Led Zeppelin / For Badge Holders Only / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / For Badge Holders Only / 3CD / Non Label

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The Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA 23rd June 1977


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ZEP1977-nennona-bantoieba “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE” And “FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY” is famous, it was created from LA6 the first half of the performance is the peak of both ’77 tour. Eddie who is no longer the highest among the ’77 Meien or taper of the legend, become synonymous with Mike Millard, but has become a presence of about listed in the top among the ZEP live sound source, actually quick to release the ’77 tour It is, was tighten know the Chodokyu performance did towards the badge holder’s.
That’s right, as a great point of the badge holder’s, Eddie, as well, and I was a name board from the ’77 tour which was created at a time when even the Destroyer of the sound board recording not appeared. This release was a label called Dragonfly Records, which it is said was a release of TMOQ series. Certainly design wrapped in a slick cover of 70s of LP item unique is reminiscent it.

One performances in order to release the stage of lengthy ’77 tour, the form of release of divided into two sets of LP, yet two part also would be similar. And although Paige photo of the Slick Part 1 of the ’77 tour had been used, I think the photo of the plant that was used in Part 2 seems this also 70s is that it was in ’73. But audience recording was recorded in these two items is the sound quality is great, yet coupled with that he has recorded a performance that was glowing from the LA performances, badge holder’s was given the title of ’77 tour of the name board .
In the 1980s would be ahead of Destroyer and Eddie presence of the badge holder’s by appeared somewhat faded, it was Yuki growing finally fame of Eddie from since the 1990s. The cause even more than Buttobi performance of Eddie, Will there that was not blessed sound source day of the badge holder’s more than anything. Moreover, Millard (It is said that it was pushing the difference in the Record button) failed to record a few songs the first half and only on this day, it becomes a decisive you do not hear the full-length of the day badge holder’s at that Millard Quality It felt as closed.
Sonaruto badge holder’s LP is the existence value was left. In particular, it does not exist audience recording that exceeds the sound quality that was used to LP from the previous reasons with respect to live early. Yet with respect to LA performances also sound that became the original LP not been around at the source level … Sonaruto badge holder’s that June 23, and is based on the Millard sound source, there to the LP and is the form that was supplemented with yet another sound source editing has become the mainstream. As it were from mania, you want to hear the full version of Live badge holder’s LP sound quality of nostalgia than Millard sound source … but more than the original sound source is not floating around, it is impossible … there is with the eyes, badge holder’s LP were the main, there was also that an item has been released that make up the other part in another sound source.

But it is an item that the surprisingly there is no faithfully reproduce the badge holder’s LP itself. Because lengthy ’77 stage itself of example has a configuration of cry LP, but did not make it into the very Note live complete recording of the last resort that the release of badge holder figure was divided into two types, on the contrary in order to recorded in LP and we had been together in the editing considerably changed was the Kyoku-jun to. Since the LP track order also an item that is based had been healed along the actual live, contrary to LP original things really interesting that the song order.

In carrying to release the badge holder’s, usual deployment is played in quick succession from “The Song Remains The Same” of opening is a great achievement of the once injury that play has been stopped at the same songs only on this day It has. There are several theories and such string of double neck SG of Paige has had expired but, thanks to containing the MC of the plant here instead of any case usual deployment, LP has enabled recording from that part. If you’ll be late and “The Rover” intro if even this day and was showing a normal deployment, “The Song ~” has been recorded in a way that fade-in.
But the length of the entire live of course, ’77 tour that the playing time of each song had been enlarged. Sure enough, “No Quarter” is divided in one of LP, such as some and “Achilles Last Stand” in the acoustic part has been allowed to sadly fade-out. Such as words from the play that seems to it while stomach after the end the same songs were recorded from the radio or something has been recorded, would place it seems items of mysterious editing is also LP era. In addition CD such as this part has been cut (which is of course is because of nothing to do with ZEP but), it seems that than people who do not know the status of such strange editing and fade-out is surprisingly large.

So this time dare to respect the contents of the original LP two title, it becomes a complete reproduction of limiting the nostalgia of the name platen press CD release. While as much as possible eliminate the scratch noise caused by the fact that recording from LP, only on CD that takes advantage of the sound quality of the original LP. Treble of Millard has captured beautifully the live sound of ’77 ZEP which was analog tic sound quality is massive or in different U~omi and fine-tuned sound quality. Convenient even to listen in through the “No Quarter”, which had been separated from reason of example. What than is Onban into ’77 at that time was also good of freshness And really great!
And I do not miss to hear how you are playing June 21 Buttobi Bonzo is in a good atmosphere, such as if the thought even the balance of the whole band have passed two days. Although it is still in the intense drumming, but I granular play like there was no 21 days it is a glimpse of the face. Such Bonzo but it has issued a dabble while speaks plant in between songs, “I noisy, Bonzo” while he is raising the laughter against it is a peaceful scene attractive that is returning with. In the live sound source of ZEP, this only big attraction also that plant and intimacy of Bonzo on stage has been captured. What Keith Moon in alone stage of such hustle-Bonzo “Over The Top” appeared, the last line that was bubbling over even while Bonzo is hit, such as co-starring in the timpani, and the legend of the same as the ’77 tour and the 21st It is for us to reproduce in great also became the scene sound quality. Some also including edits seems old LP, such as duplicate recording of incomplete recording and “Black Country Woman”, items that easily enjoy the badge holder’s LP original figure of legend appeared!


