Led Zeppelin / Glasgow 1972 2nd Night / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Glasgow 1972 2nd Night / 2CD /Non Label

Green’s Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland 4th December 1972

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The year before last, the first day of Glasgow was excavated and it was a hot topic in the winter of ZEP 1972, but this time another sound source of the second day of Glasgow was excavated. Audience recordings have existed for a long time on this day, and I wonder if there are enthusiasts who remember them in TDOLZ’s “STUCK ON YOU”. However, I remember that it was just a “maniac”, and the overwhelming majority of people had never heard of it. After all, the sound quality of the existing sound source (hereinafter referred to as “recorder 1”) was too poor. Even if it is good to record a monaural audience, the sound is far away and the sound is distorted as a whole. It was a sound source that can only be heard by enthusiasts, and even enthusiasts have difficulty listening to it.
However, recently, another audience recording for the second day has appeared. It was the same when the first day was excavated, but I am really surprised that such a sound source will appear now. Moreover, the sound source this time is still a monaural recording, and even if it is not an excellent level, it is so easy to hear that it is incomparable to that “recorder 1”. In that sense, this excavation will delight enthusiasts all over the world. Although it is a sound image with a sense of distance, it is surprising that it does not have the distorted sound distortion like “recorder 1” and that it is so fresh that you can not think that you have slept for nearly 50 years.

However, this sound source (hereinafter referred to as “recorder 2”) had a different kind of problem from “recorder 1”. It means that fine cuts occur frequently even during performance. This cannot be released as it is. “Recorder 1” has been in the limelight for the first time in a while. It is said that the cut can be filled by using this as a supplementary staff. However, it is another sound source that first appeared, and it is a mistake that other items that have undergone such processing will appear. In that respect, this title has tackled the restoration of the sound source with a new approach that goes into the problems of this “recorder 2”.
“Recorder 2” not only has cuts, but there are some places where it seems that it has deteriorated over 50 years. Normally, this part would be cut and filled with “recorder 1”, but in terms of sound quality, “recorder 2” is the overwhelming victory. Therefore, for the part where there is a problem of sound quality due to tape deterioration even though it is recorded, the process of mixing the two sound sources was applied. This is called “reinforcement” rather than “compensation”.
For example, “Dancing Days” introduced reinforcement for the first time after about 2 minutes, but this made it possible to hear the performance without being buried in the rough sound quality of “recorder 1”. In “Dazed And Confused”, which has a long performance, both cutting and deterioration occur frequently, and even more so, both “compensation” and “reinforcement” processing are maximized. You should be able to understand the significance of this release just by editing it so precisely.
Also, although it doesn’t feel as extremely rough as “recorder 1”, there were still some areas where the vintage audience was worried about the distortion, so by applying an equalization that suppresses the low frequencies that are the cause of that. The advantage is that the outline of the performance is clearer.

And what stands out in this sound source, which is far more audible than “recorder 1”, is the singing voice of the plant, which is performing better than the day before. In the first place, the voice quality itself maintains the luster and firmness that will be completely lost due to a cold one month later, and it makes me realize that it is the end of the 1972 mode plant. He is “singing” everywhere, and the aggressive feeling is reflected by the improvement of sound quality. The plant that accompanies the strong play of the other three who opened their eyes to the rhythm improvisation bargaining from this tour … It’s enough to hear as a new document for a limited time.
For example, the new song “The Song Remains the Same” at that time was sung with a melody close to the album version, and this really shines on stage again. In the first half of the concert, the noisy audience was angry with “Noisy! Listen to me!” And finally became a British music magazine melody maker in front of “Stairway to Heaven”. In response to the review by Chris Charlesworth that appeared, “Zeppelin is sick and thankful, thank you!” Even such annoyance seems to have a positive effect on the voice of the plant on that day.

