Led Zeppelin / Offenburg 1973-New / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Offenburg 1973-New / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Ortenauhalle, Offenburg, Germany 24th March 1973

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One of the highest peaks in the 1973 Europe Tour, which is a well-known repository of ZEP’s live history, has been decided to re-release the Offenbach performance on March 24th. In the first place, it is a time when a lot of famous performances are rolling down with Gorogoro, but with regard to Offenbach, we have received a steady evaluation from mania as a high quality audience recording that gives a big presence after the outflow concentration period of a series of soundboard recordings. All soundboard sound sources in the example are recordings after “Dazed And Confused”, and “HAMBURG 1973” released last year, etc. features such recordings exactly, and is a typical item that complements the rest with an audience sound source. did.
Even if it is not recorded with such a sound board, the famous sound source recorded as the best audience album is this Offenbach. As the audience recording of this tour, it also boasts very good quality along with March 16 which has also released “VIENNA 1973”. The Vienna on the 16th was mono and on-line, but Offenbach enjoyed wide-ranging stereo sound quality. Therefore, it is a translation that has produced many items from the era of analog LP to the present, and this “recorder 1” is the main, yet the longest version on the net where “recorder 2” is patched everywhere It was “OFFENBURG 1973” which was released in 2015 that was based on. Of course, some cuts that had occurred in “recorder 1” were beautifully filled by that editing, but it was a big point that he was correcting the shaking of the sound image in “Dazed And Confused”, which was a dilemma in the same sound source .

Based on this version, it suppresses the hiss noise in the ultra-high range when released on a press CD, and makes it easier to hear “OFFENBURG 1973”. The title, which was originally promoted to the best version of a famous sound source in the 1973 European Tour, is Sold Out in the blink of an eye. I was once again aware of the height of Offenbach’s popularity.
It is quite natural that items that have been Sold Out have voices of recurrence, but at the same time, as with “VIENNA 1973”, these ZEP-named live sound sources should always be distributed as an accessible situation. In fact, the previous titles such as Vienna and “L.A. FORUM 1971” have delighted many enthusiasts for their recurrence. As with these, it is a staple of the ZEP live sound source, and even if the place name “Offenbach” is raised, it is understood that the 1973 Anno name performance will be passed on to mania. If it becomes the best version, it can be said that the stable supply of items is essential. Therefore, as it was completed as an item at the time of release in 2015, this “OFFENBURG 1973” will be a straight recurrence without a place to add a new hand.

Anyway Offenbach is really great to play. Unlike the US tour that follows, the height of the natural tension (that is, it does not smell bad) to hear clearly and to be able to understand clearly is a big attraction in any concert in Europe in 73, but more than that, it is the page from the beginning of the show on that day And Bonzo is in good shape. From the guitar solo of “Over The Hills And Far Away”, the breath of two Amida is exquisite, yet the tension is extremely high. The composition called Bonzo, which responds in an ad hoc manner to the page’s interwoven phrases, is no longer a realm of art. Just listening to it should give you an idea of ​​the reason why it was one day beyond the other days. Also, while playing the acoustic part “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” with only one song, the page margin is also transmitted from the scene where the phrase “That’s The Way” is included.
Such familiar that they explode “Dazed And Confused”. Here, in Offenbach, Paige and Bonzo still have one battle even before reaching the San Francisco section, and they are so hot and hot. The subsequent development of the Jimi Hen “Machine Gun” style is a standard battle pattern in Europe in 1973, but Page and Bonzo tactics are spectacular even in the part of the Trinity Improvisation which also includes the plant Scat. In particular, the technique of the former guitar play is made to be absurd. And the upper rhythm development which Bonzo burst in around 5 minutes of “Whole Lotta Love” was also intense.
It seems that they tend to listen to their technical skills without such a single point of cloudiness, but unlike the early 73’s who had problems with their physical condition, the presence of a plant that has made the voice cast a powerful voice as it has changed. Even this day plays a big role. Not only because of intense competition of the performance, but also the big attraction of Offenbach that the degree of completeness of the whole live is high. And three years or more have already passed since the last release, and there were a lot of mania who had been searching for this title. This time, don’t miss the best version of the 1973 European Tour Rare Performance!

