Led Zeppelin / Electric Magic / 3CD/ Graf Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin / Electric Magic / 3CD/ Graf Zeppelin

Electric Magic, Empire Pool, Wembley, UK 20th November 1971

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★The final version of the Wembley performance on November 20, 1971!
★Natural good audience that overwhelms existing ones! (Of course not online)
★ There is some hiss, but there is no unpleasant digital odor like the one seen before!

“Electric Magic”, Empire Pool, Wembley, UK 20th November 1971

The final board of “Electric Magic” is here!
It seems that many people have the image of “bad sound” when it comes to “elemage,” but this title overwhelms such an image and is definitely the final record with the best sound ever!

In the mid ’90s, it was a live performance that appeared on old Mad Dogs, followed by old cod, but at this time the old cod board sounded much better than Mad Dogs. After that, the label of Apple Jam that came out around 2001 was a deteriorated copy of the old cod, and in the Elemaji board that came out around 2003, I managed to make Immigrant Song appear for the first time from a submaster with a poor sound centered on the deteriorated copy of the old cod. That is. By the way, Dancing Days was also “first recorded” there, but the reality was that the same song from the performance on December 23, 1972 was embedded.
After that, in recent years, it has appeared as a new cod, EV board, but both have metallic and glaring processing for some reason the same, and the recorded editing contents are somehow almost the same, these releases It was also a mystery, but in any case, the metallic and glaring texture was missed, and in the end, the earliest release of the old cod was audibly hum noise of low frequency and excessive low frequency processing. Although it was very difficult, it was the best situation so far.

In this title, it seems that it is a route that is close to the new cod that appeared in recent years, the master used for the EV board, but the point is the natural master before the metallic glare treatment (naturally not the net ) Is the main recording point. There is a lot of hiss noise, but due to careful mastering that is unrelated to the glaring digital processing, the sound quality is definitely improved significantly for this day’s live. Also, in all related titles, the hum noise of low-range boons was annoying, but it has almost disappeared, and the sounds that were difficult to hear until now can be heard clearly, for example Robert’s Good Evening! Just by comparing (CD time around 0:13) with the existing titles, you will be able to feel the clear sound without the difference in resolution and the low frequency noise which is annoying.
By the way, although it was becoming possible to hear phrases that could not be heard even on new cod or EV board, it was said that the metallic sound had canceled it.

Also in terms of content, supplements between songs, etc. are appropriately supplemented with sub tapes (also not on the net), cuts between songs that have not been noticed already and dub recording of sounds etc. are also compensated and uncut restoration is done. (It’s slightly longer than the new cod/EV board).
In addition, there is no gap in the pitch, of course, and there is no gap in this board, for example, the pitch is greatly shifted before and after the cut part (near the board 22:32) in the final stage of the dazzling (it was high after cutting in the previous issue).

Anyway, “Eremaji”, which I thought was difficult to hear until now, finally reached a level where I could hear it!
Limited numbering included, back card numbering.
The CD label is a permanent version of the picture disc!

“Electric Magic”, Empire Pool, Wembley, UK 20th November 1971


“Electric Magic”, Empire Pool, Wembley, UK 20th November 1971

“Electric Magic”の決定盤が登場!

’90年代半ばに、懐かしのMad Dogs、続けて旧タラで登場したライブですが、このときは旧タラ盤がMad Dogsよりもかなり音は良いというものでした。その後2001年頃に出たApple Jamというレーベルのものは旧タラの劣化コピーで、また2003年頃に出たエレマジ盤では旧タラの劣化コピーを軸に音の劣るサブマスターからImmigrant Songをどうにか初登場させたというもの。ちなみに、そこではDancing Daysも「初収録」されていましたが、実態は’72年12月23日公演の同曲が埋め込まれていたというものでした。

今回のタイトルでは近年登場の新タラ、EV盤に使用されたマスターと恐らく近いルートのものと思われますが、ポイントは、メタリックでギラギラした処理がなされる前のナチュラル・マスター(当然ネットではない)をメインにした収録となっている点です。ヒスノイズこそ多めですが、ギラギラしたデジタル処理とは無縁の丁寧なマスタリングにより、この日のライブとしては音質的には確実に大幅アップ。また関連タイトルではことごとく低域のブーンというハムノイズが耳障りでしたが、それもほぼ解消し、今まで聞き取り辛かった音声もかなり明確に聞き取れるようになっており、例えばCD出だしのロバートのGood Evening!(CDタイム0:13付近)を既発タイトルと聞き比べて頂くだけでも解像度の差や耳障りな低周波ノイズのないスッキリサウンドを大いに実感頂けるでしょう。



“Electric Magic”, Empire Pool, Wembley, UK 20th November 1971

Disc 1 (41:20)
01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Black Dog
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. Rock And Roll
07. Stairway To Heaven ★演奏後の拍手部のダブリをノーカット復旧

Disc 2 (57:25)
01. MC
02. Going To California ★イントロ前の重複カット復旧
03. That’s The Way
04. Tangerine
05. Dazed And Confused
06. What Is And What Should Never Be
07. Celebration Day

Disc 3 (44:09)
01. MC
02. Moby Dick
03. Whole Lotta Love
Big Black Cadillac Blues
Boogie Chillen’
Hello Mary Lou
Mess O’ Blues ★重複カット復旧
Honey Bee
Going Down Slow
Kind Hearted Woman Blues

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-1120

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