Led Zeppelin / Boston Tea Party 1969 1st Night / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Boston Tea Party 1969 1st Night / 1CD / Non Label
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Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA. USA 23rd January 1969.

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For ZEP, formed in the autumn of 1968, the first American tour was the first peak the band had received. The next proposition of ZEP, which was going around Scandinavia and home country Britain within 68 years, that it gains popularity in America. So they headed to the United States from the end of the year, and began full – scale American attacks over the year in the same place as it was. When first landed in the United States, manager Peter Grant ordered “to have a strong impression on Americans at a single show”. In other words, I want you to do so hard. By doing so, you must earn the popularity in America at all costs. That was the first proposition of ZEP in 1969.
Today the sound source of this period also exists at pinpoint, and it became possible to trace the appearance of ZEP first landing in the US. Boston Tea Party, which began with the famous Gonzaga University as the oldest live tone generator, whiskey a go-go, Fillmore West excavated in the last decade and upper version this time. Listing these existing sound sources is as follows.
December 30 Gonzaga University
January 5th whiskey a go go
January 9 – 12 Fillmore West
January 23rd, 25-26th Boston Tea Party
It is surprising that the audience recording of the band who visited the US at the timing of whether the first album comes out or not yet is surprising itself, but as you listen step by step, ZEP is the American audience You will be informed that you are captivating in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye. Especially Boston · Tea Party (hereinafter referred to as BTP) became a decisive time even in such a period. In the final day on the 26th (the guitar is famous for the sound source of the bomb sound), even when the ZEP finished the usual set, the voice asking for the encore did not stop, as a result I had to live more than four hours is.

However, there is no sound source left behind such a long legendary stage of the legend, and the sound source of each day of BTP also exists only with the ZEP normal stage recorded. The day that was the stage of the first day of BTP that boasts the highest sound quality among them is the 23rd. Moderate clearness is surprisingly easy to listen while monaural recording, and in the audience recording of January 1969 it is the best quality next to whiskey a go go. As evidence, this sound source was the name that was released as “BOSTON TEA PARTY” in the age of LP. Although it is obvious that LP was based on the genetically-modified copy, it is clear that I remember that the evaluation did not give a proper evaluation because of the state of the sound source rather than the performance content.
Rather, sound sources of the 23rd is in the low generation state as it enters the CD era, and it has evolved into a state that makes it easy for everyone to forget the existence of the LP, Items have been released. Anyway, in 1969 it is an amazingly clear audience recording, so it’s a great appeal that the phenomenal phenomenon of ZEP, which is unique this time, is clearly recorded.
Although the show started from ‘The Train Kept A Rollin’ which is a standard time for this period, happening that Paige ‘s Telecaster strings run out during playing. As usual it will not be possible to start “I Can not Quit You Baby” snowfalling without putting in a haircut, instead an emergency situation where the plant connects the battlefield with the MC. Although the apparent Bonzo is somehow hitting the rhythm instead of the intro, it is finally over. However, the audience of BTP is not irritated with such appearance, rather it is transmitted as if he is watching over drinking breath. Since the tone quality is good at all, such realistic feeling can be felt in real.
When I am ready and “I Can not Quit You Baby” begins, from that there is a surprising performance unique to ZEP over 69 years overwhelming the audience. Among them, “As Long As I Have You” which is not an exaggeration to say that it is fun of maniac in the stage of the first half of 1970 is also wonderful here. Although we have not reached a high degree of perfection as much as Denmark we released a couple of weeks ago, it seems like I’m about to lose words to a performance that is still raging while playing with a hyper tension. I play like a explosive explosion.
Unfortunately, the recording ends with a wave like a tape runs out just after the end of “You Shook Me”, but even with the recording so far, the charm of ZEP in the early 1970s has been condensed with clear sound quality It is. In the first place, the deep performance of ‘You Shook Me’ here is spectacular again.

