Led Zeppelin / The Destroyer / 3CD OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / The Destroyer / 3CD OBI Strip / Wendy Label

Translated Text:
Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland,OH U.S.A. April 27, 1977. Digitally Remastered


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Latest work of Wendy, from Cleveland performances made a series of April 27 and 28, 1977, it will be the first day of the 27th. Previously but 6CD had become set in sold out but had been released in, by customers’ strong demand, this time it will be the recurrence of In alone each of the performances. What is good as speaking this day and the day without said Cleveland performances “Destroyer”. What this great Cleveland the first day of the typical and sound source that can say to refer to a sound source to say that speaking of Led Zeppelin sound board sound source. The classic sound source, it has recorded in the best state ever. Destroyer fan that can get lost or may be selected which there is full same title, we hope you choose this as a decision board.

And it is April 27 Cleveland continuous performances, as described above have been recorded in the famous sound board sound, the sound quality is famous since ancient times, and if also you have a “Zeppelin bootleg in concert file, it Destroyer It is written to and will try “in. This work uses the sound source is said to be first-generation master of this Destroyer, through the whole volume we recorded in a single generation source. Good balance in the clear, it is just a sound source, such as the role model of the sound board.

Although the beginning of some of the missing “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME” or “ROCK AND ROLL” does not still exist from the original, this is it not be helped. In particular, but is there in shame point as a live panel of missing is the beginning of one song “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME”, and Will turned the tape is probably panic began the concert, and that Gyuin the tape is rotated It has become a recording from the sound. And in its outstanding panel in the portion that has been started in the fade-in, of course, but would seem that it is not a big deal difference, this work is to will also be to the fact that long slightly, also still proof that he is not ahead of this in is a place that can be also.

It is also focusing on the intro of “GUITAR SOLO” in the second half as a major feature of another. In its outstanding panel contains a thinly enter sound of the guitar from the SE of the intro, it was unnatural state that while the volume level is extremely low, up sharply from the middle. The same situation is also seen in the ending of “ACHILLES LAST STAND”, in its outstanding board, it was not only one of the difficult state of listening at the top and bottom of such unnatural level. This work, again been subjected to properly level adjustment, it has become a recording of a natural form should be original, surprising and this is what it can be heard for the first time in this work. Also, the intro of long guitar solo ending part of the Jimmy, the sound of the guitar that was chaotic is played in such clear is Usumari fog “ACHILLES LAST STAND”. This is to say the highlight is not even an exaggeration part of the concert, but there was a uniformly cut in its outstanding board. By editing in this film, the part is adapted to lead to the natural, and has been considered so that it is not to wet blanket that concert highlighting is interrupted.

Latest work of Wendy label complete recording the Destroyer Cleveland continuous performances April 27 1977. High-quality sound board sound source. Athletic Press board of permanent preservation of the beautiful picture disc specification. Amata there is a decision board that becomes the highest peak among the Destroyer! With Japanese band.

ウェンディの最新作は、1977年4月27日と28日の連続で行なわれたクリーヴランド公演より、初日27日になります。以前6CDのセットでリリースされていたものの完売になっていましたが、お客様の強い要望により、今回はそれぞれの公演を単独にしての再発になります。この日はクリーヴランド公演と言わずとも“デストロイヤー”の日と言えば通りがいいでしょうか。レッド・ツェッペリンのサウンドボード音源といえば何といってもこの素晴らしいクリーヴランド初日の音源を指すといってもいい代表的な音源。その定番音源を、今までにない最高の状態で収録しています。 デストロイヤーはいっぱい同じタイトルがあってどれを選べばよいか迷うというファンは、これを決定盤として選んでいただければ幸いです。


元々から欠落のある「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」や「ROCK AND ROLL」の冒頭は依然として存在しませんが、これは致し方ないこと。特に一曲目「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」の冒頭が欠けているのはライブ盤として残念な点ではあるのですが、おそらくコンサートが始まって慌ててテープをまわしたのでしょう、テープが回転するギュインという音から収録となっています。既発盤ではフェードインで始まっていた部分で、もちろん大した差ではないと思われるでしょうが、本作はわずかながら長いということにもなりますし、またやはりこれより先はないのだという証明にもなり得る箇所です。

また、もうひとつの大きな特徴として後半の「GUITAR SOLO」のイントロに注目です。既発盤ではイントロの薄く入るSEからギターの音が入って、しばらくは音量レベルが極端に低く、途中から急激に上がるという不自然な状態でした。同じ状況は「ACHILLES LAST STAND」のエンディングにも見られ、既発盤では、このような不自然なレベルの上下で聴きづらい状態のものしかありませんでした。本作は、ここでもきちんとレベル調整が施され、本来あるべき自然な形での収録となっており、意外やこれは本作で初めて聴くことができるものです。また、ジミーの長大なギター・ソロのエンディング部分、混沌としたギターの音色が薄まり霧が晴れるような中で奏でられる「ACHILLES LAST STAND」のイントロ。これはコンサートのハイライトと言っても過言ではない部分ですが、既発盤では一様にカットがありました。本作では編集により、この部分を自然に繋がるようになっており、ハイライトでコンサートが中断されるという興醒めにならないよう配慮してあります。


Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland,OH U.S.A. April 27, 1977
01. The Song Remains The Same
02. Sick Again
03. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
04. In My Time Of Dying
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. No Quarter

01. Ten Years Gone
02. The Battle Of Evermore
03. Going To California
04. Black Country Woman
05. Bron-yr-Aur Stomp
06. White Summer – Black Mountain Side
07. Kashmir

01. Moby Dick
02. Guitar Solo
03. Achilles Last Stand
04. Stairway To Heaven
05. Rock And Roll
06. Trampled Underfoot

Wendy Label. WECD-135/136/137


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