Led Zeppelin / Providence 1973 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Providence 1973 / 2CD / Non Label

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Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island on July 21st, 1973.


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Speaking of the 1973 US tour from the presence of the release, such as movie and live album, you will receive a very brilliant impression. Indeed, ZEP has climbed to most of the popular British rock group seat in the United States on this tour. Tour of the scale is unprecedented schedule. Is divided into a first half and a second half, the stroke of about provided until a month off, and the ’70s rock band would say the proof that won the incomparably popular in the United States.
’73 US tour in the first half leg Tampa, Keza, and in the condition, such as two of the LA Forum that birthday and the three days after Bonzo, and say either “maintaining the natural groove” Meien have produced a lot. There also recording a movie and live album was a late tour, it boasts a high popularity especially among the unique atmosphere of the first half leg of mania.
But the second half leg became a rocky start. The first day, absolute malfunctioning plant as I do not think it after one month off in Chicago you would have been recorded in the sound board recording. where the tour has passed the one week, state that began to take the engine in “DETROIT ROCK CITY” of Detroit first day it is listen, finally the second half of the stand out was Meien in on the 17th Seattle has been created.
As can be felt from up there, it was still plant had been bad impression in the second half of leg. It is such I was in Seattle that he gave me finally rouse. However, will the impossible was Tata~tsu in Seattle, the next day of Vancouver was I have resulted in the live would have been greatly reduced by the malfunction of the plant. If you become more Boston on the 20th, to now expand that band you Tsukashi iso to the noisiness of the audience it would round up short final stage live.

But ironically, I think of that Boston Live was rounded up short was out with Gil, it the next day of Providence became the hit changed was Kai演. Of course the key person plant. Yell of containing shout, such as not seen in a few days until it explodes from opening. If you listen to the fully open shout of the plant to be heard in the ending of “Rock And Roll”, it states that he has been inspired to come clearly conveyed.
On the contrary, the plant of this day shine through the full-length live. But “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, yell, such as was not until it felt in the second half leg will let me listen to pervade name ayat. The plant is pulled up play quality of the band’s strong is a phenomenon that can be seen consistently in the live history of ZEP, but here in “No Quarter” and “Dazed And Confused” in of the smooth phrases of Paige rich play great! When you say the truth, but members of the play other than the plant I was good from the time of the second half leg started, it might say that he their events, such as play becomes distracted was upset plant Hmm.
After this, but further performance of the entire group decided also talk of filming will be upward, it will have cast a subtle shadow created a or tension comes to Madison Square Garden that final day overlap of shooting and live There is a feeling, even in Meien in Providence late ’73 leg in that rather “are without any inhibition play in upward”, and probably the thing that among the best three definitely. It was much the best condition of the plant is outstanding day.

And Although it is catch the audience recorded the live of this Providence, quite powerful is felt, well-established higher ones even as audience recording of good quality. Excitement surrounding also in moderation, is the ease of the secret recording state is listening that captures only the play itself in a larger balance. Minute performance was largely recorded the most, and also true texture that was a “Shuwashuwa” by treble edge had become a slightly saturated state has become a habit with a focus on live first half. Therefore, rather than listen with headphones, there is no doubt that the person who rang from the speakers is a better sound source.
In some scratches or balls from being entered cut at the point, and it is “The Song Remains The Same” to become and state that a large portion of unreleased songs. It is those items were also present you happen to compensate for this part in the performance of another day in, but earlier in the past it item equalize excess (it also Kin Kin) state, generation fall, even many the tendency of deviation of the pitch which is common to the item was observed. While the sound quality a little of habit, but still easy to hear, and I have been surprisingly unfortunate treats a while release as a sound source that what is heard is overwhelmingly extensive performance than. But this time, while based on the honor High dadgad remastered version of the best among fans, it was of course to realize the limited press on CD with no cut part of tricks. To the U~omi of listening comfort will not be incomparable, such as a previous release, slow pitch deviation is also precisely adjust of which has been conspicuous in the middle live. Most easy to listen in until now, this is true of Providence 1973!

ところが後半レグは前途多難なスタートとなりました。その初日、シカゴでは一か月のオフの後だとは思えないほど絶不調なプラントがサウンドボード録音に記録されてしまいます。ツアーが一週間を経過したところ、デトロイト初日の『DETROIT ROCK CITY』でエンジンのかかり始めた様子が聴かれ、17日のシアトルでようやく後半戦の抜きん出た名演が生み出されました。

しかし皮肉なことに、ボストンのライブが短く切り上げられたことが吉と出たのでしょうか、翌日のプロヴィデンスは打って変わった快演となったのです。もちろんキーパーソンはプラント。それまでの数日には見られなかったような気合の入ったシャウトがオープニングから炸裂。「Rock And Roll」のエンディングで聴かれるプラントの全開シャウトを聴けば、彼が奮起している様子がはっきりと伝わってくるのです。
それどころか、この日のプラントはライブの全編を通して輝きを放ちます。「Since I’ve Been Loving You」でも、後半レグでもそれまでは感じられなかったような気合がみなぎる名唱を聴かせてくれます。プラントが好調だとバンドのプレイ・クオリティが引き上げられるのはZEPのライブ史において一貫して見受けられる現象ですが、ここでも「No Quarter」と「Dazed And Confused」でペイジの滑らかでフレーズの豊かなプレイが素晴らしい!実を言いますと、プラント以外のメンバーのプレイは後半レグ開始時から好調だったのですが、彼らのプレイが散漫になってしまうような出来事がプラントの不調だったのだと言えるかもしれません。

いくつかの箇所でカットが入ってしまうのがまた玉に瑕で、それが「The Song Remains The Same」になると曲の大部分が未収録という状態です。中にはこの部分を別の日の演奏で補てんしてしまったアイテムも存在したものですが、それ以前に過去のアイテムはイコライズ過剰(それもキンキンに)な状態、ジェネレーション落ち、さらには多くのアイテムに共通していたピッチの狂いという傾向が見られました。少し癖のある音質ながら、それでも聴きやすく、何よりも圧倒的に充実した演奏が聴かれる音源としては意外なほど不遇な扱いなままリリースされてきたのです。しかし今回はファンの間でベストとの誉れ高きdadgadリマスター・バージョンを元にしつつ、もちろんカット部分の小細工なしでの限定プレスCD化を実現させました。そのウォーミーな聴き心地は以前のリリースなど比べ物になりませんし、ライブ中盤で目立っていた遅いピッチの狂いも正確にアジャスト。今までで一番聴きやすい、これが真のプロヴィデンス1973だ!

Disc 1 (61:32)
1. Intro. 2. Rock And Roll 3. Celebration Day 4. Black Dog 5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I’ve Been Loving You 8. No Quarter
9. The Song Remains The Same 10. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (73:16)
1. Dazed and Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Moby Dick 4. Heartbreaker 5. Whole Lotta Love
6. The Ocean


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