Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1975 3rd Night / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1975 3rd Night / 3CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
The Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 27th March 1975 & Mike Millard Unmarked 1st Gen Cassettes Transfer


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Millard is LA three days of 1975 who have left behind is any exceptional recording quality. And unlike Eddie, their sound source did what was spread from getting to the age of the CD, touted to be when in the early 1990s each day was released, but calmly “sound board recording” any day You can not help but think fondly that it had been. or it’ll be how much of the item has been proudly sound board treats? In fact is was it etc. The more mean a tremendous quality, will sound quality is also great … And Millard of recording of the last day that grabbed the ropes by continued seeing the same band in the same venue, the most well-proportioned in three days has become a of the take was great recording balance.
It does not snow until the plant of voice sound board conditions such as indeed the second day, nevertheless it is a quality that stands out among his numerous sound source, should you are able to understand and to listen to one. Moreover, this day has me caught in the biggest balance the base of Johnsy, it has become the most U~omi texture in the three days of the sound source also a big attraction. It should become a low-generation version by JEMS, things that even more. Is not just a supernatural recording of Millard, also has a wonderful thing this time of the recorded state.

But symmetry is taken is not the only recording state. Performance of ZEP also I think because became a messy live take on that indeed overlap a variety of elements about two days, and to say this is the last day, yet it’s live at your favorite LA Forum, a usual Specials not felt the atmosphere and upper of tone (laughs). Surprisingly much as reflected even in the wind that tries to carefully play rather, what exaggerated how much to foresee the live content this is the calm of Earl’s Court after.
Long Beach the second day and Seattle in any case, and the ferocious performance that has been waged in such as Vancouver has been completed is completely heterogeneous atmosphere, there from the shadow of Earl’s Court is flickering It is true. It is a degree that is different with the past two days, while there where the extension trend, from the fact that such as the second half of the Page of play did not dull so “Over the Hills and Far Away” is being returned to its original length I hear about also. In short play also trying to moderate, so, if perhaps the entire group to become … such a situation that no longer stick is out of control began to realize.

And this day we have been led to be successful that it has been played, “Since I’ve Been Loving You.” Although it is the song that became the only picked up a handful in why ’75 tour, the Page since 1970 was not like that to play this song is obvious, some crisp was awake more than the preceding two days here guitar Play will listen. Although I have become a performance of only convenience this day in LA, etc. no to feel blank, here and be heard stunning performance in, the better the was good you have more live music in the ’75 tour … I can not help but think so.
That Paige got his tone by playing this song is obvious, “Dazed And Confused” of the day as if to reflect the it will not extend the length of 45 minutes of the history of the longest. Certainly the first half here is just What you just like deployment was stretching, but the end is part of cry of the plant is involved, expand the rest of the three people it shows the tactics of improvisation in a tight rhythm is really interesting. So has continued a long and tactics than usual is Paige, was Bonzo and Gappuri thrilling are four play of Johnsy to respond to it. Enough to become involved until the plant is to expand to such unexpected. Where you would go back to unceremoniously song body to the split will be in the place seems ZEP of this period.
Many times you as I say, after all ups and downs there of ’75 LA forum three performances, live there is far from listening to each, Millard recording that captured the last day in the perfect sound quality in three days. I can not find the item even if they want to listen to these three days … or think many people who had been think so. Soredakeni this low Generation version release of can say also a great opportunity to re-evaluate the LA three days of ’75 after a long time. All day is recorded in astounding quality, yet this limited release was recorded in top condition, I do not miss absolutely any day!


いずれにせよロングビーチ二日目やシアトル、そしてバンクーバーなどで繰り広げられた猛烈な演奏とは完全に異質の雰囲気が完成されており、そこからアールズ・コートの影がちらついているのは事実です。それは過去二日間とも違っている程で、そこでは延長傾向にありながら、ペイジのプレイがそれほど冴えなかった「Over the Hills and Far Away」の後半などは元の長さに戻されていることからも伺えました。要は遊びもほどほどにしよう、でないと収拾がつかなくなってしまう…そういった状況をグループ全体が自覚し始めたのかもしれません。

それにこの日は「Since I’ve Been Loving You」が演奏されたことも好結果へとつながっています。何故か75年ツアーでは数えるほどしか取り上げられなった曲ですが、1970年以降ペイジがこの曲をプレイすることを好んでいたのは明白であり、ここでも前二日間以上に覚醒したキレのあるギター・プレイが聴かれます。都合LAではこの日だけの演奏となってしまいましたが、ブランクを感じさせることなどなく、ここでの見事な演奏を聴かされると、75年ツアーにおいてもっとライブ演奏した方がよかったのでは…そう思わずにはいられません。
この曲の演奏によってペイジが調子を掴んだことは明白であり、それを反映したかのようにこの日の「Dazed And Confused」は史上最長の45分という長さに及んでいます。確かにここでも前半はただ引き伸ばしただけのような展開なのですが、プラントの雄叫びが絡むパートが終わり、残りの三人がタイトなリズムの中でインプロビゼーションの駆け引きをみせる展開が実に面白い。そこでペイジがいつもより長く駆け引きを続けており、それに応えるボンゾとジョンジーのがっぷり四つなプレイがスリリングでした。そんな予想外に展開にはプラントまで加わってしまうほど。その割にあっさりと曲本体に戻ってしまうところがこの時期のZEPらしいところではあります。

Disc 1 (70:04)
1. Intro 2. Rock And Roll 3. Sick Again 4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. In My Time Of Dying 6. The Song Remains The Same 7. The Rain Song 8. Kashmir
9. Since I’ve Been Loving You

Disc 2 (71:16)
1. No Quarter 2. Trampled Underfoot 3. Moby Dick

Disc 3 (76:54)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Black Dog

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