Led Zeppelin / Destroyer -New / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Destroyer / 3CD / Non Label
Live At Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, OH, USA 27Th April 1977

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ZEP 1977 tour performance “movement” was released last week and became “Sold Out” “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”. Isn’t it “DESTROYER” with Since it was the only sound board recording for a long time in the 1977 tour, it is a super standard that has produced countless items. However, in recent years, “DESTROYER FIRST GEN REELS” has been decided as a decision board, and this was also a masterpiece that was sold out in a short period of time.
Of course, since it is a classic sound source, it is a matter of course that the voice that wants to recurrence was sent immediately after Sold Out. However, the new “DESTROYER” that appears this time. It is not just a recurrence of “FIRST GEN REELS” (hereinafter referred to as “released”). This time is also based on the first generation version (uploaded by a person named “Weedwacker”) that appeared on the Internet 10 years ago, but in the released version, “Moby Dick (Over The Top) “In Jimmy Page’s guitar solo, the stage where the sound was panned to the left and right was eased for some reason, and it was almost mono.
Originally, in the case of sound board recording from PA out, if the mixer intentionally distributes the sound left and right, it will become stereo, but since it is assumed that the sound will be played on the basic stage, it will be mixed with stereo separation There is almost no. For example, there is a sound source in which Eric Clapton’s 76-year tour and Rolling Stones’ 78-year Pasic were tailored in stereo with a sound board from PA out, but such a state should be said to be an exception Let’s do it.
Therefore, “DESTROYER” is basically monaural, but the correct answer is that a stereo part appears in the two songs mentioned above. When the scorpio board, which was the best of “DESTROYER” at the time, was released in the early days of the CD, the shop was proclaimed as “Proof of stereo output!” was. Surely, if he plays a phrase using Theremin, the sound flies right and left as if turning around. I feel nostalgic when I listened to it with headphones.

This was originally “DESTROYER”, which was excellent in sound quality, but when it comes to the 21st century, the level has become extremely high. However, in terms of sound quality, the acoustic set has a mysterious title that has been replaced by a mysterious copy of the difference, or like the best album that has been panned to the stereo in the example. It was almost regrettable that every item had some defects, such as bread did not start. Especially from the mania who has been used to the stereo feeling that the sound flies from side to side since the Scorpio era, why does the recent “DESTROYER” not sound?
Therefore, this time, the stereo production that seems to be dizzy is recorded in the original state, and the defects that were scattered in past items are also firmly adjusted. This is the variation in pitch at the end of the live performance. There are many items that have been overlooked, and we have made a more precise restoration and carefully finished it into a “DESTROYER” that will not be missed.

And “DESTROYER” is still a classic 1977 tour, not just the merit of sound board recording. Certainly, there was a time when the position seemed to fluctuate when excavation of soundboards by PA out of other performances from the 1977 tour entered the 21st century, but ZEP’s live sound source was exhausted. After all, it turned out that it was a sound source that had firmly documented the typical day of the first half of the tour.
When I expected to hear the crisp performance of “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE” by sound board recording, such as ZEP beginners, I was confused by the gap. However, the performances heard here were the usual business of ZEP in 1977, and it was a typical day in the first half of the tour.
Rather, there are days when the 1977 tour gets tired of listening to the performance. However, on the day of “DESTROYER”, the massive performances of the early stages of the tour were captured in a good way, but the secret of ease of listening is that it is also solid. Among them, Bonzo is in good condition from opening to ending and should not run away alone like LA. In addition, the page is getting better and better as the performance progresses, and the encore “Trampled Underfoot” is a masterpiece.
That’s why, as I mentioned at the beginning, “DESTROYER” is “quiet” for “moving” eddy. Sound board recording from PA Out representing the 1977 tour that has never changed. Carefully restored from the first generation of the classic sound source, released in a limited press CD appropriate to call this the definitive edition. Following last week’s Eddie definitive edition, ZEP enthusiasts, as well as rock fans in the family!

★ The latest remaster of the 1st gen of the best sound source “WEEDWACKER” for the last 10 years. It is a live performance, but there are always some sort of blemishes and no definitive titles. Does very little extra.

