Led Zeppelin / Burn Like A Candle 2nd Edition / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Burn Like A Candle 2nd Edition / 3CD / Graf Zeppelin

Translated Text:

Live At The Forum Inglewood, California , USA June 25, 1972.



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★ is a new re-release.
1st issue not to dispense, place the inside of the jacket, CD label side of the design, the color scheme of the surface stickers and posters slightly, all will be in the new production. All is a new production.
It is not in the dispensing of the 1st issue.

★ not a net source, CD of response to the provision of high-quality master unedited than tycoon collector!
First title in three sets of tape sound source in existence, was recorded not yet extant part leakage ★.
★ limited at 240 * 240 size double-sided printing of folding posters included. While it respects the poster that came with the initial name plate The Smoking Pig board is from the 1st issue we have changed the back of the design.
★ limited to the front of the front case Smoking Pig sticker attached
★ 300 limited edition numbering entering (stamp on the jacket inside)

Too decision of the famous staple items Edition!
This live that seemed to allow of no more updates at the time of its outstanding. However, “existing” without omission of the sound source part, and yet in the high-quality sound, and securely housed was in CD3 sheets of the minimum required title is actually does not exist unexpectedly until now.
We get multiple master from heavyweights collector rather than a net source, select the unedited natural master of it can be said that the Good status quo best up to a few tenths in comparison to watch sound quality in recording terms of content even after an examination, polite familiar here on CD subjected to such mastering!

This section describes the main points of the cut part. You become a somewhat tedious description, please understand.
First of all is the music between the cut portion of Dazed And Confused and What Is And What Should Never Be of Disc2.
After this extra missing in the already issued in part has occurred in most of the title, sound to say that guitar of Keene in the quite often is a place of about 23 seconds after the dazzling performance, soon shall be cut out. This place is, its after about two seconds of guitar sound is followed by the voice of “oh!” Robert, you cut out there is further then about two seconds Aud noise. This would be the longest at the moment. Title of matches in its outstanding far, copy board is made If you ignore the past to only about 4 title, recently accrued part is the release of the title. The title is of course included.
And, after the cut-out, What Is And What Should Never Be tape to before playing, but will cut-in, the arpeggio of the guitar this time here is to play before the performance, recorded from the phrase the previous Jaran. The little things that have been recorded in the past with respect to the phrase before the arpeggio that Jaran, (with noise say Innovation However there Shrewsbury) In its outstanding Cobra board and EVSD board only. This time, the tape running portion in the cut from the noise at the time of the cut-out of the track between the cut portion is also (there was a silence as originally 15 seconds) a few tenths But we leave dare in this title.

The next point of attention in the cut point is the music between the cut portion of the Whole Lotta Love and Rock And Roll of Disc3.
Whole Lotta Love Aud noise for about 35 seconds after the play after Robert of MC followed, but here was the longest of the new cod board in its outstanding. Also included in the longest while new Tara same fade-out this time. Here are fade-out process is performed originally in the available time, but silent running portion of only the hiss of the cassette tape after the fade-out lasted about 50 seconds, but this time we have to leave it for about two seconds dare.
After that, although R & R before the Aud cheers portion will cut-in, here there is a continuation of the cheers you think that when encore waiting for about one second (first appearance part is not in this part only already issued), a moment after the cut, immediately to Cul Le cut-in contains the Aud cheers part tone rode thinly of guitar, it will contain the Toton of drum to the about two seconds later. Although this part was the new cod board had been recorded without omission in the past, in the Cul Le cut-in portion of cod board had been fade-in process in relation to the turn of the Disc.
Although now in the somewhat tedious description only thing micro, compared these (of course there are other) point, of course, is not a pre-departure of the copy machine, it is not even on the net sound source, can be status quo the already issued that do our best as long as we believe that or not than who understands that it is a Quirky title.
It should be noted, Going To California and the songs in the cut at the Going Down Slow There are similar already issued, but it is still just the tape running portion at the time of cut while dare slightly Again, you may leave. Just a little.
Also it has undergone a modest repair so that there is no sense of incongruity with respect to the sound vibration of the live at the start of the intro (Drone) part two places. In its outstanding There is also a title that became shorter subjected to cross-fade, but this board does not have a series of missing time because it does not have alms fade processing.

The sound quality there of equalizing the difference is, there is no difference and amazing its outstanding and up. However, in many Sundehatsu, whether the impact of Toreburi sound processing, especially the many things of conspicuous impression (running noise of hiss or tape) coarse noise in the right ch.
This time course in Non’ikoraizu, but is calm texture, is the point of rough noise in the right ch noticeable in that its outstanding panel is not conspicuous.

It is the description of the jacket.
Jacquet Table, back with the first to pseudonymous label of the early days of the famous Scorpio, etc. “The Smoking Pig (Studio Daze, which was released in 1994 with this title is claiming a sub-label” GOLD STANDARD “, you at Eddie motif familiar SIRA is Jacquet and to) “board real production window, design subjected to some of the repair. The front part is spelling correction of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (The point here), and remove the irrelevant lower Weekend of credit from the present live, I have asked the Bring It On Home of the credit to the center. Illustrations carefully precisely reproduce so as not to impair the original goodness. (Because it takes a long shadow of the mesh, easily buried tend to copy) especially Jimmy of the right eye of the illustrations was paying attention to polite reproduction of.

