Led Zeppelin / Fractured Ribs Dallas 1973 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Fractured Ribs Dallas 1973 / 2CD / Graf Zeppelin

Translated Text:

Live At Dallas Convention Centre, Dallas, Texas, USA 18TH May 1973. Soundboard


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★ The main Dallas show is not a net sound source but a press CD with receiving a natural Raw Master without metal noise reduction odor!
★ Just keep editing minimal edits of some inter-track cutting parts and of course press it with No EQ!
★ As an extra track on May 25 the same bonus recorded from Denver Colorado Performance (This is a network sound source).
★ Jake is a coating jacket specification. Front jacket is 4-page spread specification.
CD becomes a picture label.

A decision board by the use of Natural · Row · master of Dallas performance ’73 familiar fans appeared to fans!
This performance first appeared in LP ‘FRACTURED RIBS’ (TOASTED) in the mid ’80s. Since the CD age has been regularly released from Condor, Old Tara, TDOLZ etc, and since lately it has just been released as a CD Label under the name of No Label but this time it is not a net sound source but lives in the United States Using a natural RAW master (1st Gen) provided by collectors, it is converted to CD.

Apparently this RAW version seems to have not yet circulated the same on the net, and it is only distributed among underground collectors. The sound source itself is a sound board recording that is the same as before (the reel of a big ticket guitarist is regarded as its owner), the recording from Rock And Roll to heaven is also the same, the sound source to be 1st Gen is on the net There is also, but the texture of the sound is anyway different. In the case of the originating platform (especially the release board in recent years) and the net sound source that became the basis, all are influenced by the gorgeous equalizing processing which increases the digital noise reduction and the high region to a lesser extent, Just as Gin Guin · Metallic, sound processing unrelated to life and unnatural processing like pseudo-stereo are disgusting anyhow or anything sounds like a natural feeling when listening, but playing with the influence of hiss noise removal Songs between songs and so on Huhuru and tickling like floating digital odor like streaming sounds were only concerned (※ There are also versions listed in the history as remastered, unfortunately Shiren Noise Reduction is hung and there are some slightly Hurururu noise due to the influence).

The sound source of this time is a master which has not done such digital noise reduction and equalizing processing at all, it is a sound source digitized from 1st Gen cassette. Upon CD conversion, processing other than changing the color such as noise reduction, equalizing, etc., except for adjusting the volume and pitch, is included without recording. Although hiss noise is somewhat conspicuous than a sound processing net sound source etc. (Of course, it is not worrisome at all during playing), the sound tone is also thick with an analog tick, it is a sound that is friendly to the ears, and the original base and drum are on Fortunately the balance of the sound also has a feeling of driving in the performance, it is an item that you can recommend to everyone from beginner to veteran collector without saying “flat and boring sound” which is likely to be in the SB article of ’73.
Regarding editing, the necessary minimum processing is done, and there is an intercourse cut before MC called Robert’s “Thank you, John Paul Jones played the orchestra!” After playing Rain Song, removing the silent portion here It was about the removal of the silence part of the interdisciplinary cut (Robert’s Good evening! MC cut before) in dazzling ~ heaven. The cut between songs after Rain Song is a detailed story but it is a cut which has not been generally recognized until now and can be confirmed by changing the hiss noise amount of the left ch by interconditional cut existing in all related titles . Besides, in these two inter-track cuts, the net sound source is the part where the connection process has been preliminarily done. In addition, although the cut during the song at the end of Rain Song exists as before as well this time, we do not do any fake processing such as patching with different performances and we record it as it is with real emphasis.

In the second half of Disc 2, three songs from Denver performance on May 25, 73 ‘recorded as extra tracks.
This is also a sound board sound source, this time only this section uses a net sound source (digitized sound source from master cassette). This Denver performance is a sound source that appeared in the 2000s, currently only distribution of heartbreaker, chest fullness, communication only 3 songs. “GOING DOWN” (Watch Tower) was the best we have ever had as a new title, but this time this work is sound quality like the Watch Tower board and this work are almost similar high sound quality sound. However, with the Watch Tower board, it is characterized by the gap noise (petit and digital noise enters in the right channel) in the track change part full of breasts, this is the same also in the related board that copied the WT board. Of course, there is no such trouble with this work. As an aside, entering “John Bonham! Moby Dick!” At the MC before the heartbreaker, unfortunately Moby Dick is somewhat laughable because of the performance which is not present either in this Dallas performances or in this bonus section Although it is becoming, please acknowledge this point because it aims at the present condition best for the sound quality and content as regards Denver performance, without cutting it.

★メインのDallas公演はネット音源ではなく、金属ノイズリダクション臭のないナチュラルなRaw マスターの提供を受けプレスCD化!
★一部の曲間カット部の必要最小限の編集に留め勿論No EQでプレス化!