After all, even “Dazed And Confused”, which is fun at this time, is interesting because the presence of the plant stands out more than the interplay of three people. From the beginning, his singing voice was wonderful, and it was revealed for the first time in this sound source that the so-called San Francisco section was singing Neil Young’s “Cowgirl In The Sand” following the previous day. It was extremely difficult to hear the details of this part in “recorder 1”. In addition, “Stairway to Heaven” reveals the anger as mentioned above, but it is interesting that Page’s guitar solo repeats phrases that make heavy use of hammering, as if expressing the irritation of the plant with phrases. As if it was shown.
The “Whole Lotta Love” medley shows the explosiveness of the plant, which has been aggressive from beginning to end, suitable for the finale. Until “Let’s Have A Party”, it was a development that could be called a standard at this time, but it was Elvis that the plant started singing after that.
・ Presley’s “Stuck On You”. Yes, it was the cover that became the title of the TDOLZ board in ancient times, but it was hard to hear that the part that could be called the highlight of the day was also “recorder 1”. However, with this sound source, which is much easier to hear, I realized that it was a song selection that I could sing because it was an aggressive plant of the day. It is the true value of ZEP that he pulls the band in this way and the other three respond to it.
The second day of Glasgow, which was a completely hardcore enthusiast-only sound source until now, has been promoted to a masterpiece document that enthusiasts can enjoy the most even if it is not core this time. Even so, I can finally hear it by carefully restoring the valuable but problematic sound source. And above all, the expression of the performance is different from the previous day, so you can enjoy listening to it with “GLASGOW 1972 1ST NIGHT” released last year. After all play at this time is special!
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一昨年はグラスゴーの初日が発掘されて話題を呼んだZEP1972年冬のイギリス・ツアーですが、今度はグラスゴー二日目の別音源が発掘されました。この日は古くからオーディエンス録音が存在しており、それを収めたTDOLZの「STUCK ON YOU」で記憶しているマニアがおられることかと。とはいっても記憶しているのは、あくまで「マニア」であって、聞いたことのない人の方が圧倒的に多いのでは。何しろ従来から存在する音源(以降「recorder 1」と称します)は音質があまりに悪かった。モノラルのオーディエンス録音というのはいいとしても、音が遠く、しかも全体的にバリバリ歪んだ音。それこそマニアでないと聞けない、いやマニアですら聞きこむのに難儀するような音源でした。
ところが最近になって二日目の別なオーディエンス録音が登場。初日が発掘された時もそうですが、今になってこのような音源が登場してくるとは本当に驚き。しかも今回の音源ですが、やはりモノラル録音であり、さすがにエクセレントなレベルとは言えなくとも、あの「recorder 1」とは比べ物にならないほど聞きやすい。そういう意味でも今回の発掘は世界中のマニアを狂喜させることでしょう。距離感のある音像ではありますが、「recorder 1」のようないびつな音の歪みがなく、なおかつ50年近く眠っていたとは思えないほど鮮度がいいのも驚き。

ところが「recorder 1」とは別種の問題が今回の音源(以降「recorder 2」と称します)が抱えていたのです。それは細かいカットが演奏中でも頻発するということ。これは到底そのままの状態ではリリースできません。そこで久しぶり脚光を浴びるのが「recorder 1」。これを補填要員とすることでカットを埋められるという。とはいえ初めて登場した別音源です、そうした処理を施したアイテムが他にも登場するのは間違いでしょう。その点、本タイトルは今回の「recorder 2」の問題点に踏み込んだ、新たなアプローチで音源のレストアに取り組みました。
「recorder 2」はカットがあるだけでなく、録音されている箇所でも50年の歳月で劣化してしまったと思われる個所が散見される。通常でしたらこの個所もカットして「recorder 1」で埋めてしまうのでしょうが、何しろ音質に関しては「recorder 2」の圧勝です。そこで録音されながらもテープ劣化による音質の問題がある個所に関しては二つの音源をミックスさせるという処理を施しました。これを「補填」でなく「補強」と呼びます。
例えば「Dancing Days」が2分を過ぎた辺りで初めて補強を導入しているのですが、これによって「recorder 1」の荒くれ音質に埋まることなく演奏が聞き通せるようになった訳です。演奏が長い「Dazed And Confused」ではカットと劣化の両方が頻発しており、なおさら「補填」&「補強」両方の処理が最大限に活かされることになりました。そのあまりに緻密な編集ぶりだけでも今回のリリースの意義を理解してもらえるはず。
また「recorder 1」ほど極端な荒れくれ感はないもの、それでもビンテージ・オーディエンスにありがちな歪みの気になる箇所がちらほらとありましたので、その元凶となる低域を抑えたイコライズを施したことで、演奏の輪郭がよりくっきりとした点もアドバンテージかと。

