Led Zeppelin / Earls Court 1975 4th Night / 4CD

Led Zeppelin / Earls Court 1975 4th Night / 4CD / Non Label

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Live at Earl’s Court Arena, London, UK 24th May 1975 SBD


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“Your Mother Would not Like It!” (Your mother is a good face and not be I!) Of starting from the announcement that the Led Zeppelin May 1975 24 days, of Earl’s Court impressive scene. To begin with the very first to sometimes the item was released Speaking of Earl’s Court of ZEP, impression of May 24, is very strong. For many of ZEP mania, is better to wear this day it seems that little or Speaking of Earl’s Court. Paige is wearing a black dragon suit, in the end of the live characters “LED ZEPPELIN” was raised big, atmosphere unique to Earl’s Court. Of it began to taste is that since the beginning of the 21st century, widely known completely in the live video of 24 days to be present from the previous had become clear that now, only seen in the photo until it full picture of Earl’s Court did not have it have become completely clear.
In retrospect, the shock when the voice of the video appeared as a sound board recording of Earl’s Court was really great. As starting with the Condor CD of nostalgia, 24 days of the show and later sound board recording became commonplace. Furthermore along with the advent of video, sound board recording of 24 days upon entering the 21st century, quality has made a dramatic improvement. It is the other, to the extent it is not exaggeration to say that the most upscale as 75 years of video voice sound board clearness. And freshness also was amazing. As if it had been fished in it, now leads by a stroke upgrade to those of the video on which also has been excavated to the sound source and the image of the 25 days.
Is Earl’s Court 24 days was the standard of the original 75-year ZEP live, but the sound board recording was unwavering standard and of between around the world of mania. Because the original is monaural of the video voice sound board, it does not START and of course pass the official “LED ZEPPELIN DVD”. However, even in ZEP live in the same 75 years, enjoy May of Earls Court show that the March US tour from January was listen to the performance of a totally different atmosphere, the whole picture of the stage in the sound quality of up to here charm that, it is great too. Rather, and staging to listen to slowly and carefully performance of ZEP to be heard here, seems even to monaural sound is matched closely, which boasts its stunning clearness.

As our shop is mentioned in the “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1st NIGHT” at the release of the just released, on the American tour, which lasted a long time, yet that tour or shine of the press the poor physical condition of the plant and Paige, eventful includes elements are It was strong. As a result of tactics and of improvisation that undulating, Will appeared to play with a non-uniformity in a good way. The performance of the overall US tour, but I also said to be a result of gimmick is often improvisation and flashy first deployment has been escalating, much surprised the ZEP at that point Earl’s Court, we’re playing carefully.
Most notably in the Bonzo, I have let the gimmick a lot of drumming through the show, and yet not to expand to say that so-called “runaway”, here is the point. In other words, the tension is not never that low, the fact that even while Incorporating a gimmick and play everywhere, not to expand, such as might disturb the ensemble, such as was seen in LA Atari. When listening to this clearness with outstanding sound board recording, really good feeling. In the US tour late, has been escalated to a whopping 40-minute “Dazed And Confused” also fit into the category of less than 30 minutes, the tactics of 75 years seems groove-oriented improvisation in comfortably, such as the discussions of which was waged would be attractive in the Earl’s Court the second half of the show. Unlike just not (such as drugs) problems and temptation other than the stage more or less not escape the stress US tour movement, a small schedule in his native Britain, carefully this in an environment where Uchikomeru to stage two months It was sudden change the performance of ZEP so much.

More early ten years since the advent of the best-quality monaural sound board recording of video voice that captures the stage of such 24 days have passed. Although the sound quality is a sound source that there is a feeling that was the pinnacle, loss of the acoustic part with a focus on “Going To California” when it comes to this day, and further deterioration of the sound quality in the middle of “Stairway To Heaven” problem not yet been resolved. In particular with respect to the “Going To California” is, appears to be a high likelihood that have not been recorded when the exchange of the video tape. It is not that easy after all to complete recording of the marathon Earl’s Court show. More than that, because Will was also no idea of ​​such Serve the complete recording of live video of the day.
The drumming of the other hand Bonzo is rolled dull, yet the sound quality change also shine or as Paige guitar solo is supported him “Stairway To ~” Where be missed. Is exactly the typical discussions with the playing of unique Earl’s Court was there. In this release, does not change their shortcomings, so we stayed in the same adjustment and past items ( “Going To California” Audience recording), it may be unsatisfactory in that regard.
However, in this release, recorded a version that overseas fans were again remastered. The original is moderately eliminate the flatness to be felt because of mono video voice, thoroughly remove the noise and the like that would precisely entered because further video voice, is what was to polish the original clear sound quality. Since the course is quaint and pure upper version is a different sound source, will not be denied is not enough sense if from mania. But in that version of Destroyer and 929 and lined classic sound board recording Earl’s Court 24 days it has become even easier to listen, has evolved to a state that can recommend with confidence to all the fans. It is not a sarcastic of equalization, sound quality with an increased spread bright natural. Goodness of this finish, you can feel especially sound from the speakers. At the limit of the press CD, please enjoy carefully the new version of the classic 24 days sound board recording!

