Led Zeppelin / Celebration Day Audience Video Spectacular / 3DVDR

Led Zeppelin / Celebration Day Audience Video Spectacular / 3DVDR / Non Label

Live at the O2 Arena, London, UK 10th December 2007 . NTSC


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9 years ago, reunion concert of LED ZEPPELIN, which caused a big sensation all over the world beyond the dimensions of the rock scene. Audience video two to reign in the vertex is reprinted in the gift title. This work, once those coupling the two masterpiece video was loved by the press DVD. The disk 1 and 2 immediately appeared in 2010, sold out of print and became a multi-camera “A WORK IN PROGRESS: 15 CAMERA MIXED EDITION”, and distribution of the “O2” of the disk 3 is known as a masterpiece of Wankame It is the set of three. So, let’s introduce for each of the video.

[Disc 1 to 2: multi-camera audience] The first appeared, transcendence work to say it is not too much to “” a celebration of the day (the miracle of live) “audience version of”. Press 2DVD “A WORK IN PROGRESS: 15 CAMERA MIXED EDITION” shock sprinkled video of How can in, what to say is amazing also furiously editing that make full use of 15 cameras Street title. This reunion concert, That’s sensational enough good to say, “do not know human beings is not a rock fan”, drew to herself the attention of the world. Soredakeni, was overflowing is every audience the video immediately after production. The commotion, but is not continued until the completion of the final response of the official “celebration of the day (the miracle of live)”, this work is of a multi-camera work which joined in editing also say obsession such a myriad of audience shots.
In what modern, but multi-camera editing is becoming more common, most of the “main camera + complement camera one or two” most. However, this work is rolled collected to the collection of the video, such as foreground, background, ultra-long-range, right, left, center, and screen shots and so on, it masterpiece to be staring at the show in the angle of up to 15 units. The switching is not far from each one song, one phrase, But would be in one measure of spree change rapidly in anyway. Of course, just do not even mean that connects to the random. Jimmy Page of decided pause, Imawashi song of Robert Plant, such as the moment when the addition snuggle John Paul Jones to the two people, being edited is also doing our understanding to attractions / music / historical significance. Indeed There is only nine years ago, is in you is mixed also the video of Youtube level but, even ferocious effort not even be thing beloved daughter and the depth of understanding of the editor, the “celebration of the day (the miracle of live) “even’s the big video work that does not could exceed.

[Disk 3: vertex basis Wankame audience] Multi-camera to the disk 1 and 2 is a super masterpiece, disk 3 is ultra-masterpiece of Wankame shot that you can experience is “one of the crowd”. As previously described, but this performance is not audience-shot countless have been excavated, that this video also appeared in such. However, the quality is the reputation of the still “best” after 9 years of unwavering video. Only the “Good Times Bad Times” at the beginning, is complemented by other video in because there was a disturbance of the video, but has become a multi-camera specification, “Ramble On” and later sat on the best point of view sheet, the historic concert ” you can experience “.
And its angle, actually a long distance. We shot that boldly approaching the zoom from the rear seat of a slight right-hand side (Paige side) from the center of the stage. But, bottom line is the zoom. The sense of distance at the time of pulling big time is like a lie clear & Katsuaki. It goes by familiar with the attractions will, but only without unreasonable long-distance, overlooking the three front line of. In addition, has a direct view of the stage from far overhead of the first floor arena customer to direct, shield is not like. It only panoramic view of the LED ZEPPELIN is spread in full view.
In addition, the sound is also superb. The audience sound of another recording you are allowed to synchro, but the sound source select also nice, clear of a lot of big-boned sound is the best match to the field of view of the shield zero. Thereon are full of natural field sense of, you make me taste a completely different “real experience feeling” a “celebration of the day (the miracle of live)”.

9 years since this historic concert. Excavation rush of long-lasting image was also completed is now fully comprehensive. As a result, the took the throne of the multi-camera is a disk 1 to 2, I have a disk 3 is it reign as the apex of the Wankame. Exactly “the audience side,” a celebration of the day (the miracle of live), “” masterpiece of the two to be coupled. Please, please enjoy in fully on this occasion.

9年前、ロックシーンの次元を超えて世界中に一大センセーションを巻き起こしたLED ZEPPELINの再結成コンサート。その頂点に君臨するオーディエンス映像2種がギフト・タイトルで復刻です。本作は、かつてプレスDVDで愛された2つの傑作映像をカップリングしたもの。ディスク1~2には2010年に登場して即刻、完売・廃盤となったマルチカメラ『A WORK IN PROGRESS: 15 CAMERA MIXED EDITION』を、ディスク3にはワンカメの傑作として知られる『O2』を配した3枚組です。それでは、それぞれの映像についてご紹介していきましょう。

まず登場するのは、“『祭典の日(奇跡のライヴ)』のオーディエンス版”と言っても過言ではない超絶作品。プレス2DVD『A WORK IN PROGRESS: 15 CAMERA MIXED EDITION』で衝撃を振りまいた映像なのですが、何といっても凄いのはタイトル通り15台のカメラを駆使した猛烈編集。この再結成コンサートは、それこそ「知らない人間はロックファンではない」と言ってもいいほどにセンセーショナルで、世界中の注目を一身に集めました。それだけに、本番直後からありとあらゆる客席映像が溢れかえった。その騒ぎはオフィシャルの最終回答『祭典の日(奇跡のライヴ)』の完成まで続いたわけですが、本作はそんな無数のオーディエンス・ショットを執念とも言える編集で繋ぎ合わせたマルチカメラ作品なのです。

マルチカメラの超傑作であるディスク1~2に対し、ディスク3は“観客の1人”になって体験できるワンカメ・ショットの超傑作。先述した通り、この公演は数限りないオーディエンス・ショットが発掘されてきたわけですが、この映像もそんな中で登場したもの。しかし、そのクオリティは9年後の今なお「ベスト」の評判が揺るがない映像なのです。冒頭の「Good Times Bad Times」のみ、映像の乱れがあったために他映像で補完され、マルチカメラ仕様になっていますが、「Ramble On」以降は極上視点のシートに座り、歴史的コンサートを“体験”できるのです。
そのアングルとは、実は長距離。ステージ中央からわずかに右側(ペイジ側)の後方席から果敢にズームで迫るショットなのです。しかし、肝心なのはそのズーム。思いっきり引いた際の距離感がウソのように鮮明&克明。見どころを熟知して寄っていきはしますが、長距離だけに無理はせず、3人のフロントラインを一望。しかも、1階アリーナ客の遥か頭上からダイレクトにステージを直視しており、遮蔽物がまるでない。視界いっぱいにLED ZEPPELINの全景だけが広がるのです。



Disc 1(67:46)
1. TV Introduction 2. Good Times Bad Times 3. Ramble On 4. Black Dog 5. In My Time Of Dying
6. For Your Life 7. Trampled Underfoot 8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 9. No Quarter
10. Since I’ve Been Loving You

Disc 2(60:33)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. The Song Remains The Same 4. Misty Mountain Hop
5. Kashmir 6. Whole Lotta Love 7. Rock And Roll

Disc 3(126:05)

SINGLE CAMERA EDITION (Multi Camera used on “Good Times Bad Times”)

1. Intro. 2. Good Times Bad Times 3. Ramble On 4. Black Dog 5. In My Time Of Dying
6. For Your Life 7. Trampled Underfoot 8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 9. No Quarter
10. Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You 11. Dazed And Confused 12. Stairway To Heaven
13. The Song Remains the Same 14. Misty Mountain Hop 15. Kashmir 16. Whole Lotta Love
17. Rock And Roll

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 254min.(Total)

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