そして「recorder 1」よりはるかに聞きこめるようになった今回の音源で際立つのは、前日以上に好調なプラントの歌声。そもそも声質自体が一か月後の風邪で完全に失われてしまうツヤやハリをしっかり保っており、正に72年モードのプラントの末期なのだと痛感させられます。随所で彼が「歌えて」おり、その攻めてる感じが音質の向上によって映えること。このツアーからリズムのインプロヴィゼーションの駆け引きに開眼した他の三人のストロングなプレイに付いてくるプラント…その限りある時期の新たなドキュメントとしても聞き応えは十分。
例えば当時の新曲「The Song Remains the Same」でもアルバム・バージョンに近い旋律で歌えていて、これがまた実にステージ映えする。かと思えばコンサート前半でMCの最中でも騒がしい観客に「うるさい!俺の話を聞けってば!」と怒り、挙句の果てには「Stairway to Heaven」の前でイギリスの音楽誌メロディ・メイカーに載ったクリス・チャールズワースによるレビューに対して「ツェッペリンは落ち目だとぬかしやがる、ありがとよ!」とジャーナリストへの当て擦りを発するほど。そんな苛立ちすら、この日のプラントの声にプラスに作用としか思えません。

何しろこの時期のお楽しみでもある「Dazed And Confused」ですら三人のインタープレイ以上にプラントの存在感が際立っているから面白い。序盤からして彼の歌声が素晴らしく、所謂サンフランシスコ・セクションは前日に続いてニール・ヤングの「Cowgirl In The Sand」を歌っていたことが今回の音源で初めて解りました。このパートのディティールを「recorder 1」で聞き取るのは至難の業だったのです。また先のような怒りを露わにした「Stairway to Heaven」ですが、ペイジのギターソロがやたらとハンマリングを多用したフレーズを連発しているのが面白く、まるでプラントの苛立ちをフレーズで表現してみせたかのよう。
こんな調子で終始アグレッシブだったプラントがフィナーレに相応しい炸裂ぶりを見せつけてくれるのが「Whole Lotta Love」メドレー。「Let’s Have A Party」まではこの時期の定型と呼べる展開なのですが、それが一段落してプラントが歌い出したのがエルヴィス
・プレスリーの「Stuck On You」。そう、いにしえTDOLZ盤のタイトルになったカバーですが、この日の目玉とも呼べる部分がこれまた「recorder 1」だと聞きづらかった。しかし格段に聞きやすくなった今回の音源によって、この日のアグレッシブなプラントだからこそ歌えた選曲だったのだと痛感。こうしてバンドを彼が引っぱり、他の三人がそれに応えるのがZEPの真骨頂。
今までは完全にハードコアなマニア限定音源だったグラスゴー二日目、それが今回はコアでなくともマニアなら最高に楽しめる名演ドキュメントへと昇格。それでいて貴重ながら問題が多い音源を緻密にレストアしたことでいよいよ聞きこめる。そして何より前日とは演奏の表情が随所で違うので、昨年リリースされた「GLASGOW 1972 1ST NIGHT」との聞き比べがいよいよ楽しめる。やはりこの時期のプレイは特別です!

Disc 1 (55:26)
1. Introduction
★ All compensation
2. Rock And Roll
★ 0:00 –2:55 Compensation
3. Over The Hills And Far Away
4. Black Dog
★ 1:29 –1:44 Compensation
5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You
★ 2:37 –2:44 Reinforcement
7. Dancing Days
★ 2:04 –2:17 Reinforcement
8. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
★ 0:50 –0:53 Compensation & Reinforcement
★ 5:15 –5:21 Compensation
9. The Song Remains The Same
10. The Rain Song
★ 2:33 –3:16 Reinforcement

Disc 2 (67:27)
1. MC
2. Dazed And Confused
★ 2:58 –3:02 Reinforcement
★ 5:41 –5:37 Compensation
★ 16: 23 –16: 27 Compensation & Reinforcement
★ 16:49 –16:58 Compensation & Reinforcement
★ 25: 54 –26: 38 Compensation
3. Stairway To Heaven
★ 3: 21- 3:25 Reinforcement
★ 9:31 –Compensation until the end
4. Whole Lotta Love
★ 0:00 –0:02 Compensation
★ 6:11 –6:15 Reinforcement
■ 11:22 Missing existing
★ 18:05 –18:18 Compensation
■ 22:27 Missing existing
5. Heartbreaker
★ 5:01 –Compensation until the end

★ The sound quality is overwhelmingly better than the previous one, but it’s too loud, so I cut the bass, but it still gives a loud impression.
★ The tape condition is poor and there are multiple deterioration points, and the tape is running but deteriorated like a saw.
★ The severely deteriorated parts are covered with existing ones to make it as easy to hear as possible.
* Reinforcement = Part that has already been covered / Compensation = Part that was compensated due to lack
* Since the sound quality of the existing product is poor, it is a painstaking measure because the texture will be significantly different if replaced.
* The existing compensation / reinforcement is equalized in a timely manner depending on the situation.
★ The parts with short deterioration have not been corrected.

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