Led Zeppelin / 923 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / 923 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 23rd September 1971.


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One fell swoop three title rare audience recording in ZEP’s first visit to Japan this time what 1971 will also be released. First of September 23 Budokan, it is a live that was the first day of the Japan tour. ZEP legend has established a solid position by the audience recorded by the truly astounding performance and the sound source that has been one after another excavation in the 1990s of the day in Japan. In fact, there is a 929-call and sound board recording of Osaka second day was me tell terrific of the ’71 tour to Japan in the era of the LP, the item will be released for other performances Hiromara not, or from that recording contents itself was poor content to grab the whole picture of live, I think that the contents of the live other than the 929 between mania about now has not been recognized.
For this and the Budokan first day raises the stretch profile by excavation of the “FRONT ROW” sound source, it appeared during the last decade further lapse of time “FIRST ATTACK OF THE RISING OF THE SUN” or “TIMLESS ROCK” sound source and, “ROCK CARNIVAL” sound source There is a feeling that has reigned as the three major recording of this day. I think not many people of any mania that have these sound source. Can say in common For any sound source, as the audience recording of 1971 is probably the thing that boasts a surprisingly on sound image. And although previous shop has released “THE CALM AND THE STORM” was the the best example, in addition to the three major source of Budokan first day mentioned earlier also, this day a large number of sound source is present, also have been released It was.

However, also shop has unearthed a new audience recording of the first day of Budokan this time! Heck you think that this day has been left how much of the sound source? It is a “Japanese fans love Led Zeppelin” in single, probably a result of that it was the first day of the long-awaited concert in Japan is reflected. However, when you leave initially refused, it does not and RESET into the realm of the three major sound sources listed above this sound source. Sound image of the on-degree like those what, boasts exceptional of quality and stereo sound quality in ’71 at that time. Further, as the trend of the recording state, it is in mono sound quality can call the first time “TALES OF STORMS” was Mise released the full-length version of this live (or “TOKYO TAPES”) and the series of “THE CALM AND THE STORM” in our shop , Korezo what can be called analog Chick texture.
But it points that has been captured by the on-sound image than those of the sound source is a big attraction. It would be similar also that it is willing to really capture the rock concert specific reality of Budokan. Also that the realism is unique is the fresh charm of this sound source. In live early For example, “TALES OF STORMS”, “I did, done!” Every time the intro begins, but state of joy that had been captured, and cheers of “Fu!” When it comes to a similar moment here flying about you. In that respect it might be reflected in the so unexpected only live from in Japan. This is that also interesting.

And state of the ZEP that Miseru involving to the enthusiasm of the vortex Japanese audience as the play progresses have also been caught like any other sound source. After all from the United States tour that closes the curtain in Hawaii a week vacation might not immense utility that gave the plant. For example, LA Forum and our shop has released “GOING TO CALIFORNIA” Berkeley, etc., it is the United States of fatigue condition of the young plant is also truly throat in the end was the manner in which not hide, plant here Budokan has showed a strong revival. Intense Scream voice that what you showed me because the plant until ’71. But even become a peak of ’71 live activities, only it but is was also the first concert in Japan that gave birth the ZEP legend, be it as just stunned to Scream of the plant in Tokyo two days among them.
Only in particular album “VI” songs to 1971, the period that has been fully sing plant in a state where there is no comparable to the arrangement of the album. Let me hear the excellent Scream in Again “Black Dog” and “Stairway To Heaven”. And Paige play also phrase rich. These elements come together, the performance of ZEP to be heard here was no longer something stunning about not an exaggeration to say that art.

And unfolded in the strange tension and deployed from the Japan tour the first day of “Whole Lotta Medley” is too fierce! And it’s this time of the sound source, but here it is possible sound image becomes closer (you’ll was probably headed toward the front), further sharpness of this sublime medley is I have wonderful taste in fully. Among them, “Tobacco Road” and definitely venue in the high was proud the popular “Good Times Bad Times” around in Japan excitement has reached the peak. This tremendous enthusiasm what, ZEP legend in Japan is probably the moment when was born!
Certainly it does not deny geek side when compared with the three major source of live for this day. Moreover, “Celebration Day” is What unreleased. When this release, without making any editing, such as dare compensate another sound source, it was kept to about the adjustment of the pitch. But Budokan us convey the enthusiasm of the first day from ANOTHER side also this first appearance sound really attractive. It is also the first visit to Japan performance unique magic of retracted to become While we listened. Moreover, new sound source of Budokan first day of the plant burst will be released in limited press CD!


