Led Zeppelin / Baltimore 1972 / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Baltimore 1972 / 3CD / Non Label
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Live at Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 11th June 1972


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In late history of ZEP literally became an excessive period in 1972. Among them, the US tour which was the last stage of Robert Plant’s Scream voice. As if to respond to his modulation, ZEP ‘s live sound has also undergone a change. From the feeling of pushing up by the momentum until 1971, the opening stage begins chillingly and the end finishes with a rage like a storm. As the tour arrived in the second half, there was also an upper atmosphere show like the LA Forum and Long Beach from the beginning, but Charlotte etc in the first half can be called a typical of a very relaxing show.
Buffalo performance was held between the Charlotte, but the sound source of this day has not been excavated yet. Therefore, the next Baltimore performance on June 11th. Like Charlotte, this also has a reputation as a good quality audience recording from the early days of the tour.
While being a sound image with a sense of distance, it has been supported by maniacs as a pretty freshness sound source with a roundering texture that was exactly analogue, and more refreshing. Also from our shop “BALTIMORE 1972” released ten years ago from now it was realizing the pressing CD in natural state from the master that had already circulated. Mania was highly appreciated by the unnaturalness of equalization like the items that had been out there before, or the condition that there is no deterioration feeling due to genetic dropping. However, Baltimore ‘s audience recording, together with the distance of the sound image, is a fact that it was a sound source that sounds very quiet. Because of that, it seems that I was treated as a 72 year tour sound source that is not familiar except for good-quality maniacs.

If it is a sound source in the state like Baltimore, it is a fact that it can only be heard only with a modest sound quality if not equalizing at all. Also, like the equalization project by fans like winston remaster, in the 2010s, the next generation equalization emphasizing the balance of “naturalness and ease of listening” hiding behind earlier donorial equalization sense rings Has become mainstream and it reaches present. In that respect, Baltimore this time may be said to be a good material.
In the release of this limited press release, the version that was remastered by a person who is named Liriodendron in 2010 is chosen to be the new best for the Baltimore sound source. He added that he basically reduced the hiss noise and balanced the left and right channels. Above all, the thing that sound omission improves in the acoustic set where it tended to be heard in the dark and sunking wind due to the sound quality peculiar to this sound source.
Until now also enough to call the upper version finish, but this release is accurate adjustment of the pitch that rose nearly a semitone that was fluctuating through the through. To tell the truth, this unstable pitch fluctuation was the biggest weakness in the Baltimore sound source. As a result, listening stress was eliminated all at once, and I was promoted to a famous sound source of the 72-year-old tour which can be enjoyed even without mania.

Speaking of America in 1972, it is a time when plants ‘voices’ bad start to be revealed. Especially in the first half of the tour many days of tune where his voice can not boil over early live opening. Regarding Baltimore, the voice of the plant does not boil up correctly. It is like reminiscent of the 70 years Phoenix performance as if the key is lowered and singing somewhere. In the first place ZEP to Baltimore was doing 10 consecutive performances from Detroit on June 7, on the first day of the tour, so there is no reason not to get tired of the throat of the plant.
Besides, I mistook the lyrics of “Immigrant Song”, and the color of fatigue is felt from the early plant. In such a situation, the light turns into a representative song now “Stairway To Heaven”. In the United States of 1972, when the plant tells the name of the song, the place where the great cheers get excited at every venue is impressive, but as if to stimulate such a reaction, the plant’s hard work has been promoted to a wonderful performance. Besides, the point that Voice quality itself still retains the Scream tone is the charm of His voice in this period.
And when it comes to an acoustic set that became easier to listen in this release, the plant really sings lively and is fully resurrected. Especially in the middle of “Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp” it will be clearly transmitted from his running which will enter the song earlier than playing. Following these sets of screaming frequencies, the plant is doing great if it reaches the usual 72-year pattern bursting “Dazed And Confused”.
And the best climax in Baltimore is “Whole Lotta Love” medley. To tell the truth, ZEP on the previous day is a pretty bullet schedule, watching Elvis Presley’s live at Madison Square Garden during the day, from which to do their show towards Buffalo, in the middle of the night to the club in New York It was a jumping performance.
Among them, it was probably a big reverberation after seeing Elvis, it was a very rare scene when his “I Need Your Love Tonight” appeared in the medley. Again, we are reliable because the plant is singing at high tone. In addition, there is a wonderful fulfillment in the latter part of the live, such as appearing in the medley until “Going Down” wanting to call it as a trailer of “THREE DAYS AFTER” show a year later. Furthermore, “Rock And Roll” also plants will sing with high tone, the 72-year Baltimore decision version will appear!
距離感のある音像ながら、正にアナログ然とした丸みを帯びた質感、さらにスッキリとした鮮度抜群な音源としてマニアに支持されてきました。当店からも今から10年前にリリースした「BALTIMORE 1972」は既に出回っていたマスターからのナチュラルな状態でのプレスCD化を実現させていたものです。それまでに出ていたアイテムのようなイコライズの不自然さ、あるいはジェネ落ちによる劣化感がない状態がマニアに高く評価されました。ところがボルチモアのオーディエンス録音を音像の遠さと相まって非常に地味な音質に聴こえる音源であったことも事実。そのせいで良質ながらもマニア以外にはなじみのない72年ツアー音源という扱いを受けていたのではないでしょうか。