ZEPのライブ史における名演の宝庫である1973年ヨーロッパ・ツアーの中でも最高峰の一つ、3月24日のオッフェンバッハ公演の再リリースが決定しました。そもそも聞き応えたっぷりの名演がゴロゴロと転がっている時期ですが、ことオッフェンバッハに関しては一連のサウンドボード録音の流出集中期の後で大きな存在感を放つ良質オーディエンス録音としてマニアから揺るぎない評価を得ています。例のサウンドボード音源はどれも「Dazed And Confused」以降の録音となっており、昨年リリースされた「HAMBURG 1973」などは正にそうした録音をフィーチャー、残りをオーディエンス音源にて補ったアイテムの典型でした。
そんなサウンドボードでの記録でなくとも、最高のオーディエンス・アルバムとして記録された名音源が今回のオッフェンバッハ。このツアーのオーディエンス録音としては、これまた「VIENNA 1973」をリリース済の3月16日と並んで非常に良好なクオリティを誇ります。16日のウィーンはモノラルでオンな骨太感でしたが、オッフェンバッハはステレオで広がりのある音質が魅力。それ故にアナログLPの時代から現在に至るまで多くのアイテムを生み出してきた名録音な訳であり、この「recorder 1」をメインとしつつ、それでいて随所に「recorder 2」をパッチしたネット上の最長バージョンを元にしたのが2015年にリリースされた「OFFENBURG 1973」でした。「recorder 1」に生じていたいくつかのカットがその編集によって見事に埋められたのはもちろん、同音源におけるジレンマだった「Dazed And Confused」における音像の揺れを補正していたことが大きなポイントかと。

このバージョンを元にし、さらにプレスCDでのリリースに際して超高域のヒスノイズを抑え、より聞きやすく仕上げたのが「OFFENBURG 1973」。元々1973年ヨーロッパ・ツアーにおける名音源のベスト・バージョンへと昇格した本タイトルは瞬く間にSold Out。改めてオッフェンバッハの人気の高さを思い知らされた次第です。
Sold Outしてしまったアイテムに再発の声が寄せられることは当然ですが、それと同時に「VIENNA 1973」と同様、こうしたZEP名ライブ音源は常に入手しやすい状況として流通させるべき。実際に先のウィーンや「L.A. FORUM 1971」といったタイトルは再発したことが多くのマニアを喜ばせました。これらと同じようにZEPライブ音源の定番です、ましてや「オッフェンバッハ」という地名を上げただけでもマニアには1973年アノ名演だと通じてしまうほど。そのベスト・バージョンとなればアイテムの安定供給は必須だと言えるでしょう。よって2015年のリリース時にアイテムとして完成されていたこともあり、今回の「OFFENBURG 1973」は新たに手を加える箇所もなく、あくまでストレートな再発となります。

とにかくオッフェンバッハは本当に演奏が素晴らしい。この後のアメリカ・ツアーと違い、聞いていてはっきりわかるほどナチュラルなテンションの高さ(つまり薬臭くない)は73年ヨーロッパどの公演でも大きな魅力ですが、それ以上にこの日はショーの序盤からペイジとボンゾは絶好調。「Over The Hills And Far Away」のギター・ソロからして二人の阿吽の呼吸が絶妙で、なおかつテンションが超高い。ペイジの織りなすフレーズに対して臨機応変にリズムで応戦するボンゾという構図はもはや芸術の域。ここを聞くだけでも他の日以上に抜きん出た演奏の一日となった理由が分かってもらえるはず。また一曲だけのアコースティック・パート「Bron-Y-Aur Stomp」演奏中では「That’s The Way」のフレーズが盛り込まれる場面からもペイジの余裕が伝わってくるというもの。
そんな彼らが爆発するのがおなじみ「Dazed And Confused」。ここオッフェンバッハではサンフランシスコ・セクションに到達する前でもペイジとボンゾが一戦交えており、しょっぱなから激アツな演奏。その後のジミヘン「Machine Gun」風の展開は1973年ヨーロッパにおいて定型のバトル・パターンですが、さらにプラントのスキャットも加わった三位一体インプロヴィゼーションのパートでもペイジとボンゾの駆け引きは壮絶。特に前者のギター・プレイの技巧にはあ然とさせられるほど。そして「Whole Lotta Love」の5分辺りでボンゾが炸裂させたアッパーなリズム展開も強烈でした。


Disc 1 (51:24)
1. Intro. 2. Rock And Roll 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. Black Dog 5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 8. The Song Remains The Same
9. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (75:36)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Heartbreaker

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