1. Phase correction
2. Pitch correction
3. Minimal volume adjustment (a little limiter is used to increase the volume)
4. Adjustment to the extent that there is no sense of incongruity between the left and right volume balance.
5. Left and right frequency band balance check
6. Petit noise removal (only 1-2 locations)

(Additional note) In the case of Moby Dick and Guitar Solo, since the place that was swung to the left and right was a centered mix (not to be swung too much to the left and right), the stereo sense disappeared, but this time left and right It is being panned.
★★ Definitely the best “DESTROYER” ever.
ZEP1977年ツアーのパフォーマンスの“動”が先週リリースされてあっという間にSold Outとなってしまった「LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE」がだとすれは“静”というべきは4月27日のリッチフィールド公演を収めた「DESTROYER」ではないでしょうか。77年ツアーにおいては長いこと唯一のサウンドボード録音であったことから、数えきれないほどのアイテムを生み出してきた超スタンダード。それでも近年は「DESTROYER FIRST GEN REELS」が決定盤とされ、これもまた短期間にてSold Outした名作でした。
もちろん定番中の定番音源ですから、その再発を望む声はSold Out直後から寄せられていたのも当然かと。しかし今回登場する新たな「DESTROYER」。それは「FIRST GEN REELS」(以下、既発盤と称します)の単なる再発ではありません。今回も10年前にネット上に現れたファースト・ジェネレーション・バージョン(「Weedwacker」なる人物がアップロードしたもの)が元になっているのですが、既発盤においては「Moby Dick (Over The Top)」とジミー・ペイジのギター・ソロにおいてステージの演出上、音が左右に激しくパンされる箇所が何故か緩和されてしまい、ほとんどモノラルに近い状態となってしまっていたのです。


ZEP初心者など「LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE」のキレキレ・パフォーマンスがサウンドボード録音で聞けると期待してみたところ、そのギャップに戸惑ったものです。しかしここで聞かれる演奏こそが77年ZEPの通常営業であり、ましてやツアー前半の典型的な一日だったという。
むしろ77年ツアーは演奏が肥大して聞き疲れする日もある。しかし「DESTROYER」の日はいい感じにツアー序盤のどっしりとした演奏が捉えられており、それでいて手堅さも兼ね備えているのが聞きやすさの秘訣。こうした中でもボンゾはオープニングからエンディングまで一貫して絶好調であり、LAの時のように一人で暴走しないのがいい。それにペイジも演奏が進むにつれてどんどん調子を上げていて、アンコールの「Trampled Underfoot」などは正に名演。

★ここ10年くらいのベスト音源「WEEDWACKER」の1ST GENを最新リマスター。 何度も出るライブですが、必ずなにかしらの汚点があり、決定的なタイトルは一切ありませんでした。今回下記以外には余計なことはほとんどしてません。

1. 位相修正
2. ピッチ修正
3. 音量の最小限の調整(僅かにリミッターかけて音量かせいでます)
4. 左右の音量バランスの違和感のない程度の調整。
5. 左右の周波数帯域バランス・チェック
6. プチノイズの除去(ほんの1-2ヶ所)

(追記)既発ではMoby Dick と Guitar Soloで、左右に振られるところがセンター寄せミックスになっていたので(あまり左右に振られてない)、故にステレオ感がなくなっていましたが、今回のは左右にパンされてます。
Disc 1 (59:44)
1. The Song Remains The Same ★カットイン
2. Sick Again
3. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
4. In My Time Of Dying
5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. No Quarter ★5:10カット

Disc 2 (44:52)
1. MC
2. Ten Years Gone
3. The Battle Of Evermore
4. Going To California
5. Black Country Woman
6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
7. White Summer ★0:29カット
8. Black Mountain Side
9. Kashmir

Disc 3 (61:48)
1. MC
2. Moby Dick ★10:37付近~14:25付近 *既発では本来時々パン処理されるはずが、終始センター定位ぽくなっており、パンされなくなってる。★本盤は左右にパンされている。
3. Guitar Solo ★10:09カット ★2:45付近~5:13付近間 *時々左右にパン処理されるが既発ではセンター定位ぽくなっておりパンしない。★本盤は左右にパンされている。
4. Achilles Last Stand
5. Stairway To Heaven
6. Rock And Roll★カットイン
7. Trampled Underfoot


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