本公演は’80年代半ばに「FRACTURED RIBS」(TOASTED)というLPで初登場。以降CD時代になってからもコンドル、旧タラ、TDOLZなどから定期的にリリースされ、近年になってからもNo Label名義でCDリリースされたばかりのライブですが、今回はネット音源ではなく、アメリカ在住のコレクター提供によるナチュラルなRAWマスター(1st Gen)を使用しCD化。

このRAWなバージョンは、どうやらネット上には同じものはまだ流通してないようで、アングラのコレクター間でのみ流通しているもの。音源自体は既発同様のサウンドボード録音であり(某大物ギタリストのリールがその大元とされています)、Rock And Rollから天国までの収録なのも同様で、1st Genとされる音源はネット上にもありますが、音の質感がとにかく違います。既発盤(とくに近年のリリース盤)やその基となったネット音源では、どれもが大なり小なりデジタル的なノイズリダクションと高域を持ち上げるような派手なイコライジング処理の影響を受けており、ひたすらギンギン・金属的で生々しさとは無縁の音処理と、疑似ステレオのような不自然な処理がとにかく耳障りであったり、または一聴すると比較的ナチュラルっぽく聞こえるものの、ヒスノイズ除去の影響で、演奏の曲間などでストリーミング音声のようなヒュヒュル・ヒリヒリとした浮遊するデジタル臭が気になるものばかりでした(※なお、履歴にリマスター記載のバージョンも存在しますが、残念ながらシレっとノイズリダクションは掛かっておりその影響によるヒュルヒュルしたノイズが部分的に若干あり)。

今回の音源はそのようなデジタル的なノイズリダクションやイコライジング処理が一切なされていないマスターであり、1st Genカセットからデジタル化された音源。CD化に際しては音量とピッチの調整以外はノイズリダクション、イコライジング等の色を変える処理は一切施さずに収録。ヒスノイズは音処理されたネット音源などよりも若干目立ちますが(勿論演奏中は全く気になりません)、アナログチックで音像も太く、かつ耳に優しいサウンドであり、また元々ベースとドラムがオンなサウンドのバランスも幸いに演奏にドライブ感もあることで’73年のSB物にありがちな「平坦でつまらないサウンド」と言うこともなく、初心者からベテランコレクターまで万人にお勧めできるアイテムです。
編集に関しては必要最小限の処理は施しており、Rain Song演奏後のロバートの「Thank you, John Paul Jones played the orchestra!」と言うMCの前に曲間カットがあり、ここの無音部を除去したのと、幻惑〜天国の曲間カット(ロバートのGood evening!MC前のカット)の無音部の除去を施した程度です。なおRain Song後の曲間カットは細かい話ですが今まで一般的には認識されていないカットであり、関連タイトル全てに存在する曲間カットで左chのヒスノイズ量が変化することで確認できるもの。また、この2箇所の曲間カットはネット音源ではいずれも繋ぎ処理があらかじめほどこされている部分。またRain Song終盤での曲中カットは今回も既発同様存在しますが、別公演でパッチする等のフェイク処理は一切施さずにリアル重視でそのままの状態で収録しております。

Disc 2の後半にはエクストラ・トラックスとして’73年5月25日デンバー公演から3曲を収録。
こちらもサウンドボード音源であり、今回このセクションのみネット音源(マスターカセットからのデジタル化音源)を使用。このデンバー公演は2000年代に入り登場した音源で、現在のところハートブレイカー、胸いっぱい、コミュニケーションの3曲のみの流通。既発タイトルとしては「GOING DOWN」(Watch Tower)が今までのベストでしたが、今回の本作は音質的にはそのWatch Tower盤と本作も殆ど同様の高音質サウンドです。ただしWatch Tower盤では胸いっぱいのトラックチェンジ部にギャップノイズ(右chにプチッとデジタルノイズが入る)があるのが特徴で、WT盤をコピーした関連盤でもこれは同様。勿論本作ではそのような不具合はありません。なお、余談ですがハートブレイカー演奏前のMCで「John Bonham! Moby Dick!」と入り、あいにくMoby Dickは本編のDallas公演の方にもこのボーナスセクションにも存在しない演奏のため、若干笑えるものとなっておりますが、デンバー公演に関しても音質的にも内容的にも現状ベストを目指し、カットせずに収録しているため、この点ご了承下さい。

Live at Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, USA 18th May 1973

Disc 1 (62:29)
01. Introduction
02. Rock And Roll
03. Celebration Day
04. Black Dog
05. Over The Hills And Far Away
06. Misty Mountain Hop
07. Since I’ve Been Loving You
08. No Quarter
09. The Song Remains The Same
10. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (67:35)
01. MC
02. Dazed And Confused
03. Stairway To Heaven

Extra Trax
Live at Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado USA 25th May 1973
04. Heartbreaker
05. Whole Lotta Love
06. Communication Breakdown

Graf Zeppelin.LSZC-018A/B

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