このボルチモアのような状態の音源ですと、一切イコライズを加えないでおくと単に地味な音質にしか聴こえないのは事実。またwinston remasterのようなファンによるイコライズ・プロジェクトがそうであるように、2010年代を迎えると、以前のドンシャリ的イコライズ・センスが鳴りを潜め「ナチュラルさと聴きやすさ」のバランスを重視した次世代イコライズが主流となって現在に至ります。その点において、今回のボルチモアなどは格好の素材だといえるのかもしれません。

おまけに「Immigrant Song」の歌詞を間違えてしまうなど、序盤のプラントからは疲労の色が濃く感じられる。そんな状況に光が差すのは今や代表曲と化した「Stairway To Heaven」。72年のアメリカではプラントが曲名を告げると、どの会場でも大きな歓声が沸き上がるところが感動的なのですが、まるでそんな反応に奮起したかの如く、プラントの頑張りが素晴らしい演奏へと昇格させています。それに声質自体はまだまだスクリーム調を保っている点がこの時期の彼の声の魅力というもの。
そして今回のリリースで聴きやすくなったアコースティック・セットになると、プラントが実にいきいきと歌って完全復活。特に「Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp」の途中では演奏より早く歌に入ってしまう彼の走りっぷりからもはっきりと伝わってきます。叫ぶ頻度が下がるこれらのセットに続いて、いつもの72年パターン炸裂な「Dazed And Confused」に及ぶとプラントは絶好調。
そしてボルチモアにおける最高のクライマックスは「Whole Lotta Love」メドレー。実をいうと前日のZEPはかなりの弾丸スケジュールで、昼はマディソン・スクエア・ガーデンでエルヴィス・プレスリーのライブを観戦、そこからバッファローに向かって自分たちのショーを行い、夜中にはニューヨークのクラブに飛び入り演奏といったものでした。
中でもエルヴィスを観た余韻が大きかったのでしょう、メドレーに彼の「I Need Your Love Tonight」が登場したのはとてもレアな場面。ここでもプラントがハイトーンで歌い切っているから頼もしい。さらに一年後の「THREE DAYS AFTER」ショーの予告編とでも呼びたくなる「Going Down」までメドレーに登場するなど、ライブ後半の充実ぶりは素晴らしいものがあります。さらには「Rock And Roll」もプラントがハイトーンで歌い切る、72年ボルチモア決定版が登場します!
Disc 1 (66:02)
1. Intro. 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Black Dog 5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. Stairway To Heaven 7. Going To California 8. That’s The Way 9. Tangerine 10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 2 (59:38)
1. MC 2. Dazed and Confused 3. What Is And What Should Never Be 4. Moby Dick

Disc 3 (41:30)
1. Whole Lotta Love 2. Rock And Roll 3. Communication Breakdown

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