the concept that it will be edited appropriately. By the way, even with the new TaraTM Q name release board released in 2005, processing of monauralization at the place where this one channel is off is done in a considerable part, but this time is a compromise plan, a place where you have no choice but to mono We apply monaural processing to the part where it is decided that only volume adjustment is sufficient, and apply the level adjustment appropriately without converting to monaural. For example, Dazed And Confused 13: 25-26, etc. In this part of the left channel that was originally in the left channel, this type of missing sound is dealt with by the waveform adjustment of the corresponding part without forced mono conversion. This time you can confirm that there is almost no discomfort. Moreover, the big part of level downs, such as Heartbreaker5: 29-5: 42 vicinity, Black Dog 0: 04-0: 05, Whole Lotta Love19: 03-19: 05 vicinity, gives a monaural processing and copes. At that time, the span of monaural was considered as short as possible.
In addition, I’m back and forth, but from the Immigrant Song to the Heartbreaker out to around 0:24 is where the original LP is almost monaural recording, and here it is recorded in monaural as it is. Also, it switches to stereo at Heartbreaker 0:24, but there is originally a silent part of a few seconds of a comma at this point. This silent part is a part of judgment whether to remove or not, but this time, considering the rhythm on hearing, it is a state almost left as it is (in order to stop the playback performance in short, I left it as it is).

The sound quality (tone) varies depending on the characteristics of the needle during LP playback, but this time it has a somewhat calm texture. Moreover, since it was made into CD in order to respect the recording (tone) inscribed on the record as much as possible, since the comp is not also applied, the dynamic range has become wide. Therefore, the sound may be slightly smaller compared to the existing recording board with a few comps or a general recording board in recent years, so please adjust it at the amplifier according to your preference when playing back. Moreover, the scratch noise which arises at the time of reproduction was processed by the aim strike of every one pinpoint like an example. Since the film is not spread and cheated on the whole, you can appreciate the amazing sound without any discomfort.

The design of the front jacket took data directly from the vintage LP board slick and was carefully reborn. In addition, although this time, the label original is colored independently, but please understand in advance.
(※ By the way, there is an LP board with the addition of pig ears and islands around palm trees, funahunya song credits, etc. from that time, and image data colored based on that still exists on the net. However, the Jake’s LP album of the illustration added is not the original but the Jake and the contents are also a copy board (matrix such as CLZ 1-4 etc.) The

story is back, inside the jacket A large number of original series labels, jackets, etc. have been posted, and a design with an existing LP board as a motif has been placed, and if you are a fan, it is possible to look a little grinning.
In addition, both sides 210 * 210 color posters folded in a limitation are attached (included in the case) The
surface is an illustration version, the back is an image raised from the actual thing of the super rare vintage board considered to be Pre TMOQ.
In addition, a half-fold reduction jacket style card is also included. This is a fancy specification that imaged the super rare Pre TMOQ LP board jacket (this is also included in the case).
In addition TMOQ standing pig stickers are included! (Please refer to the front jacket. The image is actually included in the case.) The
CD label is a picture disc (flying pig specification).
★限定ナンバリング入り(ジャケ内側にスタンプ: 1-200まで)
★折込み両面210*210カラーポスター付属(表:イラストジャケ、裏:Pre TMOQジャケ)
★二つ折り120*240カード付属(Pre TMOQのミニジャケ風仕様)

Live at Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California, USA 13th & 14th September1971

★13th September
Very Good Audience Mono

★14th September
Excellent Audience Stereo/Mono(ライブ序盤など一部)
Taken from the vintage LP “GOING TO CALIFORNIA”(TMQ-72004 / LZ 1-4)

13日はネットではなく大物コレクター提供のオリジナルRAWマスターテープからのダイレクトデジタルマスターからCD化!ネットの2ND Genなどの劣化盤ではありません!



Disc3、4枚目におなじみ超有名定番タイトル「GOING TO CALIFORNIA」(71年9月14日公演)をビンテージLP盤現物から収録(ネットではありません)。

この初日13日公演はコレクターズ盤もCD時代に入ってから登場したライブであり、1994年に懐かしのマッドドッグス盤「BACK ON THE WEST COAST」(2CD)で初登場。「マスターテープからダイレクトに収録!」(確か当時の商品カタログがこんなフレコミだった気が)と言うインフォとは裏腹に、ピッチもかなり高く非常に厳しい音質で収録されていました。ちなみに余談ですが、これはマッドドッグス末期のリリースうちの1枚であり、リリースの際にレーベル側も音質の問題を懸念したのか、それまでの同レーベルのタイトルに比べプレスが少なかったのではと推測しています(その後、中古盤でもあまり見かけないので、、)。71年8月のLA公演(多分)を使用したジャケ写もレア。しかしあの頃のリリースのアイテムは未だにタイトルもスラッと出てくるのが不思議(今のタイトルでは絶対無理)。

