Led Zeppelin / Fillmore West 1969 Final Soundboard & Audience Recording / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Fillmore West 1969 Final Soundboard & Audience Recording / 2CD / Non Label

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Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA. USA 27th April 1969



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Of course Fillmore in April 27 sound source most popular currently, will also be released at the same time the longest version that mixes the SBD and AUD. Only two kinds of sound sources that are left on this day became the forerunner of ZEP live sound source release of “make the longest version, make full use of multiple sound sources”, it was there that can be called a pioneer. Made early in the sound source trade by CD-R, is that “COLLAGE” that was based on the edit version. For the Son and the Fillmore April 27 sound source, already “TWINIGHT” in the But the SBD missing part was editing is attempted to compensate by AUD, and making full use of sound editing software PC, was put together in more smooth ” COLLAGE is. ” Now items that it can be said that the nostalgia of the title, the full version item that combines a plurality of sound sources it to the beginning and has been released until now.
Although it is Fillmore April 27 sound source that a new road has been cut open by “COLLAGE”, the longest version of editing that made full use of two types of sound source is escalating between mania along with the evolution of subsequent editing software. The more time editing was groundbreaking “COLLAGE” (thing from now, 15 years ago) even I feel old, the full-length version editing of this live are extremely prime.

Among the editing of a combination of two types of sound source, and press CD of the limited version from the best of the call was Tsu high between mania. The only missing part of the SBD does not change for a long time, and that is requested in this edit you’ll be target is throttled to the point referred to as “how to have a combination of carefully the two sound sources”. Discomfort of the SBD and AUD or whether that put together how naturally the joint. In that regard, certainly smooth connection of this version is worth special mention. If it is possible in particular listening to edit parts of playing before a defect in the “Killing Floor”, you’ll be able to experience this time of exceptional editing sense.
As the former was mentioned in AUD alone version, this sound source has a dilemma from that the input level is low, resulting in out not a little hiss. This edit hiss is also suppressed well, until that it none equalization feeling even can not be said, it deserves special mention is a point which has been reborn as a pretty good feeling of listening ease. Than the original of each of the sound source, if only in the live full-length version to listen to it is the best, anyone who, it might be this version is said that it is the most ideal.

And more than anything, thus it is frightful performance of April 27, which collectively raised to the full-length version! Take the ’69 of ZEP, location that will stretch along with the enthusiastic welcome the possibility of their own, I it was the United States of clubs and concert halls. First American tour that has been left over from the end of Gonzaga 1968 literally of the Dosa around, however every night of energetic performance Mise grabbed quickly American rock fans of mind. As a result, the performance of his second American tour Meien also called a ZEP first goal was created as a matter of course. For mania, you do not have this time free and ZEP as interesting play to play a creative psychedelic blues.
That was its key “As Long I Have You”. While long playing pace freely deployment is not boring boasts a high popularity. The song live performance of vertex playing that began from Gonzaga of the day or the final form and great things can call,. Instead of to 69 年 月 4 ZEP despite the long repertoire as “Dazed And Confused” and “How Many More Times” was also added three songs, each is not boring the audience, very ingenious performance a There was a lightness of footwork you to listen as a matter of course. In particular, “How Many ~” here is the first-time break of the plant “Mom Marma Marma mom ~” and hum deployment those extremely impressive after, skillfully base play Johnsy is to listen at the back such as is, SBD’s why you can enjoy the real thrill.
On the other hand recording of “White Summer” in the second set is not recorded at all in SBD state (this is downright strange) is late, there will be a turn of AUD. Then the best version of the classic sound that raised together with the cherry pick of two types of sound source. If you want to listen to the performance, such as wipe the fire of ’69 ZEP, First now!


二種類の音源を組み合わせた編集の中でも、マニアの間でベストの呼び声が高ったバージョンから限定のプレスCD化。SBDの欠損部が古くから変わらないだけに、この編集に求められるのは「いかに二つの音源を丁寧に組み合わせているのか」という点に的が絞られることでしょう。SBDとAUDの違和感、あるいはつなぎ目をいかに自然にまとめ上げるかということ。その点において、確かに今回のバージョンのなめらかなつなぎは特筆に値します。特に「Killing Floor」における演奏前と欠損部の編集箇所を聴いていただければ、今回の卓越した編集センスを実感していただけることでしょう。

そのカギとなったのが「As Long I Have You」。長尺ながら緩急自在な展開が飽きさせない演奏は高い人気を誇ります。この日の同曲の演奏はゴンザガから始まったライブ・パフォーマンスの頂点、あるいは完成形と呼べる素晴らしいもの。それどころか69年4月までのZEPは「Dazed And Confused」と「How Many More Times」と長尺レパートリーが三曲も加えられていたにもかかわらず、それぞれが観客を飽きさせない、極めて独創的な演奏を当たり前のように聴かせるフットワークの軽さがありました。特にここでの「How Many~」は一回目のブレイクの後でプラントが「マママーママーマママ~」とハミングする展開が極めて印象的なもので、そのバックでジョンジーが聴かせるベース・プレイの巧みさなど、SBDだからこそ味わえる醍醐味。
一方でセカンド・セットの「White Summer」がSBDにまったく収録されていないという録音状態(これは何とも不思議です)が故、そこはAUDの出番となります。そうして二種類の音源のいいとこ取りをしてまとめ上げられた定番音源のベスト・バージョン。69年ZEPの火を噴くような演奏を聴きたければ、まずはこれから!

Disc 1 (61:52)
1. Intro. 2. Train Kept A Rollin’ 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby 4. As Long As I Have You
5. You Shook Me 6. How Many More Times

Disc 2 (68:22)
1. Killing Floor 2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 3. White Summer/Black Mountainside
4. Sitting and Thinking 5. Pat’s Delight 6. Dazed And Confused 7. Communication Breakdown


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