ZEP1977年の名盤と言えば「LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE」それに「FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY」が有名であり、どちらも77年ツアーのピークであるLA6公演の前半から生み出されました。エディの方はもはや77年の中でも最高の名演、あるいは伝説のテーパー、マイク・ミラードの代名詞となり、ZEPライブ音源の中でも上位に挙げられるほどの存在となっていますが、実は77年ツアーをいち早くリリースし、その超弩級パフォーマンスを知らしめたのはバッジホルダーズの方でした。
そうです、バッジホルダーズの偉大な点として、エディはもとより、サウンドボード録音のデストロイヤーすら登場していない時代に生み出された77年ツアーからの名盤だったのです。このリリースはDragonfly Recordsというレーベルでしたが、これはTMOQ系列のリリースだったと言われています。確かに70年代のLPアイテムならではのスリック・カバーに包まれたデザインがそれを偲ばせます。



バッジホルダーズをリリースするに当たっては、オープニングの「The Song Remains The Same」から立て続けに演奏されるいつもの展開が、この日に限って同曲で一度演奏が止められたことが怪我の功名となっています。ペイジのダブルネックSGの弦が切れてしまったなど諸説ありますが、いずれにせよいつもの展開の代わりにここでプラントのMCが入ったおかげで、LPはその部分からの収録が可能となりました。もしこの日も通常の展開をみせていたとすれば「The Song~」の終盤や「The Rover」イントロがフェイドインする形で収録されたことでしょう。
しかしライブ全体の長さはもちろん、各曲の演奏時間が肥大していたのが77年ツアー。案の定「No Quarter」は一枚のLPの中で分断され、アコースティック・パートのいくつかや「Achilles Last Stand」などはあえなくフェイドアウトさせられています。それでいながら同曲終了後にはラジオか何かから録られたと思われる劇からの台詞が収録されているなど、摩訶不思議な編集がまたLP時代のアイテムらしいところでしょう。しかもCDではこのパートなどがカットされており(ZEPと関係ないのだから当然ですが)、そんな不思議な編集やフェイドアウトの状態を知らない人が意外と多いのではと思われます。

そこで今回は敢えてオリジナルLP二タイトルの内容を尊重し、懐かしの名盤を完全再現した限定のプレスCDリリースとなります。LPからの収録ということで生じるスクラッチ・ノイズを極力排除しながら、あくまでオリジナルLPの音質を活かしたCD化。ミラードの高音がきめ細やかな音質とはまた違ったウォーミーでアナログチックな音質がどっしりとした77年ZEPのライブサウンドを見事に捉えています。例の理由から分断されてしまった「No Quarter」を通しで聴けるのも便利。それに何よりも77年当時に音盤化された鮮度の良さは本当に素晴らしい!
そして6月21日のぶっ飛びボンゾが二日経ってバンド全体とのバランスをも考えたかのようないい雰囲気で演奏している様子も聞き逃せません。相変わらず激しいドラミングではありますが、21日にはなかったようなきめ細やかなプレイが顔を覗かせているのです。そんなボンゾは曲間でプラントが喋る間にちょっかいを出しているのですが、それに対して彼が笑い声を上げながら「うるさいよ、ボンゾ」と返している和やかな場面も魅力です。ZEPのライブ音源において、これだけステージ上でプラントとボンゾの親密さが捉えられている点も大きな魅力。そんなハッスル・ボンゾの独り舞台「Over The Top」では何とキース・ムーンが登場し、ボンゾが叩いている最中でもまくしたてた挙句、ティンパニで共演するなど、21日と同じように77年ツアーの伝説となった場面も素晴らしい音質で再現してくれるのです。いくつかの不完全収録や「Black Country Woman」の重複収録といった昔のLPらしい編集内容も含め、伝説のバッジホルダーズLP本来の姿を手軽に楽しめるアイテムが登場します!

Disc 1 (75:42)
1. Intro 2. The Rover Intro/Sick Again 3. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. Black Country Woman 6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. Ten Years Gone 8. Battle Of Evermore
9. Going To California 10. Black Mountain Side 11. Kashmir 12. Trampled Underfoot

Disc 2 (57:49)
1. Stairway To Heaven 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Rock And Roll 4. No Quarter 5. Black Country Woman
6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 3 (43:37)
1. Out On The Tiles 2. Moby Dick 3. Guitar Solo 4. Achilles Last Stand 5. Ending

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