話は戻りまして、そのマッドドッグスのリリースからちょっと経った95年頃、今度は当時全盛の旧タラから「GOING TO CALIFORNIA II」として紙ジャケ仕様で登場。こちらは音質もマッドドッグス盤と比べだいぶ良く、しかも曲中カットがなかったのもポイントであり、ピッチがまだかなり高いと言う問題はあったものの、ジャケ色を変えて2nd エディションまでリリースされました。


そして2010年頃にネット版のdadgadリマスターが登場。元素材はマスターとのフレコミながら、強烈なイコライジング(エコー処理)とデジタル的なヒス・リダクションを施したこのタイトルはテカテカした加工感が耳に付くものの、元々ダンゴ状態の音源が若干緩和されており、それを元にした2CD「BERKLEY FIRST NIGHT」も登場(その後、同じ素材によるゴッドファザー盤も出てますが割愛)。またネット上には2nd Genとされるバージョンがdadgadバージョンの前後に流通していたようですが、こちらは確実に鮮度も悪く、欠落も多い意味のない音源でした(しかもCelebration Day冒頭で読み取りデジタルエラー音も入る)。

以上、あれこれ書きましたが、ZEPの中で、しかも人気の’71年の中でもリリースタイトル自体は意外と少ない本ライブですが、今回はネット音源や既発とは異なり海外コレクター提供のオリジナル・マスターテープからのRAW バージョンをもとにCD化。さすがにオリジナルテープからのデジタル化だけあり、既発とは音の鮮度、深みに優れていることが分かります。既発やネットの2nd Genとは確実に深みと鮮度、カット部前後の収録長さに勝り、より説得力を感じて頂けるでしょう。また既発ベストとされるネットのdadgadリマスターと比べれば、dadgadリマスターがダンゴ状態の音源が若干緩和され、またヒスも少なくなっているものの、不自然な風呂場エコーとヒス・リダクション後の加工感のあるデジタル処理音が浮き出て耳につくことに気づくでしょう。シンバル類の高域の鳴りを比べてもそれは明か。

次に編集内容面の説明ですが、まず元々全曲収録とされるこの13日の音源ですが、最近になり実際のライブではラストにRock And Rollを演奏していたと言う文献も見られます。残念ながら今回のタイトルでもそれは明らかになっておりません(歓声の中、プラントのGood night! San Fransisco(何故か近所のサンフランシスコ)!、歓声が続きカットアウトで終了)。今回のCD化に際しては既発との差別化のため、カット部前後の楽音や歓声に関してはフェード処理は施さずに、ほぼそのまま収録しております。それにより既発盤でフェード処理等されたり元々未収録で聞こえなかった歓声部分をより長く聴くことができるようになっております。それらポイントは下記曲目を参照下さい。もっとも、長いと言ってもそれは僅かなものであり、場所によってはコンマ数秒のものではありますが、確実にネット音源や既発とは異なるものであり万全を期したものとなっております。また、ネットのdadgadリマスターではImmigrant Song直前にテープの繋ぎによるカット(音切れ)が生じると言う汚点を生じていますが本盤では勿論そのようなことはありません。

こちらはファンにはLP時代からお馴染みの「GOING TO CALIFORNIA」LP(TMQ-72004 / LZ 1-4)現物からダイレクトにデジタル化しリマスター収録。


今回は必要最低限の処理は施しつつも、敢えてレコードのリードイン・アウト部も若干CDに含め、LP盤に含まれる楽音、歓声など当時の録音物は漏れなく収録し、なおかつ元LP音源に起因する片チャンネルがオフになる箇所は適宜編集処理をすると言うコンセプトでCD化しました。ちなみに2005年リリースの新タラTMQ名義盤でもこの片チャンネルがオフになる箇所のモノラル化の処理はかなりの部分でなされておりますが、今回は折衷案で、モノラルにどうしてもせざるを得ない箇所にはモノラル処理を施し、音量調整のみで済むと判断した箇所はモノラル化せずにレベル調整を適宜施し問題を収めております。例を挙げますとDazed And Confused 13:25-26付近などの元々左チャンネルにあった音切れ箇所、この手の音切れは無理矢理モノラル化はせずに該当箇所の波形調整で対処しておりますがほぼ違和感がないことを今回確認できます。また、Heartbreaker5:29-5:42付近、Black Dog 0:04-0:05、Whole Lotta Love19:03-19:05付近などのレベルダウンの大きな箇所はモノラル化を施し対処しております。なお、その際にはなるべくモノラル化のスパンは短くて済むように配慮しました。
また前後しますが、Immigrant SongからHeartbreaker出だし0:24付近までは元々のLPで殆どモノラルの録音となっている箇所で、ここはそのままモノラルで収録しております。また、Heartbreaker0:24でステレオに切り替わりますが、この箇所にはコンマ数秒の無音部が元々存在します。この無音部は除去するかしないかは判断の分かれるところですが、今回は聴感上のリズムを考慮し、ほぼそのまま残した状態です(要するにつまむと再生演奏がつんのめるため、敢えてそのまま残しました)。