★ use the video source that is said to be the best at the moment. You Yes finish to the best of shape established a sound image.

「Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It!」(キミのお母さんがいい顔しないかもよ!)というアナウンスから始まるのがレッド・ツェッペリン1975年5月24日、アールズ・コートの印象的な場面。そもそもZEPのアールズ・コートと言えば一番最初にアイテムがリリースされたこともあり、5月24日の印象はとても強い。多くのZEPマニアにとって、アールズ・コートと言えばこの日を浮かべる方がほとんどかと思われます。ペイジが黒いドラゴン・スーツをまとい、ライブの終盤では「LED ZEPPELIN」という文字が大きく掲げられた、アールズ・コートならではの雰囲気。それが味わえるようになったのは21世紀を迎えてからの事で、以前から存在していることが明らかになっていた24日のライブ映像が今ではすっかり知れ渡り、それまで写真でしか見られなかったアールズ・コートの全貌がすっかり明らかになってしまいました。
元々75年ZEPライブのスタンダードであったアールズ・コート24日ですが、そのサウンドボード録音は世界中のマニアの間で揺るぎない定番と化しました。元がモノラルのビデオ音声サウンドボードですので、もちろんオフィシャル「LED ZEPPELIN DVD」の域には及びません。しかし、同じ75年のZEPライブでも、1月から3月のアメリカ・ツアーとはまったく違う雰囲気の演奏を聴かせた5月のアールズ・コート・ショー、そのステージの全貌がここまでの音質で楽しめるという魅力、それはあまりにも大きい。むしろ、ここで聴かれるZEPのじっくりと演奏を聴かせるステージングと、その見事なクリアネスを誇るモノラル音声がぴったりとマッチしているようにすら思える。

当店がリリースしたばかりの「MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1st NIGHT」リリース時に述べたように、アメリカ・ツアーは長期に及んだ上、しかもプラントやペイジの体調不良を押してのツアー決行という、波乱含みな要素が強かった。その結果が起伏に富んだインプロビゼーションの駆け引きや、いい意味でムラのある演奏に現れたのでしょう。全体的にアメリカ・ツアーの演奏は仕掛けが多いインプロや派手目な展開がエスカレートした結果とも言えるのですが、その点アールズ・コートでのZEPはびっくりするくらい、じっくりと演奏しているのです。
一番顕著なのはボンゾで、ショーを通して仕掛けの多いドラミングを聞かせているのですが、それでいて所謂「暴走」と言う展開にならない、ここがポイント。つまり、テンションが低いということは決してはなく、仕掛けや遊びを随所に盛り込みつつも、LA辺りで見られたようなアンサンブルを乱しかねないような展開にならないということ。これをクリアネス抜群なサウンドボード録音で聴いていると、本当に気持ちがいい。アメリカ・ツアー終盤においては、何と40分にまでエスカレートしていた「Dazed And Confused」も30分以内という範疇に収まり、75年らしいグルーブ指向のインプロビゼーションの駆け引きをスカッとするような気持ちよさで繰り広げていたのがアールズ・コート後半のショーにおける魅力でしょう。移動だけでなくステージ以外の問題や誘惑(ドラッグなど)大なり小なりストレスを免れられないアメリカ・ツアーと違い、母国イギリスでの小規模なスケジュールで、じっくりステージに打ち込める環境が二か月でこれほどまでにZEPの演奏を豹変させたのです。

そんな24日のステージを捉えたビデオ音声のモノラル・サウンドボード録音のベスト・クオリティが登場してから早十年以上が経過しました。音質的には頂点を極めた感がある音源ですが、この日に関して言えば「Going To California」を中心としたアコースティック・パートの欠損、さらには「Stairway To Heaven」の途中で音質が劣化する問題は未だに解決されていません。特に「Going To California」に関しては、ビデオ・テープの交換に当たって録画されなかった公算が高いように思われます。何しろ長丁場なアールズ・コート・ショーを完全収録するのは容易なことではありません。それ以上に、この日の完全収録ライブ・ビデオを出そうなどと言う考えもなかったのでしょうから。
その反面ボンゾのドラミングが冴えまくり、しかも彼に支えられるかの如くペイジのギター・ソロも映える「Stairway To~」の音質変化は惜しまれるところ。正にアールズ・コートならではのスカッとした演奏の典型がそこにあったのです。今回のリリースにおいても、それらの欠点は変わらず、過去のアイテムと同様のアジャスト(「Going To California」はオーディエンス録音)に留まっていますので、その点においては物足りないかもしれません。


Disc 1(57:38)
1. Introduction 2. Rock And Roll 3. Sick Again 4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. In My Time Of Dying 6. The Song Remains The Same 7. The Rain Song 8. Kashmir

Disc 2(61:57)
1. MC Intro 2. No Quarter 3. Tangerine 4. Going To California 5. That’s The Way
6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 7. Trampled Underfoot

Disc 3(63:50)
1. MC Intro 2. Moby Dick 3. Dazed And Confused

Disc 4(33:58)
1. MC Intro 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Black Dog

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