Also with respect to the attached poster (folding 240 * 240), the The Smoking to respect the poster that came with the Pig board carefully and precisely reproduced. Unlike the CD jacket, here it is printed in (it is speculation) the ratio of the original original. In the original, but was a picture of one side of the pink and blue, was also reproduced black-and-white version of the original compliance on one side with double-sided poster this time. It is a gem that I would like you to come compare the original to the person who owns the original.

CD label side is still the original label to have been design, design motif Smoking Pig and candles made a thumb by adding a cigar in the picture label specification. Of course the number of candle flame is a design to increase according to the Disc.

Ketteiban of favorite book specification of press stamp on the inside in the numbering specification is the appearance here!

1st issueを小出しにするものではなく、ジャケの内側、CDラベル面のデザイン、表面ステッカー及びポスターの配色が若干変わり、全て新規制作になります。全て新規制作です。
1st issueの小出しではありません。

★限定で240*240サイズ・両面印刷の折込ポスターが付属。初期名盤The Smoking Pig盤に付属したポスターをリスペクトしつつ1stイシューからは裏面のデザインを変えております。
★フロントケース前面に限定Smoking Pigステッカー添付


まずはDisc2のDazed And ConfusedとWhat Is And What Should Never Beの曲間カット部です。
そして、そのカットアウト後、What Is And What Should Never Beの演奏前へテープはカットインしますが、今回ここは演奏前に奏でるギターのアルペジオの、その前のジャラーンというフレーズから収録。そのジャラーンというアルペジオ前のフレーズに関しては過去に収録されているものは殆どなく、既発ではコブラ盤(ただしそこでシュっと言うノイズあり)とEVSD盤のみ。今回、本タイトルではこの曲間カット部のカットアウト時のノイズからカット中のテープ走行部分もコンマ数秒(元々15秒ほど無音部がありました)ですが敢えて残しております。

次のカットポイントで注目のポイントはDisc3のWhole Lotta LoveとRock And Rollの曲間カット部です。
Whole Lotta Love演奏後ロバートのMCの後に約35秒ほどAudノイズが続きますが、ここは既発で一番長いのは新タラ盤でした。今回も新タラ同様フェードアウトながら最長で収録。ここは元々入手時点でフェードアウト処理がなされており、フェードアウト後にカセットテープのヒスノイズのみの無音走行部分が50秒ほど続きましたが、今回はそれを敢えて2秒ほど残しております。
なお、Going To CaliforniaとGoing Down Slowでの曲中カットは既発同様ありますが、やはりここでも敢えて若干ながらカット時のテープ走行部分を僅かですが、残してあります。ほんの僅かです。


ジャケは表、裏とも最初にこのタイトルを使って94年にリリースされた「The Smoking Pig(Studio Dazeなどで有名なScorpioがサブレーベル「GOLD STANDARD」を名乗る黎明期の変名レーベルで、エディーでお馴染みのSIRAが実制作窓口とされる)」盤のジャケをモチーフに、若干のリペアを施しデザイン。フロント部はBron-Y-Aur Stomp(ここがポイント)のスペル修正、及び本ライブとは無関係の下段Weekendのクレジットを外し、Bring It On Homeのクレジットをセンターに寄せました。イラストはオリジナルの良さを損なわないように丁寧に精密に再現。特にイラストのジミーの右目(影の網目が掛かっているので、安易に複写すると埋もれがち)の丁寧な再現に気を配りました。

付属のポスター(折込240*240)に関しても、そのThe Smoking Pig盤に付属していたポスターをリスペクトし丁寧かつ精密に再現。CDジャケとは異なり、ここでは元の原画の(憶測ですが)比率で印刷しています。オリジナルでは片面のピンク&ブルーの絵柄でしたが、今回は両面ポスターで片面にはオリジナル準拠の白黒バージョンも再現しました。オリジナルを所有している方には是非オリジナルと見比べて頂きたい逸品です。

CDラベル面はやはりオリジナルのラベルにデザインされていた、葉巻をくわえて親指を立てたSmoking Pigとロウソクをモチーフにピクチャーラベル仕様でデザイン。もちろんロウソクの炎の数はDiscにあわせて増えるデザインです。


Live at The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA 25th June 1972

Disc 1
1. Introduction
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Over the Hills and Far Away
5. Black Dog
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You
7. Stairway to Heaven
8. Going to California ※曲中カットあり。
9. That’s the Way
10. Tangerine
11. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

Disc 2
1. MC
2. Dazed and Confused
カット前後のロバートのOh!やWhat Is〜前のギターの音などもしっかり収録。
3. What Is and What Should Never Be
4. Dancing Days
5. Moby Dick

Disc 3
1. MC
2. Whole Lotta Love Going Down Slowで曲中カットあり。
3. Rock and Roll
4. The Ocean
5. Louie Louie
6. Thank You
7. Communication Breakdown
8. Bring It On Home演奏後キュルルカットで終わる部分までしっかり収録。

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-011A/B/C

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