(※ちなみに、豚の耳や椰子の木の周囲の島、フニャフニャした曲目クレジットなどを書き足したLP盤も当時から存在し、現在もそれをもとに着色を施した画像データもネット上には存在します。しかし、その書き足されたイラストのジャケのLP盤はオリジナルではなくジャケも中身もコピー盤(CLZ 1-4などのマトリクス)なのです。)

表面は、イラストバージョン、裏面はPre TMOQとされる激レア・ビンテージ盤の現物から起こした画像を掲載。
さらに二つ折り縮小ジャケ風カードも付属。こちらはその激レアPre TMOQ LP盤ジャケをイメージした凝った仕様です(こちらもケース内に同梱)。
さらにTMOQ スタンディングピッグステッカーが付属!(イメージはフロントジャケを参照下さい。実際にはケース内に同梱されます)、

13th September

Disc 1
1. Introduction★出だしは敢えてフェード処理せず。
2. Immigrant Song★ネットdadgad盤では演奏直前にテープ繋ぎカットあり。
3. Heartbreaker
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Black Dog
6. Dazed And Confused

7. Stairway To Heaven
8. Celebration Day

Disc 2
1. MC
2. That’s The Way
3. Going To California
4. What Is And What Should Never Be
5. Moby Dick
(※ネット音源の2nd Genはこの箇所大幅に欠落あり)

6. Whole Lotta Love

7. Communication Breakdown

13th September

Disc 1
1. Introduction ★ The beginning is not faded.
2. Immigrant Song ★ There is a tape cut on the net dadgad board just before playing.
3. Heartbreaker
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Black Dog
6. Dazed And Confused
★ There is a cut between songs. Before and after the cut, it is recorded slightly longer than the net and already released.

7. Stairway To Heaven
8. Celebration Day
★ The disc change section is a long duplication with Disc 2
you want to hurry (because there is no cut between songs in the original sound source) , please change to Disc 2 immediately after the celebrity play ends.

Disc 2
1. MC
2. That’s The Way
3. Going To California
4. What Is And What Should Never Be
5. Moby Dick
★ There is a cut between songs.
Before and after the cut part is not faded, and it is recorded slightly longer than the part already released.
(※ 2nd Gen of net sound source is missing in this part greatly)

6. Whole Lotta Love
★ There is a cut between songs.
Before and after the cut part is not faded, and it is recorded slightly longer than the part already released.

7. Communication Breakdown
★ Lastly without fading. Recorded slightly longer than already released.

14th September

Disc 1
1. Immigrant Song ★ Recorded without omission from the trace section (this song is originally monaural).
Unlike already released and net, calm sound with almost no distortion of left and right ch.
2. Heartbreaker ★ There is a tape change section cut from mono to stereo near 0:24.
I left silence for about 0.3 seconds (because I get into rhythm and go crazy when I
hit it off ) ★ I can confirm the difference in the sound processing from the pre-release in the guitar solo part (net and some pre-release is pretty shari)
★ 5: Near 29-42 Don’t feel uncomfortable in this section because the left ch sound is off
3. Make it into mono 3. Since I’ve Been Loving You
4. Black Dog ★ 0: 04-5 Monophonic to avoid discomfort due to left ch sound off
5. Dazed And Confused ★ Record end is also recorded without omission (more than 2 seconds longer than the net sound source or some previous issue )

Disc 2
1. Stairway To Heaven ★ recorded without omission from the trace section (about 0.7 seconds longer than the net sound source and some already issued)
2. That’s The Way
3. Going To California ★ recorded the cheers after the performance without omission (
Whole netta and about 0.9 seconds longer than some of them already published ) 4. Whole Lotta Love ★ 19: 03-05 Near the left ch sound off to monaural so as not to be uncomfortable.
★ We recorded the record end without omission.

Graf Zeppelin-LZSC-020A/B/C/D

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