Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1975 2nd Night / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1975 2nd Night / 3CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
The Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 25th March 1975 & Mike Millard Unmarked 1st Gen Cassettes Transfer


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Those who are overwhelmed by the sound pressure of Paige of guitar that was heard in the Millard sound source of 75LA first day, please try heard him at night LA ​​second day of recording. This is that a wait ridiculous superb quality. Moreover, attractive voice of the plant that on balance this time. This also let alone “on a sound image”, it is Marukkiri the sound board state. Heck, what Will is so much of exceptional recordings could be realized in 1975 and I do? No longer is only the voice of admiration.
The key to guessed it, there is a place where recording of this day is willing to capture even Katsuaki to upset the first time in the sound output of Paige of guitar. That Millard this day, Will was dared recording is equivalent close to the venue of the speaker of the LA Forum. If he is, than that the members on the stage can be seen, there is no any wonder even better speakers in order to capture their live sound accurately to ensure a close. If you do not, even so, you can not have that can be recorded at a phenomenal sound image so far.

Although the first day was a record state of wonders feel the presence of the Page guitar noticeable until the intense, not only plant of vocal in this second day, based Johnsy is also me to catch accurately, the sound image is close that Te balance is also good, we are no longer a perfect recording state. In still in the ZEP live sound source of Millard, there is no room for doubt that boast the most on a sound image is now of 75 years LA three days. Certainly in terms of clearness and freshness shop would be above those of Long Beach was the recently released (and I have to quickly Sold Out in the Thanks). However, the sound image of the wonders that can not be reached even there. That was Millard sound source of ’75 LA performances.
Anyway, this day is unstable sound of Paige of the guitar out of the speakers from the beginning live. It will have bad impression of early. But Yuki raised rapidly tune the band centered him to not discouraged even in it, “The Song Remains The Same” is very aggressive, yet have been playing great so as not to be disturbed Isshi is showing off.
Does this Paige of guitar problems of similar even on the stage, or it can only be guess just a matter of the sound output of the venue. But when it comes to “Dazed And Confused”, Fukkire was as if a play will listen to the trouble. Rhea and pattern of “Spanish Harlem,” instead of it the plant was Mise singing in “San Francisco” section in bonus. It was only when this is also ahead even after the plant is a classic of Ben · E · King, who died this year was Mise hum is.

Anyway, on this day the only recording balance is exquisite, but the instability of the sound output to live is not even been eliminated in progress I have been document, that Paige thanks is me continue to live without rot in it praise you’ll deserve to. No matter Midareyo phrase that his play on the evidence, it is for us to return to the firm performance. Rather, this day of had made a maximum of mistakes and I was a plant rather than him.
In the “Black Dog” of Angkor and suddenly the plant in this song is supposed are singing every night and to forget the lyrics, you have deception to sing with Mogomogo. Other three people, “Oh, where you gonna wrong?” For it manner upset, but you have is vividly conveyed how would over stops playing, it was Paige that saved this desperate situation. Too is a shocking scene, really 75 years LA interesting in there valley has mountain playing content! Moreover, if familiar with the JEMS the supernatural recording of Millard was published in low Generation version, here it does not snow to the translation you do not want to release a limitation of the press. Among the three days is March 25 and that boast the strongest sound quality!


初日はペイジのギターの存在感が強烈なまでに目立つ驚異の録音状態でしたが、この二日目ではプラントのボーカルだけでなく、ジョンジーのベースも的確にキャッチしてくれており、音像が近くてバランスも良いという、もはやパーフェクトな録音状態となっています。やはりミラードのZEPライブ音源の中において、もっともオンな音像を誇るのが今回の75年LA三日間であることに疑いの余地はありません。確かにクリアネスや鮮度という点では当店が先頃リリース(おかげさまであっという間にSold Outしてしまいました)したロングビーチの方が上でしょう。しかし、そこでも到達できなかった驚異の音像。それが75年LA公演のミラード音源でした。
とにかくこの日はライブ序盤からスピーカーから出るペイジのギターの音が不安定。それが序盤の印象を悪くしています。ところがそれにもめげずに彼を中心としたバンドはどんどん調子を上げてゆき、「The Song Remains The Same」は非常に攻撃的、それでいて一糸も乱れないような素晴らしい演奏が披露されています。
このペイジのギターの問題がステージ上でも同様なのか、それとも会場の出音だけの問題なのかは推測するしかありません。ところが「Dazed And Confused」になると、そのトラブルに対して吹っ切れたかのようなプレイが聴かれます。おまけにプラントが「San Francisco」セクションで歌ってみせたのがそれの代わりに「Spanish Harlem」という激レアなパターン。今年亡くなったベン・E・キングのクラシックをプラントが口ずさんでみせたのは後にも先にもこの時だけでした。

アンコールの「Black Dog」では毎晩歌っているはずなこの曲でプラントが突如として歌詞を忘れてしまい、モゴモゴと歌ってごまかしています。それに対して他の三人が「えっ、そこで間違えちゃうの?」的に動揺し、演奏が止まりかけてしまう様子がありありと伝わってきますが、この絶体絶命を救ったのがペイジでした。あまりにも衝撃的な場面であり、本当に75年のLAは演奏内容が山あり谷ありで面白い!しかもミラードの神業録音をJEMSがロージェネレーション・バージョンで公開したとなれば、こちらも限定のプレスでリリースしない訳にはゆきません。三日間の中でも最強の音質を誇るのが3月25日です!

Disc 1 (53:05)
1. Rock And Roll 2. Sick Again 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. In My Time Of Dying
5. The Song Remains The Same 6. The Rain Song 7. Kashmir

Disc 2 (62:00)
1. No Quarter 2. Trampled Underfoot 3. Moby Dick

Disc 3 (68:13)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Black Dog

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