こと武道館初日に関しては「FRONT ROW」音源の発掘によって一気に知名度が上がり、さらに時間を経過してここ十年の間に登場した「FIRST ATTACK OF THE RISING OF THE SUN」あるいは「TIMLESS ROCK」音源、そして「ROCK CARNIVAL」音源がこの日の三大レコーディングとして君臨している感があります。これらの音源のどれかを持たれているマニアの方も多いのではないでしょうか。どの音源に関しても共通して言えることは、1971年のオーディエンス録音としては驚異的にオンな音像を誇っていることだと言えるでしょう。そして以前当店がリリースした「THE CALM AND THE STORM」がその最たる例でしたが、先に挙げた武道館初日の三大音源以外にも、この日は多数の音源が存在し、またリリースされてきました。

ところが、今回また当店が武道館初日の新たなオーディエンス録音を発掘しました!いったいこの日はどれだけの音源が残されているのでしょうか?それは一重に「日本のファンはLed Zeppelin大好き」であり、待ちに待った来日公演の初日だったことが反映された結果でしょう。ただし、最初に断わっておきますと、今回の音源は先に挙げた三大音源の域には及びません。それらのような音像のオンな度合こそ、71年当時において別格なクオリティとステレオ音質を誇ります。さらに録音状態の傾向としては、初めてこのライブの全長版をリリースしてみせた「TALES OF STORMS」(あるいは「TOKYO TAPES」)や当店の「THE CALM AND THE STORM」の系列と呼べるモノラル音質であり、これぞアナログチックな質感と呼べるもの。
しかしこれらの音源よりもオンな音像で捉えられている点が大きな魅力なのです。いかにも武道館のロック・コンサート的な臨場感を捉えてくれている点も同様でしょう。その臨場感が独特なのもこの音源の新鮮な魅力です。例えば「TALES OF STORMS」ではライブ序盤において、イントロが始まる度に「やった、やった!」という歓喜の様子が捉えられていましたが、こちらでは同様の瞬間になると「フー!」という歓声が飛び交います。その点では日本でのライブらしかぬように映るかもしれません。これがまた面白いのです。

そして演奏が進むにつれて日本の観客を熱狂の渦へと巻き込んでみせるZEPの様子も他の音源同様にキャッチされています。何しろハワイで幕を閉じたアメリカ・ツアーから一週間の休暇がプラントに与えた効用は計り知れないものがあります。例えばLAフォーラムや当店がリリースした「GOING TO CALIFORNIA」バークレーなど、アメリカの終盤では若いプラントもさすがに喉の疲労具合が隠せない様子でしたが、ここ武道館でプラントは強烈な復活を見せました。71年までのプラントだからこそ見せてくれた強烈なスクリーム・ボイス。ただでさえ71年ライブ活動のピークとなり、それがまたZEP伝説を誕生させた初来日公演でしたが、その中でも東京二日間におけるプラントのスクリームにはただ唖然とさせられるばかり。
特にアルバム「VI」収録曲は1971年だけが、アルバムのアレンジに遜色ない状態でプラントが歌い切っていた時期。ここでも「Black Dog」や「Stairway To Heaven」において絶品のスクリームを聴かせてくれます。それにペイジのプレイもフレーズが豊か。そうした要素が合わさり、ここで聴かれるZEPの演奏はもはや芸術品と言っても過言ではないほど見事なものでした。

そして日本ツアー初日から異様なテンションかつ展開で繰り広げられた「Whole Lotta Medley」があまりに壮絶!しかも今回の音源ですが、ここで音像がさらに近くなる(恐らく前の方へ向かったのでしょう)ことで、さらにこの壮絶なメドレーの切れ味が存分に味わえるのが素晴らしいのです。中でも「Tobacco Road」と日本で高い人気を誇っていた「Good Times Bad Times」辺りでは間違いなく会場の興奮がピークに達しました。この凄まじい熱狂こそ、日本におけるZEP伝説が誕生した瞬間だと言えるでしょう!
確かにこの日のライブの三大音源と比べるとマニア向けな側面は否めません。しかも「Celebration Day」は未収録なのです。今回のリリースに当たっては、敢えて別音源を補てんするような編集は加えず、ピッチのアジャスト程度にとどめました。しかし武道館初日の熱狂をアナザー・サイドから伝えてくれるこの初登場音源も実に魅力的。聴いていく内に引き込まれてしまうのはやはり初来日公演ならではのマジック。しかもプラント炸裂の武道館初日の新音源が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます!

Disc 1 (74:37)
1. Intro 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Since I’ve Been Loving You 5. Black Dog
6. Dazed And Confused 7. Stairway To Heaven 8. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 9. That’s The Way
10. Going To California

Disc 2 (65:34)
1. MC 2. What Is And What Should Never Be 3. Moby Dick 4. Whole Lotta Love
5. Communication Breakdown

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