Led Zeppelin / A Tribute To Johnny Kidd And The Pirates / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / A Tribute To Johnny Kidd And The Pirates / 1CD / Brigand Records

Rehearsals at Southampton Univercity, Southampton, UK 22nd January 1973

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Head or mail order, correspondence only for the following labels.
GRAF ZEPPELIN, SpeakEzy, Smilin ‘Ears, Rough Kut Trax, Contra Band Music

It is a gift item for customers who purchased two of the above system items.
Customers who wish items in this column please also put them in the cart at the same time (it is \ 0 for convenience). Multiple orders of the same title can not be done.

Please understand that it can not respond in the case of non-eligible items or SALE items.

Special gift press second installment of the patronage memorial!
Rehearsal sound source for familiar 1973 tour.
There are various opinions on the date and time, but it is unknown whether it is eventually fixed.
Jake is supposed to be July 6th in Chicago 73.
It was said that in January 1975 Minneapolis was about when I first came out.
Others Atlanta theory in May, 1939.
Net sound source. There are Hiss, but adopt this.
There is also a sound source with the presence system ‘s His Reduction, but I made it the planned Schulzur
Since the digital noise odor is harsh, this tone generator which has not applied Hiss Reduction is adopted.
Correct the phase and repair the place where the noise which occasionally sticks slightly enters.
Contents as well as the last organ including the part of Timpani’s longest record.

Rehearsal sound source of 5 minutes of January 21 (also said to be 22 days) to bonus is recorded without leakage.

The package respects the related title and has been redeveloped newly.
Front jacket Inside is also an interesting board composed of familiar pictures with related titles!
(That is why 75 years of photos are mixed.)

GRAF ZEPPELIN、SpeakEzy、Smilin’ Ears、 Rough Kut Trax、 Contra Band Music






Unknown Rehearsal 1973
01. Sugar Baby #1
02. Sugar Baby #2&3
03. -Break-
04. Wanton Song #1&2
05. The Rover #1
06. The Rover #2
07. -Break-
08. Night Flight #1
09. Night Flight #2-4
10. Night Flight #5
11. Night Flight #6
12. School Days
13. Nadine
14. Around And Around #1
15. Around And Around #2
16. Move On Down The Line #1&2
17. Love Me Like A Hurricane (Please Don’t Tease)
18. Move It #1&2
19. Dynamite
20. Shakin’ All Over
21. Hungry For Love #1&2
22. I’ll Never Get Over You
23. Reelin’ And Rockin’
24. Surrender – Rock And Roll
25. Organ – Timpani

Rehearsals at Southampton Univercity, Southampton, UK 22nd January 1973
26. Drums – Mellotron
27. Love Me
28. Frankfurt Special
29. King Creole
30. Love Me

Brigand Records. KIDD 73

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