Led Zeppelin / Evolution Is Timing 3 Movie / 12DVD Box Set

Led Zeppelin / Evolution Is Timing 3 Movie / 12DVD Box Set / Empress Valley Supreme Disk

Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA July 1973-The Fan Made Edition & Earls Court Arena, Earls Court , London, UK May 24th 1975

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The third is Johnsy! Introducing a 12-disc box set that collects classic professional shot images, including live recordings and studio recordings! 1973 MSG fan maid, 1975 Earls Court 2 days, 1977 Seattle performance, 1979 Knebworth 2 days recorded with high quality professional shots. These 6 images are the ones that are familiar to us from a long time ago, which is a complete recording of one performance with “Professional shot”, so I would like you to see it especially if you are a fan who is not familiar with Zeppelin. It’s fun because the charm of Zepp is packed with each age! When I first saw Paige in the moving Dragon Suit, I felt more like “I saw something I shouldn’t see” rather than being cool. (In the old days, the image quality was bad and I was a young blue young man. It was). There’s no such cool rock band out there anymore, so I have no choice but to enjoy it in the video. For the time being, this box and the official video are OK.
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Empress Valley Supreme Disk EVSD-LS-006-3230

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