Led Zeppelin / Celebration Day Fan Edition / 2DVD

Led Zeppelin / Celebration Day Fan Edition / 2DVD / Non Label

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Live At The O2 Arena, London, UK 10th December 2007



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There is no exaggeration be referred to as “the most attention has been rock concert in the 21 century”, 2007 reunion show of LED ZEPPELIN. Realized by “London O2 Arena on December 10, 2007”, the pattern has been loved by people all over the world already as official work “celebration of the day (the miracle of live)”. Fan-made work that was decorated in such an official video “vivid” is appeared.
Reunion concert that was realized in the cut once in 2007, most attention has been only appeared countless audience taken from those days in the rock history. Furthermore, the official work of the final answer, “a celebration of the day (the miracle of live)” has been accompanied. This work, by making full use of such material overseas of mania, is the video work that braided the full version of the show as the official video even “of the material one”. Of course, the ultimate what multi-camera professional shot of the official work in the quality surface is the supreme. Most also the official work of this film is not is based, but for there to a gem that even the “vivid”, “document feeling” by dusting the audience material is applied.
More specifically, the switching of the multi-camera of the “celebration of the day (the miracle of live)”, mix the sight of the audience shot making. Question the official work to be audience-shot (or so visible processing the video), but had been incorporated, replacement in such a scene of other replacement, cut of normal professional video also partially carefully selected audience cut in this work and we have. Passion just does say Any that the sheer from editing the first time in the “really’m here of the cut is good!”. For example, in the intro of “Stairway To Heaven”, mixed on the official pro-cut, but is projected Jimmy Page and Robert Plant-lined as snuggle audience cut, this is another “Do these two people side by side, feelings of that intro! “comes balloon. “This pose of Paige!” And others to be “three is the moment lined up!”, Etc., etc., is not the attractions of fan psychology bare has been added. In addition, in the part of the reaction of the venue is to the point, even cut that captures the venue to draw insertion. Also in professional cut There Pull of the angle, but the myriad of audience point of view, rich the drawer is in orders of magnitude. Breadth of the field venue that could not be felt in the pro-cut, it also oozes up feelings of the audience one person alone to fill the space.
Even more than such video cut, actually tasty the voice. Of course, what superb sound board of the official work, “a celebration of the day (the miracle of live),” but is the foundation, vividness of there audience recording has been matrix. Is also wonderfully its casualness, yet does not seem the same as “a celebration of the day (the miracle of live),” that somehow looked, and faintly wearing a reality of cheers, the also said unexpected document feeling obtained ooze is. In addition, the scene of the inter-was to take advantage of the audience recording songs and encore waiting. The official work, left the members finished the greeting after the “Kashmir”, but will come soon back again, in the field is the audience in search of (of course) encore had continued to cheer. Indeed whether too much protein in the audience the video, we covered with a still image of the show name scene in audience recording, but this is also good. Precisely because there is a scene in synch with time sense, realize that witnessed the century of time, also it can be seen up to the feeling that wait anxiously the encore, is felt. In addition, BGM and scene after the show is also associated, even the loneliness of excitement and hatching of the day site is oozing. As a result, the recording time is also greatly exceeds the official work. You can as possible immersed in real-time sense of 2 hours 6 minutes.

Again, the majority of this work is to is “a celebration of the day (the miracle of live)”, does not surpass the great masterpiece of the official. However, there “this moment I’m good!” Is dusted, it has been put on the feelings continued love for nine years. This feeling that only consuming taste the official work can not be digested. Since it is known, the masterpiece of the fan-made precisely because those 2 hours 6 minutes is too dazzling. This weekend, to you your hand to us in each other share this feeling.
“21世紀で最も注目されたロック・コンサート”と呼んでも過言ではない、LED ZEPPELIN の2007年再結成ショウ。「2007年12月10日ロンドンO2アリーナ」で実現し、その模様はすでにオフィシャル作品『祭典の日(奇跡のライヴ)』として世界中の人々に愛されています。そんな公式映像を“生々しさ”でデコレートしたファンメイド作品が登場です。
具体的には、『祭典の日(奇跡のライヴ)』のマルチカメラの切り替えに、オーディエンス・ショットの光景が混じるつくり。当の公式作品にもオーディエンス・ショット(もしくはそう見える加工映像)が組み込まれていましたが、本作ではそんなシーンの差し替えのほか、通常のプロ映像のカットも部分的に厳選オーディエンス・カットで差し替えているのです。その編集ぶりから透けるのは“本当はこっちのカットが良いんだよ!”とでも言わんばかりの情熱。例えば「Stairway To Heaven」のイントロでは、公式のプロ・カットに混じり、ジミー・ペイジとロバート・プラントが寄り添うように立ち並ぶオーディエンス・カットが映し出されますが、これはもう「この2人が並んで、あのイントロを!」の想いが吹き出してくる。他にも「ペイジのこのポーズ!」「3人が並ぶ瞬間!」等など、ファン心理丸出しの見どころが追加されているわけです。また、会場の反応がポイントになるパートでは、会場を引きに捉えたカットも挿入。プロ・カットにも引きのアングルはありますが、無数のオーディエンス視点は、その引き出しがケタ違いに豊富。プロ・カットでは感じきれなかった現場会場の広さ、その空間を埋め尽くす観客たち1人ひとりの感情までもが滲み出すのです。


Disc 1 (59:41)
1. Tampa 1973 Newsreel 2. Good Times Bad Times 3. Ramble On 4. Black Dog 5. In My Time Of Dying
6. For Your Life 7. Trampled Underfoot 8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 9. No Quarter

Disc 2 (70:23)
1. Since I’ve Been Loving You 2. Dazed And Confused 3. Stairway To Heaven
4. The Song Remains The Same 5. Misty Mountain Hop 6. Kashmir 7. Whole Lotta Love
8. Rock And Roll

COLOUR NTSC Approx.130min.

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