Led Zeppelin / Berdu Winston Remaster / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Berdu Winston Remaster / 2CD / Moonchild Records
Translated Text:

Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California : June 22nd 1972

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Europe Limited Edition! Winston remaster! 1972 US tour late final, June 22 Sun Bernardino performance high quality recording recorded! Dazed and Confused of this day includes rare “Route 66” “Born To Be Wild”. Performances that continue with San Bernardino, LA, Long Beach, Tucson, the performance content is not bad. Red Zeppelin fans abroad love Beldou! Zeppu fans in Japan also love Beldou! I do not know yet on this day and it is amazing cost performance that people can also feel free to buy!

欧州限定盤!ウィンストン・リマスター!1972年USツアー終盤、6月22日サンバーナーディーノ公演を高音質収録!この日のDazed and Confusedにはレアな”Route 66″ “Born To Be Wild”がインクルードされている。サンバーナディーノ、LA、ロングビーチ、ツーソンとい続く公演、演奏内容が悪いわけないっす。海外のレッド・ツッペリン・ファンはベルドゥ大好き!日本のゼップ・ファンもベルドゥ大好き!まだこの日知らないんだよな~って人にも気軽に買える驚異のコスト・パフォーマンス!プ

CD 1
01. Drone
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Black Dog
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. Stairway To Heaven
07. Going To California
08. That’s The Way
09. Tangerine
10. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

CD 2
01. Dazed and Confused
02. What is and What Should Never Be
03. Moby Dick
04. Whole Lotta Love
05. Rock and Roll
◆Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California : June 22nd 1972

Moonchild Records. MC-014

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