The sound source of the 23rd already has been released high-quality items, but this time it is limited press CD making based on the copy of the first generation that appeared in recent years. This is what makes it the best version among maniacs, and in fact its natural sound quality is exceptional. We have not added any equalization that will change the sound quality this time as well. However, although this is the first generation version, the band introduction at the beginning of the show was missing. So this part was compensated by another source that was circulating from before.
It was also a generation of generations, but the difference with this first generation is obvious. Even though it was supplementing a part that is not a part of the performance, it switches from “The Train Kept A Rollin ‘” which switches to the sound source itself this time, suddenly changing to the goodness of prospects as if it had been covered with a sudden one. Just listening to the path from this band · intro is sure to make you realize how bad the first generation master is.
And although it is a fatal problem in this sound source, the gradually descending pitch which was being tired was adjusted precisely. It was a perfect finish with no stress not only on the sound quality but also on the playing surface. The definitive version of the classic BTP sound source that captures the performance full of the dynamism of the beginning of 1969 and the upper version release without complaint are realized!
12月30日 ゴンザガ大学
1月5日 ウイスキー・ア・ゴーゴー
1月9日-12日 フィルモア・ウエスト
1月23日、25-26日 ボストン・ティー・パーティー

もっとも、そんな伝説の長時間ステージの様子は音源が残されておらず、BTP各日の音源もZEP通常のステージを記録したものしか存在していません。そんな中でもっとも高音質を誇るのがBTP初日のステージであった23日。程よいクリアネスはモノラル録音ながらも驚くほどに聴きやすく、69年1月のオーディエンス録音においてはウイスキー・ア・ゴーゴーに次ぐ優良なクオリティ。その証拠として、この音源はLPの時代にその名も「BOSTON TEA PARTY」としてリリースされていたもの。とはいってもLPがジェネ落ちコピーを元にしていたことは明らかで、演奏内容よりもその音源状態のせいで正当な評価が得られなかったように記憶しています。
ショーはこの時期の定番である「The Train Kept A Rollin’」からスタートしたものの、演奏中にペイジのテレキャスターの弦が切れてしまうというハプニング。いつもなら間髪入れずに雪崩れ込む「I Can’t Quit You Baby」を始められず、代わりにプラントがMCで場をつなぐという緊急事態。見かねたボンゾが何となくイントロ代わりのようなリズムを叩いていますが、それもあえなく終了。しかしBTPのオーディエンスはそんな様子に苛立つこともなく、むしろ固唾を飲んで見守っている様子が伝わってくる。何しろ音質が良いので、そんな臨場感もリアルに感じられます。
いざ準備が整って「I Can’t Quit You Baby」が始まると、そこからは69年ZEPならではの驚愕な演奏がオーディエンスを圧倒。中でも69年前半のステージにおけるマニアの楽しみと言っても過言ではない「As Long As I Have You」はここでも素晴らしい。当店が数週間前にリリースしたデンマークほど完成度の高い展開には至っていませんが、それでもハイパーなテンションであっとう間に駆け抜ける演奏には言葉を失ってしまいそうなほど。正に爆裂するかのような演奏ぶり。
残念ながら録音は「You Shook Me」の終了直後にテープが尽きてしまったかのような波打ちと共に終わってしまうのですが、ここまでの録音でも69年序盤ZEPの魅力がクリアーな音質で凝縮されているのです。そもそも、ここでの「You Shook Me」のディープな演奏がまた壮絶。

それもまたロージェネレーションなものだったのですが、今回のファースト・ジェネレーションとの差は歴然。演奏部分でない箇所の補填だったにもかかわらず、今回の音源本体へと切り替わる「The Train Kept A Rollin’」から、突如として一皮むけたかのような見通しの良さへと豹変するのです。このバンド・イントロからの経路を聴いてもらうだけで、今回のファースト・ジェネレーション・マスターがいかにずば抜けた状態であるかを実感してもらえること間違いなし。

1. Introduction 2. Train Kept A Rollin’ 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby
4. As Long As I Have You 5. Dazed And Confused 6. You Shook Me

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